Whenever I hear people bashing Christianity on the radio I always have to call in and then I find out they really don’t hate it, at least until I hang up. Then they are off on a tangent that I am a hater for saying its the Jews. I just listened to the radio host bash Christianity for 45 minutes through gold commercials, Jewish doctor commercials (as if we need to trust Jew doctors) etc. that they pay no attention to and can’t speak against or they speak against their own team. These hosts love to call it The New World Order and then I prove to them it is Jews and not this New World Order and they try their best to squeeze out of it like a snake in a room with me at the door. They immediately apologize for badmouthing Christianity and when I hang up they apologize to Jews for what I had just said. It is surreal that these people can sell out the way they do.
Food in the grocery store is 99% controlled by Jewish Kosher and not only is it Kosher certified, but it is almost entirely taken over by Jewish owned companies. Alan Geisler, Oscar Meyer, Hellmans, Heinz, Hunts, etc. are not New World Order names they are Jew names. I don’t see any Mc names on the mustard or ketchup and if they are any you can bet a Jew has complete control of that company. Somehow I am told I am a hater or a Nazi supporter when I simply tell them the 100% truth. They refuse to accept it 10 seconds after I am gone.
The truth is there are people scared to death of telling the truth because they wont be on the radio if they tell the one truth and there is only one truth. You have to specialize on just one subject to keep away from all the other subjects and all the other subjects are corrupted by the same people known to us all as Jews.There is not one category of corruption that they aren’t at the helm and have their people in the rear as well snitching on anyone who blurts out the truth. The hard truth is their worst enemy. Go ahead and tell it and see what happens.
I was on Godlikeproductions forum recently, this forum is huge and somehow I was able to post on there again for a few hours. I noticed a thread “Criticize the Jews and You’re Gone”. This thread had some 200 hits in 10 minutes and anyone that wrote the word Jew was automatically changed to Jewishish people and anyone that wrote Jewish it was changed to Jewishish (except on the title of the thread). If you wrote certain words the forum changed them automatically. This is supposed to be the big free speech forum. I was wondering why so many posts looked like someone from another country that had bad punctuation posted these words, but it was simply because nobody went back to see if their words were corrupted. This is just one of a million ways Jews distort the truth. Why do they fear the truth so much? Why do they go off on a limb to look so moronic to have to pull such a rotten deed? The truth is they have to and they will if you don’t get the truth out where it can be saturated by the masses of bamboozled people out there.
Another huge attack of Jews and their shills is their constant attacks on straw men they call Christians like Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman, Jon Hagee etc. Anyone with a rational thinking brain should know none of these people are Christians in any sense of the word. They are yoked with Jews and that is antichristian to its core. They also love to point out that someone isn’t a Christian because he did something wrong once in his past. Nobody is perfect and there is a huge difference between making a mistake and doing something antiChristian every day (living the lie).
The worst attack at least for me that always sends a sword through my gut is when someone who claims to be a spokesman for White people comes out and says it isn’t the Jews its us. He is correct when he says “us”, but us is whoever he is going to spend the rest of his life with and not me. To blame all of this obvious Jewish crime on Whites is just too much to stomach. I wont mention any names.
Another example is a John Kerry or perhaps one you never heard before, a boxer named “The Real McCoy” Kid McCoy was a rotten, low life, dirty fighter, but the gullible Irish thought he was one of their own, later to find out his real name was Norman Selby (Russian Jew). My point is you know them by their deeds is 100% truth. You can not always take someone by their name. Jews have taken hold of basically everything because of your lack of knowledge. You are only going to get the truth by digging into it on your own. Nobody should be able to make you believe anything without your own investigation and the first investigation should always be to look for the usurping Jews. You wont need a priest if you are more knowledgeable than priests. They wont answer certain questions and those questions are the things you need to build on. If you hear people bashing Christianity for an hour or praising Jews for an hour and you can’t tell your side without being called a hater it is flat out hypocrisy or the leaven of the Jew Pharisees.
There are extremely obvious words that have been usurped throughout time in our own Bible and who is the usurper? They are always there and you need to find out where it leads. It leads to the truth. The basis of Christianity is telling the truth and those original truthers were put to death for preaching it. They put them to death for telling the truth for what? So we should fold up like cowards to our own God and grab a gun and go kill their  (Jews) enemies? It is completely backwards and perverted.
What do you think is going to happen if you don’t tell the truth? You think you are going to escape what is coming down the pike? Whites are being pushed out of their jobs, losing their homes, being taxed into oblivion and put under control of the people who had the original truthers put to death. Your women are being ravaged, your country is falling apart, Europe is falling apart, prices are going sky high and whatever you are buying is completely controlled by the people the truthers called the fathers of liars and sons of Satan. You can either stick with the truth or sell out like a slave on your knees to the enemy.
You are waiting for someone else to stand up for you and that isn’t what you were put here for. How long are you going to keep quiet about these people who refer to us as donkeys? The illegal immigration isn’t going to stop, the prices will keep going up, the corruption will get completely out of hand, Christianity will be wiped out because you don’t defend it or anything else. If you are waiting for someone else to make a change it wont get any more obvious than right now that they aren’t. It is going to begin with you seeking the truth and then speaking it and spreading it. You will have help getting more if you continually seek it. After a while you will see that there is an evil force directly against you that has one goal and one goal only and that is to have you deny the truth and accept the lies. That’s all they really want is for you to turn your back on the truth of everything and pretend it isn’t there.
The original truthers kept the truth for their posterity and so should you. Whatever it takes!
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4 Responses to Jumanji

  1. Great post! Don’t forget the Kosher Nostra scam. That really beefs me. I resent
    paying a tax for something I do not benefit from and the billions this tax nets
    only goes to jewish organizations. What I am to understand that Rabbi’s black-
    mail companies to place jewish symbols on their products. This is a shakedown
    and extortion.

    • melgibstein says:

      If buying food stamped by someone elses religion and not your own is ok with people they must be deaf, dumb and blind, not to mention lemmings. That is why you are here. Just knowing and feeling the absolute hypocrisy of it is for a reason. If you dont draw a line there wont be one.
      Thanks for the good word and same to you.

  2. The Elder of Zyklon-B says:

    This is a wonderful piece melgibstein; there is so much truth here in everything you said. Most men and women who blog and are dedicated to Christ the Redeemer don’t get much readership or support. You pretty much spelled it out here as to why without addressing this specifically.

    You certainly have your hand on the pulse of the dying American goyim. Most of us who seek out work such as yours are already isolated from our own families because they are simply too cowardly and willfully deceived to hear the facts and evidence.

    I suppose you are mocked and ridiculed by your own as well. If not, then you are a very fortunate and unique individual.

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