This movie as I recall was fantasy type place Jews could go (they seemed to have all been Jews) to live out their fantasies and sell them to us at the same time. There is always a double or triple scam that anyone with a trained eye or anyone who knows the serpent can see. It’s so easy to see if you know their M.O. For instance a couple of liars or more will join together to say what you want to hear or tickle your ear and not much later on you will see the same act over and over again. You have to know the serpent exactly as you were commanded and sometimes the serpents will change their act to fit the situation or scene. They don’t care how sour they are or how hypocritical they are, they just keep pressing on back as if yesterday never happened.
I love to hear people claim they are masters in the Jew subject because of their college degrees or their years in the intelligence services. For instance we have Phil Giraldi, Ray McGovern, Porcupine head ( I forget his name) telling us all about Israel. Israel, Israel, Israel, Israel, why don’t these intelligence geniuses ever talk about America or their own heritage in Europe? You can have a European name and you can be of European descent, but that doesn’t make you a true European just as being from Judea doesn’t make you of Judah.
If you listen to some of these “Ugly Truthers” they will tell you Jews or Ashkenazi Jews are Europeans, but the real question is, as most questions with these people are is what were they before they were in Europe? Arabs or Muslim Arabs were in Europe as well, but they are never referred to as European. Jews were never referred to as European, but as Jews. Why is that? It’s because there is without a doubt a racial root to all of this. We didn’t all come from the same place and I will prove why. If a White mixes with an Arab you will see it and if a White mixes with a Jew you will see it. Of course Jews have mixed into all races because they are the original mongrels. Would you ever consider an Irishman a mongrel? Of course you wouldn’t. The Irish are the same as the English, the Welsh, the Scottish, the English, German, etc…The only differences arise is if one of them had mixed in the past with an outsider. Amazing how it works that way, but you can’t deny it no matter how much schooling you’ve been brainwashed with.
Ok race is out of the way, lets begin with religion. The Bible is a racial book (hello Ugly Truther’s who aren’t white). Jesus was of the tribe of Judah and if you read the book you cannot deny it. Anyone that reads the Bible, New or Old knows we are talking about a race of people (the race of Abraham all the way back to Adam). You either believe it or you don’t-period. If you don’t believe it you have a debate with someone and don’t get people on who agree with you on everything and allow honest debate in. Seeking the truth is keeping the lines of communication open to determine all sides in the quest of truth. Anyone who simply cuts off all people who disagree are as bad as Jews or simply Jews themselves. Seeking the truth is perpetual, minute by minute. The Jews referred to in the Bible in many places were not Judahites, plain and simple. Herod was not a Judahite, he was an Edomite. If you get nothing from what I’ve written here get that. Herod was the supreme leader of the “Jews” at that time (those who called themselves Jews who LIE).
OK. let’s go back to calling yourself an intelligence officer or a Doctor of Education. You were taught Jewish BS and you intelligence officers who want praise for working 20 years in America’s intelligence should hang your head to be hanged. You failed your country miserably so don’t ask me for gratification for your service. Friends of mine died because you had no guts and you seem to me as no different from Jews AWOL from your duty to your people. I trusted my so called intelligence agencies and they ended up being the least trusted people in the world. They still are!
These college graduates that love to pat themselves on the back with their Jewish schooling have failed us entirely and they are still coming back to us for another chance to fool us yet again. I would rather look for a fisherman or a garbage man who is honest and guts enough to defend truth than you blowhard beneficiaries of Jew academia. There was no bravery involved in your way of life, no real evidence of any true honesty, faith in God, duty to country………..NOTHING. They base themselves on being intelligent alone. That is not any quality or ever was. Being intelligent is nothing unless it is used to be honorable.
How does one teach others what truth is if not put to the test? What test have these people been through and what have they even proven? In the Marines there were two kinds, Marines and Garrison Marines (that means in the rear). Many people wear the uniform of trust and or bravery, but few really pass the test (not a college test either). Of course I am not just basing courage with Marines. When you are in the real Marines you are on the front lines and the talkers are in the rear. It doesn’t matter what the battle is because when you are in the service it is not your question to ask why. You depend on the rear to do that for you. They are not. And they didn’t.
I love when half breeds praise Thomas Jefferson (a founding father) for his words and forget the fact altogether that the Revolutionary war, the Civil war, WW II were wars that Jews had whites fighting each other in (of course we could add many more) and leave out the Jew subject each time.. You can’t discuss any war or any period of war without discussing the Jews role in it. One has to ask why there has never been a war against Jews. Why not? Why is nobody even discussing it? We have had every war under the sun but a war against Jews. That is the only war there ever was.
Jews have never even had a war. They claim they had a 6 day war and I’ve had a war with diarrhea in Egypt longer than 6 days. That’s not a war that is a week at the penny arcade.
Anyway, these Ugly Truthers and their big name (and little name) so called intelligence ops are just that and some things just don’t change. I walked into a grocery store the other day and heard a girl with a Northeastern accent and she had a nametag on that said Eileen. I have some Irish relatives named Eileen (mother and daughter) that I love dearly and I asked her if she was Irish, knowing she ranted like a Jew and she said “no I am Jewish” and then a few seconds later she said “my husband is Italian”. I said “can’t your husband also be a Jew and Italian?” I got no reply. I guess I am just not capable of hearing the truth or they aren’t capable of telling it sort of how these truthers always leave out major facts such as Loughner being a Jew, Breivik having ties to Jews (not Israeli Jews, but Jew Jews) and possibly being one himself, the taxi slasher that told the police he was a Jew (a little omission here a little omission there etc.). All of this disappears with these ugly truthers and coincidentally with the main stream as well. Sometimes its best just to pretend things don’t even exist and shut down all debate.
Jewishness goes right down to the baggy girl at the store and money isn’t always the benefit of being a Jew. They would just as happily have you along for the ride with no money as they would with another Jew competing with them for the cut of the goyim pie. Intelligence has nothing to do with anything, it’s all about honesty, common sense and humanity. Unfortunately Jews are alien to these traits just as a salamander is. A salamander is smart enough to blend in to fool its prey. 98% of the people you hear on their microphones today have no free speech opposition. Glenn Beck doesn’t have it, Hannity doesn’t have it, RBN doesn’t have it, most of the forums on the Internet don’t have it, the Ugly truthers don’t have it, Ron Paul doesn’t have it, etc. Its all hogwash. Free speech means engaging in debates to determine the truth. If that isn’t happening it is deliberate misrepresentation of truth. If anyone wants to debate me- contact me here. Ive already checked with the Ugly Truthers and they don’t want debate, they want their agenda pushed only. Jews love to create a big debate with crypto Jews, but for some odd reason Im always cut off. Maybe I just aint good enough for the big leagues. I know who is for the truth simply by the way they accept me and the Ugly Truthers want me gone.
Remember when you used to trust some media person? Then you found out they were full of gefilte? Jews are very good at hype, but they are hypocrites. Hypocrites constantly contradict themselves. They contradict themselves on what a Jew is, what Christianity is, what race is, what Jesus was against, what wars were really about, etc. When you come down to it, Jews are always in their same roles (I didn’t say Israel I said Jews- got that CIA?). To claim that Christian Zionists are the fault and to claim its Jews in Israel and not Jews all over the world is just a flat-out cointel JEW LIE! One needs not to look to Palestine to find the lying, manipulating, monopolizing, perverting Jew. No, they are right behind you too.
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One Response to Westworld

  1. Barney says:

    I choose not to entertain the electric jew (tv) in my own home, but last weekend I was at a friend’s house. All weekend we were shown images of black and brown rioters in London (plus some jews of course). We saw what colour they were, and the BBC even told us (reluctantly of course) what colour they were.

    Last night on my (BBC regional) radio there was the obligatory ‘phone-in, and whenever anyone mentioned the fact that blacks/muds were involved, the presenter shouted them down and said they couldn’t know the rioters were non-white.

    I suppose that’s as good a definition as any of what “chutzpah” means.

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