To Kill a Mockingbird

Some of the definitions in Websters Dictionary for the word “mock” are ~to delude, ~to deceive, ~to counterfeit, ~to imitate. A mockingbird uses deception to keep predators away from their young by imitating more proven birds. They imitate birds that all other birds know to be more gifted than them. In this movie Gregory Peck portrays a lawyer defending a Black man who is accused of raping a White woman. Peck, a Jewish name (Ambassador Peck is a Jew) has a case against a White woman for lying about being raped and never goes into the root  or if you may, the genesis of the problem. This is simply to fuel unaware Whites into even more deceit by not only putting Whites in this situation to begin with, but omitting their own Jew or Jewish part in it. Its like every piece of history they are ever part of. Nothing is new under the sun.
The phrase “Lies get around before the truth can get its boots on” is an old cliché that people really never look deeper into. Everything needs to be looked at deeper with so many lies about today and you can see them right in front of your eyes on the same path just like Cain went on his path and the truth went on the other. Clearly in Genesis one of the two lineage’s of Adam and Cain were copying the other. One was most definitely mocking the other to deceive. Throughout time Jews have been taking Whites names and never the other way around (I’m taking one back). You could say that the lineage of the Jews never really had their own names. They stole them right from the beginning as soon as they were abel (able- I mean Cain).
Any detective that comes on to a scene of a deliberate crime that was covered up will first look at what the most obvious scenario is or what he is made to believe. Take any crime throughout time Jews have pulled off since Cain and you will see the same M.O. They steal, twist, convert, distort……anything and everything that isn’t bolted down including names, dates, places, etc. Take 9/11 for example, the USS Liberty, ritual murders, the Holocaust, Katyn where they blamed their crimes on the Germans and then on the Russians. Our crime was and always is we don’t go to the root and call it what it is- JEWS. You get wrapped up in the minutia of their lies instead of going for the root or the head.
I remember seeing a video long ago on Wild Kingdom and will never forget it. A curious young lion is investigating a python or some kind of constrictor and while it is focusing on its tail the python slowly wraps around this lion as if its caressing it. The lion then realizes it has made a grave mistake and is being suffocated. The young lion fighting for a breath realizes the only way to fight this now is to control its breathing and hope it is not crushed. The snake never had the power to kill this lion, but the lion has a new respect for this reptile species and lets it slither away without biting its head off with one jab of its claws. The lion is blinded by its own stupidity and the snake is free to come back for the lions young one day and not let them go.
Many of our elder Christians in the truth movement have been spoiled in this same manner. They claim to know the Bible and end their quest of truth. They are set in their ways and seek the truth no more even though it defies all logic. They claim Jews are Israelites when Jesus or Yashua came for the Israelites and not the Jews. Why would God, Yahweh come to seek someone who wasn’t here? Their logic makes zero sense and they get shafted by the Jew act that’s been going on like Vaudeville since the beginning of time.
You must see that you are being lied to and you must see where the lies are coming from. Why is a people defrauding another throughout time? Why do they steal our names? Why do they follow us wherever we go? Why do they have to control the media? They are the biggest liars, murderers and thieves on the planet and always have been and parasites at the same time. They live to deceive like a mockingbird. It’s what they were born to do and what they will always do and they will mock the people who are and always will be a better species than them in every category. Its time you went about your business the way you were intended to and not how this imposter wants you to.

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