The Brood

If anyone wants to listen to a brief true history of the Jews I suggest you listen to this.
Download the history of the Ashkenazi and Sepharvaim.
This was a broadcast by Eli James on the Khazars and Sephardic Jews. Whether you believe in Christianity or not, whether you believe in Christian Identity or not you will only find the truth by digging into all the information out there. One thing all of us can see is there is next to no information out there on this subject. Who are the Jews? Where did they come from? Why is it they are behind virtually all the crime in this world?
Everyone needs to look back on their lives and ask why some people can do such rotten things to others. Many times I have asked how people could treat others with such disregard and claim to be a Christian or a moral person then to find they were neither. How can you be a Christian and shaft people for a living? There are many ways to shaft people and the biggest one is by omission. None of us have been taught about Khazaria or Khazarians and this subject is absolutely key to what is happening all over our world today.
It always boils my blood to hear people talking about Jews as “blood Jews” or “true Jews” when they are referring to the lineage of Judah. The people who call themselves Jews today have no relations to Judah and do not practice the laws of the Old Testament and never did. Some people will claim there is a large population of Jews in one country over another, but are they counting the racial Jews or are they just counting the Talmudic Jews? First the word Jew has to be defined and it never is.
Jews are not a lineage nor a religion, but a plethora of hypocrisy. A brood does not mean the chosen people any more than a breed of turtles does. Benjamin Friedman and Jack Bernstein are always referred to as Jews, but which kind of Jew? They werent religious Jews and if they say they are, which religion of Jews, the one they want us to believe or the one they do believe? If they claim they are racial Jews are we to believe they are talking about descendants of Judah when their lineage shows no proof of this and they cannot prove it? The biggest crime of Christians and all non Jews is that we take the Jews word for things as if we can. It hurts our head too much to see if they are lying as they always are so we just go along with the con because its easier and we don’t want to put Jews on the spot like our Christian forefathers spent most of their short lives doing.
When you look deep into all the lies throughout history that are hitting us from all sides you will if you aren’t already see what giving in to the Jew lies progresses into. You should already know that the truth is absolutely hated by some and why you have to seek it constantly. You will know it if you are seeking it because nothing else makes sense when you get on the trail. Hypocrisy is not truth and never will be. If there is something omitted like Khazaria or what a Sephardic Jew really is you need to find out why. Sephardic does not mean Spanish Jew in Spanish. The Spanish more than likely called them Jews or the Sepharvaim, but the original Spanish knew who they themselves were and who the Jews were. It’s high time you knew who they were too. If you are talking about Jews don’t get trapped into word games. First define what a Jew is so people are clear on it. You wont hear people who aren’t Christians go into the depths of what a Jew really is and if they claim Jews are the people of the Bible ask them why they have yoked themselves with Jews (unbelievers) like Paul said to never do. All of these Jewish yokers who claim to be Christians are hypocrites. You are one or you aren’t and if you aren’t you most likely have no clue what a Jew really is. 
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3 Responses to The Brood

  1. GTRman says:

    This is an excellent audio :

    The Orthodox Nationalist: Khazaria
    July 28, 2011

    Matt Johnson discusses:

    The Khazar empire;
    Khazaria and the Talmud;
    Khazar economy based on slavery;
    The reason the Khazars converted to Talmudism;
    The reasons for the fall of Khazaria;
    Khazaria and Anti-Christ.

  2. melgibstein says:

    I heard him and one of the reasons I didnt use him as an example. He doesnt discuss the Sephardic Jews, therefore continues the lie that Jews were the original people of the Bible because they had slaves or something or other (poppycock). He had many subtle lies that I cant recall (Id have to listen to it again) and sits in some tube with no questions, no chat boards, just you, him and the truth. Its a difficult subject for a lot of people, but has to be discussed whether its hated or not. Know thy enemy is part of defeating them. Getting people on this subject makes them think, but Johnson doesnt get deep enough into it. He just goes deep enough into it to make it tiresome. You can be a genius and know true history, but anyone who isnt outraged by all the lies when they find it cannot be of the whole truth in my opinion. If you know the truth and you are trying to wake people up, really, you have to throw a bucket of cold water on them not put them to sleep. The truth is magnetic and never boring because it opens up new doors. Johnson imo does not want to take you into the next room.

  3. melgibstein says:

    Lately I have been hearing all the obvious shills, David Duke, Andy Hitchcock etc. claim that the Jews are different because they are “in bred”. These are our so called white leader spokesman who obviously believe Jews are a pure race and white people should breed out of their race I assume to not be like the Jews.
    If this isnt proof that our so called white movement is working for the Jews I dont know what is. I wonder if they would claim Trumps grandkids were “in bred” Jews or are they good now because they believe Jews married and had children outside the Jew in bred race. Maybe they want whites to “breed the Jews out” as if that is a possibility, but then again folks with no open phones Elena Kagan can be a Sports Illustrated swinsuit model.

    This is the same guy who wrote in his book (David Duke) that Jacob was a Jew and Edom was white (I havent read Hitchcocks books because there isnt a damned thing I could or would take from him for truth). Whatever these shills say, whatever they write has all been said or written before and there is never anything new from them or any kind of action taken. They might as well be the Jews because they do nothing but do their work for them.

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