What Really Happened and Still Is

I don’t think this was a movie, but some day it might be. I’d like to bring your attention to how Jew lies are kept alive and well. Remember Hal Lindsey’s book, “Satan is Alive and Well on Planet Earth”? He wasn’t lying, but he was lying when he pretended he wasn’t of that brood himself. Christians trusted this Jew who had no other intentions other than to mislead them and that’s exactly what all these crypto Jews do on all these huge websites, keep the Jew lies alive. Some Jews even say they are Jews and do it right under your noses and in front of your eyes with their crypto friends. How in the world have you allowed yourselves to trust these people? Are you on drugs? All they do is link you to more Jew sites.
In every category Jews have at least one Jew, but no more than a few to keep you from reacting against the entire Jew tribe itself. For instance we have a completely sold out political system in America and most countries today and there is always a Ron Paul to keep our belief in regaining our political system in an honest manner when the fact is there is no honesty in politics whatsoever today (Ron Paul thinks it was Muslims that did 9/11). It is a complete brood of vipers that will assassinate anyone in their way. Just as a heckler got into Bibi Netanyahu’s speech in America to show there is opposition, but not worthy opposition and thus this  lone opposer was tossed out the door while a 100% pro Zionist meeting continued on with no interruptions. This is what is happening in literally every area of interest today. Some are just blatant Jewish organizations altogether.
These Jewish run websites are constantly focusing on Israel and whenever another Jewish Rabbi is caught molesting a child he is compared to a Catholic priest, when Jews in the Jewish welfare state do something to Palestinians they are referred to as Nazi’s, etc. etc. etc. It is so blatantly obvious that these Jews are not out to put the blame where it belongs, but on EVERYBODY. You see we are all organ harvesters, Talmudists, Christ killers, Mafioso members, etc. People who have no identity are sucked into this just like at the movies which I will get into shortly. I have seen these people with no identities in the military service for an example from all walks of life. They start talking military lingo on liberty as if they were completely taken over and don’t realize what is taking place. These are the types of people who live in the Midwest and visit the ocean and see all the people swimming in the waves and go out and sink straight to the bottom (never before swimming a stroke in their lives). They are clueless, foundationless zombies waiting to be devoured by the wolves.
In the movies they want you to praise Mel Gibson who keeps Hollywood alive. Make no mistake about it I don’t advocate spending a single dime on these Jew movies, I do advocate that if you do see them you know what the real message is (The Sting so to speak). Mel somehow gave Jesus a hooked nose and Satan a White racial face. Was that accidental? Is it accidental to be wearing a crucifix outside your shirt with two broads in your arms half crocked and then divorce your wife and marry a Jewess claiming to be a die-hard Catholic? Christians don’t advertise Christianity. No folks it is not a mistake. Starring in movies that have Whites fighting Whites with no Jewish involvement is just plain LIES. Gibson obviously doesn’t know that the English, Scottish and Irish are of the same lineage and of the same Father. Our Father does not have a hooked nose and God in the flesh did not have any imperfections of any note ever written down anywhere.
Mel Gibson is the Ron Paul of politics keeping Hollywood alive even though its nothing but a Jew Chabad house. Ron Paul is not going to bring us to anything but more of the same as is Mel and as are these Jew websites praising Jews or declaring we are all alike. We are not all alike. If you don’t know this you are clueless.
Every subject has a small subtle Jew life raft to keep us from sinking them to the abyss where they belong and religion is no exception. Jesus was not a Jew, but somehow that “Jesus was a Jew” line keeps coming back over and over and over again. Jesus was crucified by Jews and somehow people don’t understand who Jews are and believe Jesus was like a Gilad Atzmon of their day. Jews are working the sheep from both sides of the fence and they have no clue how to see through it. I see these types all the time that move to the south from the north with a Sylvester Stallone accent and before you know it they are talking like Billy Bob Thornton of Sling Blade in a few months. They are people of the damned just waiting to be sacrificed to Moloch.
You were told to seek the truth constantly. The serpents are the most cunning of the field and princes of the air. You’ve got to reach into your own spirit and trust it. If anyone is telling you anything but the fact that we need to separate ourselves from Jews entirely they are as big a problem as the Jews themselves. Trusting the Jew Veterans Today website isn’t going to do a damned thing but keep Jews in business. Alternative media, alternative politics, alternative government should always be thought of as Jewless, that is if you want something really good to happen at all.
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2 Responses to What Really Happened and Still Is

  1. Barney says:

    Just what I keep saying, Mel. If it acts like a jew, smells like a jew, quacks like a jew, works with and for the jews, what is it?

    As far as I’m concerned, there are no half-jews, quarter-jews, crypto-jews, shabbas goyim or anything else. There is NO religion of judaism. It’s just a smoke-screen for a bunch of criminals of the vilest sort, so the way I see it, anyone can be a jew just by acting like a jew.

    The code word “jew” just means the worst kind of criminal to me.

    Thanks for mentioning the “Ron Paul” types too. Judas goats and “Uncle Toms” are no different from “actual” jews, but too many people still think there’s a political solution to the jew problem.

    I favour Harold Covington’s answer as the only real solution I’ve seen so far. Here’s his blog.


    (Jug Ears is a reference to Bush the lesser)

    His “Northwest Quartet” is available for free download here.


    I personally recommend “The Brigade” if nothing else. As well as describing in detail exactly how it might come about, he also explains for those not yet decided why we have no option but to fight. I just wish I could Come Home and be a part of it.

  2. melgibstein says:

    I stand for total separation from Jews and if anyone wants to go with them they are free to go. They obviously want us all mixed together. There is a huge reason for that and you have to ask what this accomplishes. Everybody else are mixed people and everybody else gains from their mix into Whites, but Whites lose everything. Jews know this and have the program rigged so if we say anything about it we are haters. All its going to take is one completely free speech White national radio station, but we arent allowed this proving we are under Jew law. Mexicans can have their own radio stations, channels etc. in America, but Whites have to share with aliens. That mold has to be broken into pieces.

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