A History of Violence

This is a must see for Irish that need to know the lies of the Jews, especially for the Irish in Massachusetts who have being suckered by crypto Jews claiming to be Irish. You need to see what difficulties Jews are willing to endure to defame their enemies and come out smelling like a rose. Not only do they sell you a movie, but barrage you with pure propaganda designed to make you think you are rotten by birth and Jews are never discussed in any such manner when they are behind most, if not all organized crime on the earth and attack people who are known as some of the most generous, friendly and gifted people in this world. How Jews can attack the Irish, German, Scottish, etc so many times in their movies and leave themselves out should show you without a doubt what kind of psychopathic lunatics we are dealing with. If any Irish, German, Welsh, Scottish, French group of people of true European descent you can bet Jews are tops on their list of enemies and are only reacting to crimes committed against them.

 This movie is nothing but a pure attack on Whites by Jews. The actors are no doubt Jews, one of them being an ex Mel Gibson female co.-star (not one of them has been a non Jewess). Maria Bello is a marrano name, Vigo Mortensen might as well be Morgenstern because how anyone could spend the time to defame Irish people as this movie has must be alien to White European civilization. I knew at the end of this movie I would see a Jew name hit me straight in the face and it sure as hell did. Jacob Weiner took the time to defame the Irish people and not a single Irishman saw the defamation or complained of it. Not only are Irish portrayed as violent people, but in this movie the Irishman takes a Jewish name to live out his life in peace. Surely he would never be suspected of being violent with a Jewish name and loved by all in a small town like Judenstein or Trent (Trento). I wont even get into the scenes of them having wild sex with their crucifixes dangling. I suppose that wasnt meant to stick a knife into Christianity and twist it either.

 Jews are the only people with a history of violence on this planet. Jews were in the IRA and smuggled guns into Ireland to have the Irish killing the Irish, the English killing the Irish as they had Germans killing Germans, Scottish killing English and vice versa on and on and on. They are here to create war amongst ourselves and we wont dare expose them in the wide open forums because most of these forums are run by Jews.

Think of the history of Jews and imagine the chutzpah (the psychotic behavior) of making others out to be exactly what they are while leaving themselves out completely. We are dealing with total alien species here folks. Jews have an anti Defamation league in place to keep us from telling the truth about them, yet they can lie about us in movies, history books, churches, etc. Think of all the defamation Jews are guilty of and we have not one lawsuit against them. Communism and the Russian revolution was blamed on White Russians, Katyn was blamed on White Germans and or White Russians, slavery was blamed on American Whites, drug trafficking blamed on everyone but Jews, 9/11 blamed on Muslims, shooting of a judge against illegal immigration on a so called white Nazi (Loughner), the deaths of 6 million Jews by sadistic white Germans and then silence all discussion on it, blaming numerous bombings on Arabs, Whites in Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia, etc…. The list goes on for eternity and yet we don’t stand up and call it what it is and so called truth networks cut off people who are fumed about this as I am and as you very well ought to be. If you aren’t you are simply in a trance and or waxed gross.

Think of how many wars these nutcases have influenced, assassinations of our presidents, overtaking of our money systems, but last but not least we let them take over our media to poison the minds of the gullible and our children. I can’t teach you to be violent over that because you are pretty evidently not born violent, but I am telling you now just like other times in history there is just no other way to eradicate it. Truth has to be defended on a constant basis and if you aren’t hearing it you are supposed to react to it. This media has to be completely obliviated for any truth to heal this planet and that’s the bottom line. Violence is unjustified criminal behavior and reacting to that is never violence, but a human duty.

Director  David Cronenberg, also known as the King of Venereal Horror or the Baron of blood, was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, in 1943. His father was a journalist, and his mother was a piano player. After showing an inclination for literature at an early age (he wrote and published eerie short stories, thus following his father’s path)…. and so it goes.

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14 Responses to A History of Violence

  1. Barney says:

    Thanks for the bigger text, Mel. It’s a lot easier on my old eyes.

    As an Englishman, I have a lot of respect for the Irish, having known quite a few Irish men and women over the years. True there are a few that like to cause trouble, especially after a few drinks, but what race doesn’t have it’s share of those?

    As you say, jews, masquerading as “British” agents, infiltrated the IRA to the point where every attack on the innocent was a “crown” operation using military grade explosives and whatever else was “needed” to create as much suffering as possible. In a sense the IRA morphed into the Irish arm of the Mossad because it was so heavily infiltrated (that’s my perception anyway).

    Taken collectively, jews ARE “the devil”. That’s really all we need to know about these gargoyle-like things (I refuse to call them “people”, and am reluctant even to call them “creatures”).

    Good and evil. Humanity and the jew. God and the devil. It took me a long time to accept it, but that old story about God and the devil effectively having a bet to see which one could possess humanity is true.

    It can be difficult to accept that the devil not merely exists, but really does walk among us, but the current head of the Rothschild crime syndicate is as close as we can get to the “actual” devil. What kind of insanity does it take to drive a thing like that to want to control, and ultimately destroy, this still beautiful world?

    The only good thing is that we know God will win. Good will win. WE will win. The jew’s time is nearly up.

    One more point. For a long time we Whites have been waiting for a “trigger”, a sign that the shooting war between good and evil has finally started, that at last we CAN start shooting the bastards (only niggers and police have guns here in England – until we take them from those who no longer have a use for them). Could it be that all these jew-instigated nigger riots are that trigger event? Niggers can never be our friends, but perhaps they’re the ones to finally tell us it’s time.

  2. Frank Fredenburg says:

    I liked all of your articles, but especially this one! I’ve recently started to visit.

  3. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Hi Barney.

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  5. pornonymous says:

    Are you a self hating Jew, a neo-something or other, or just tired of the propaganda mill cranking out anti-everybody stuff? Or are you all three?

    Nice post with potential, if you tighten up your facts and suppositions.

    And you are not entirely wrong about the Jewish media assault on nations.

  6. Barney says:

    Hello Frank. Good to see you. Some of us are at Hofflandia ( http://hofflandia.wordpress.com/ ). No trolls there, and I’m sure you’d be welcomed.

    Mel – that link to the vermin in Ireland doesn’t surprise me. The parasite infests every country in the world. We’ll have a lot of cleaning up to do soon.

  7. Barney says:

    Mel, I overlooked your earlier comment to Frank. Obviously we can never really know people we “meet” on-line, but I’ve “known” Frank Fredenburg for some time on another site, and as far as I can tell he’s one of us. I’m inclined to trust him.

    I could be wrong, but then, you don’t really know me either. That’s the trouble with the internet.

  8. GTRman says:

    Frank Fredenberg’s no jew , he’s a good man .

    I must admit I missed all that subtext when I saw it , I’ll have to see it again with the goggles on .

    Mortensen is also the lead in that movie about the , ahem , excuse me , “Russian Mafia ” and is covered in Christian type tattoos . I think you covered that here somewhere .

    3 movies where a jew is openly jew criminal . Some more subtle than others . .

    Lucky Number Slevin : Ben Kingsley . Black and jew crime bosses have rivalry .

    Lord of War . Cage . Arms dealer . Subtle jewish references .

    Above mentioned Viggo Mortensen “Russian Mafia ” film . Boss is jewish . ( as I recall )

    Maybe Mortensen is just the unwitting “Aryan Goy Du Jour ” :
    After Shwarzenneger and good ole Rutger ” Ill take the role as long as it’s a blue-eyed , blonde – haired , German-sounding psychopath sex-killer !! Hauer ..

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  10. “oNCE uPON a tIME iN aMERICA”Jewish Mafia

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