This subtle little Jewish movie has to be one of the biggest defamers of Christianity in modern times, yet not a single Christian seemed to be outraged by it even in the slightest. This movie is about a priest/teacher, whom if I recall became the Monsignor of a church, that is being purposely portrayed as a possible child molester. This part is ironically played by a redheaded Ashkenazi Jew who played Truman Capote in one of his previous movies. There was no kind of anti-Cristian league as a whole raising a stink about this in the media because the media is entirely run by Jews. Every non Jew in the media is flat out in your face lying for the Jews and against you and there is no doubt. You just can’t say it.
I could go into a myriad of different subjects on this one and sometimes why I wish I had a radio show to show my outrage on how much I loathe this, but Id be thrown off the internet. Jews are allowed to openly suggest that Catholic priests are molesters as a whole and that Christians in general shouldn’t always be trusted, yet if this were about a Rabbi it wouldn’t make it anywhere near a public theater. If you can’t see the blatant hypocrisy of this you are a lemming. Jews can use their right to freedom of speech against the people who are of it and decline the same people they defamed their right to do the same thing. Any normal thinking person out there should be shooting bullets out of their ears knowing this, but they act as if nothing has occurred.
Imagine doing a movie called “Doubt” about 9/11 and including ALL the JEW facts involved or a movie on slavery or the USS Liberty, Lavon Affair, organ harvesting (Valley of the Wolves was outlawed in Germany of all places). The Jews are allowed to attack Christianity and never attack the fact that many Jews have become Catholics (knowing they can never be true Christians whether Catholicism agrees or not). You go to a doctor to help heal your ailment and never expect a Dr. Shipman who murdered over 500 people. Where is the doubt about Jew doctors? Where is the doubt about Jew kosher food? Jew 21-year-old arms dealers like Schmuley Boteach’s nephew? The Jew media wont touch it. We let the people who should be doubted without a doubt more than anyone control our basic food supply? Jews have an Anti Defamation League (here they come) and they are the only defamers on the planet. Folks, this has to be torn out and buried.
Like I said I could go on forever with this and only normal thinking people can grasp my outrage on this. The lemmings walk past this like a an ice cream cone melting on a hot sidewalk. They don’t see it as a threat to them because they will just walk around it and miss the hypocrisy of putting the shoe on the other foot. Its done so subtly that it can only come from the bowels of hell.
The only doubt on this earth comes from Jews. Doubt is like a cobweb for Jews because they cast it like a spider casts its web. All you have to do is trust them one time and you will pay. The only way to destroy this doubtful thinking is to stay focused on the Jew like you were told. If a Jew has you doubting someone else and leaves out the word Jew just get up and walk away. Don’t be suckered in. Jews have thousands of years to answer to and they aren’t answering to anything to this day. Forget Catholic priests, Muslims, UFO’s, etc. and stay focused on the snake (some Muslims and Catholic priests are Jews too). If you see people constantly directing you to Israel or Muslims or Catholics and so on it is DIVERSION plain and simple. Mankind has no greater enemy than the Jew and don’t even get me started on all the reasons why. If anyone out there that you hear isn’t talking about the Jew today when a terrorist act occurs or when a molestation occurs, etc. WALK AWAY FROM THEM!. If they are talking about the crap on the floor and disregard the Jew elephant in the room there is NO DOUBT they are not of the truth.
Jews always end up being priests on TV and in the movies somehow, but never a Father Coughlin type. We get the Tom Bosley “Happy Days” types that live to show their love for the Jews. In my neck of the woods there was one priest who knew about the Jews and I called all the priests in my area about Jews and asked why their parishioners were not being taught the truth. Every single one of them tried to put the blame on the Protestants and the Protestants put the blame on the Catholics, all but one Catholic priest. A few weeks later after I had this conversation with this courageous priest some psycho with a Polish (Jewish) name walked into this priests church and nearly beat him to death leaving him to die inside it. After several days in a coma he of course forgave this lunatic and the lie spread that this guy was a parishioner by the Jewish newspapers (a flat-out LIE). If we don’t defend the people telling the truth we will lose it altogether. If people of truth don’t join arm in arm together against its only known enemy as a FORCE we will watch our own suffer separately.
Priests/Pastors of Christianity who tell the truth or who even come close to the truth are on the Jew hit list and we all know it. I remember DeNiro (the Jew who claims to be Italian) say in the movie “Sleepers” that nuns are such easy targets. They are very easy targets for nutjob Jew psychos and it is up to us to defend anyone telling the truth (not the jew nutjobs I mean when they let a little truth slip out like passing wind). Dont even talk to me if you aren’t willing to defend the truth, just go get your antichrist mob jew shoeshine box.
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5 Responses to Doubt

  1. Barney says:

    I don’t HAVE any “doubts”, Mel. I KNOW the kikenvermin ARE the devil.

    You mention “doctor” Harold Shipman, but as I’m sure you’re aware, he was just the tip of a very large iceberg, the one who got caught after years of kikery covering up for him.

    Less than two miles from where I’m sitting is another murderous kike so-called “doctor”, a female one (C.D.S, but I daren’t give more than her initials here for obvious reasons), who murdered someone very dear to me a few years ago and made it look like medical negligence, not that even this angle was ever investigated.

    (I have documentary proof of the “medical” malpractice. I know WHY the victim was murdered. I even have photographs of the bloated bastard who ordered the murder. Nearly seven years after the event, I still have two very high-level masonic creatures keeping an eye on me in case I ever reveal what I know.)

    I tried to complain about the mistreatment and it’s outcome, but wasn’t allowed to. Why? Because I’m not the victim’s sister (her only surviving blood relative)!

    According to that ludicrous argument, we shouldn’t have the right to report a burglary at a neighbour’s house. We should wait for the neighbour to get home and let him do it himself.

    I wasn’t even allowed to discuss the glaringly obvious irregularities with anyone in the profession because that would have been considered a breach of “patient confidentiality”!

    Patient confidentiality my arse!

    What harm could it possibly do the victim now if her medical history were to become known? What’s the point in “protecting” the (non-existent) “rights” of somebody who doesn’t HAVE any rights any more because she’s been MURDERED?

    Wouldn’t it be better to bring everything out in the open and put another murderous quack where she belongs?

    It’s not patient (=victim) confidentiality they’re worried about, but “doctor” (=murderer) confidentiality. The medical (=murder) profession is a closed community, and we Human Beings (kikes aren’t human) are on the outside.

    Sorry if I seem angry. It’s because I still am. This lovely young lady would still be with me today if only she’d known to stay away from the kikenvermin. All I’ve got left are memories and photographs when we could have been raising beautiful White children.

    All this happened before I was even jew-aware. I’ve had some friends in the past who despised the jews, but they never told me why – or perhaps I didn’t ask. Would I have even believed an entire “people” could be so thoroughly evil?

    In this life we always acquire new knowledge just after we need it.

    • melgibstein says:

      I think many of us have these very same facts to tell and its why they infiltrated the court system a long time ago. They make up one third of Harvard now and its not to help us.

  2. Barney says:

    I agree Mel, but here in the jew-K it’s even worse. Cases of medical malpractice and murder almost never get as far as the courts, and on the rare occasions when they do, surprise surprise, the evidence “goes missing” and NOBODY is held accountable.

    Anybody attempting to report a medical murder, or “merely” a serious assault by medical staff, to the police is told to take it up with the medical “authorities” through their complaints procedures. The (masonic) police don’t want to know about “medical” crimes. Only those few cases that can’t be covered up ever get sent back to the judiciary, probably years later, by which time any number of other patients will have suffered.

    They close ranks at the first hint of a complaint, and the official complaints procedure is designed to make it nearly impossible to submit a “valid” complaint anyway.

    ONLY the victim him/herself OR the immediate “next of kin” is allowed to make a complaint, and this has to be done within six months of the START of the abuse or malpractice, which can mean the victim is still in the power of his or her abusers, and therefore vulnerable to reprisal attacks.

    That’s no exaggeration. I saw some very nasty bruising, and I heard some extremely sinister threats too, especially after I dared to ask certain questions.

    Imagine only the victim’s immediate next of kin being allowed to report a fatal shooting. What if the “qualifying” person didn’t even know about it (or didn’t care)? If a serious crime is committed, we should ALL have a right, as well as a duty, to DO something about it, and to be informed of the outcome of any investigation.

    If you ARE the official “next of kin”, and if you DO complain within the time limit, letters have to be written to various specified departments in a precise sequence, and often to the same person twice, at different points in that sequence.

    Only after the procedure has been followed “to the letter”, which is designed to take a very long time, is the qualifying complainant sometimes permitted to take matters further, to the medical “ombudsman” (actually a woman), whose decision is final, and will almost certainly be made in favour of the medical profession.

    My understanding is that only this “ombuds(wo)man” has the power to refer cases to the police. I complained to various “people” within the medical profession and was told I was “not allowed” to make an official complaint (because I didn’t qualify), and that any further letters from me would be ignored. I had also complained to my local MP (Member of Parliament), who said that if I thought a crime had been committed, I should go to the police. I contacted the police, who completely ignored me. They didn’t even reply.

    On the subject of medical secrecy in general, I was born with at least three serious medical conditions which were diagnosed when I was a toddler (haemophilia, epilepsy and a still-secret, so still un-named circulatory disorder which has affected my entire life). Fortunately for me, the haemophilia seems to have cleared up of it’s own accord by the time I started school, and the epilepsy faded out soon afterwards, with only a single fit during my schooldays, but I’m still not allowed to know about any of it.

    We’re told we can (pay to) have copies of our medical records, but when I did that, there was nothing of any significance in them. No mention of an injury sustained in childhood (a deep cut requiring stitches), nothing about an industrial accident requiring hospital treatment in the 1970s or a ruptured disc in my lower spine in the 80s/90s. No mention of any illnesses or of which drugs were prescribed, even right up to the present. Nothing about anything. No mention even of my blood group. Just a few meaningless bits of paper dating back only a very few years and with all mention of anything of any significance removed (censored). I’m not allowed to know.

    They have my records, almost certainly going back to the time of my birth, but I’m not allowed to see them. Even when I pay, all I get is waste paper.

    No need to wonder why sane communities have always excluded jews from the medical profession.

    (Sorry it’s a bit long, Mel. I’ll leave it there.)

    • melgibstein says:

      I went into a mock trial once and they introduced a case that some Jew went on vacation and referred his patient to an Indian doctor who botched up and killed the patient.

      They were paying everyone 50 bucks to hear the case and pick which one they thought was guilty. One girl and I said “both were equally guilty” and were let go early (really early). The rest of the people I assume said the Indian was guilty and they wanted good reasons why people believed that. I knew it was the Jew that caused me to say both were guilty because a good white doctor would never refer his patient to an amateur doctor of any kind, but I wondered why the girl came to the conclusion that she did and asked her out in the parking lot.

      She said without any hesitance that her father was killed by a Jew doctor and nothing was ever done about it. I could have kissed her.

  3. melgibstein says:

    I made Boy are they slow! Anyone from antisemitism want to debate me- let me know. Im sure they would rather just take away my free speech and go on defaming everyone however. Be prepared to prove you are a semite and then prove that I am a hater for suggesting you Jews are indeed responsible for all the wars, porn, drug trafficking, slavery, organ harvesting, 9/11, etc etc etc. We could just skip the BS and get straight to the facts if you like. I am not a hater, to claim someone hates broccoli as if it could be equated with thousands of years of Jew crime is absurd. Its far far deeper than that.

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