Whether it be trusted internet so-called truthers or main stream media we are constantly barraged with politics discussions. What is Ron Pearl saying today? What are the Jew finance intellectuals saying? Are you that stupid? Danny DeVito is not an American I idolize in any way, shape or form, but I recall him saying “Hotel” over and over again in this entirely Jewish movie “Cuckoo’s Nest”. Where is Danny when we need him? 
I first heard of this book going to a Catholic boarding school and most if not all the teachers were Jews. Much of the students were Jews as well come to think of it. My roommate was a Jew who when not throwing his soil stained undies under his bed was keeping a close eye on me. Reading class consisted of hours of listening to Mr. Apfelbaum (huge Talmudic hair) about the life and times of the Jack Nicholson character written by a Jew. Little did I know then, but one of the things I accredit my knowledge about Jews is I never listened to them even then (they just always seemed to be around like their women). I never learned to write that well either, but it was a bargain in my honest opinion. It wasn’t until after I saw the movie that I knew what Apfelbaum was mumbling about to himself. Even after the movie only certain scenes caught my attention like lil Danny DeVito saying “Hotel” over and over again. This is how I feel when I watch TV or hear radio news shows, but I am thinking “Jew Fed”, “Jew Fed”, “Jew”. Everything else is total lard.
We constantly hear nitwits trying to drag us back into the lies of the possibility we might be able to actually elect an honest man into the presidency. I can tell you this right now… if people don’t see this they will get exactly what they deserve. The Federal Reserve is the big fat dirty, smelly, belligerent jew elephant in the room and anyone that claims they don’t see it or waltz around it is a clown. The only way America will ever heal itself is with a Patton and enough people to burn the Jew Fed banks to the ground here, in Europe and everywhere else along with this Jew media and rid these people from our shores.. Anything else is prolonging the problem. The Jew Sarah Palin/Bachman/house slave candidates aren’t going to save anyone but Jews. The shills who go out of their way to get Jews on their shows to get us to believe them need to be turned off forever and preferably sent to the same place Jews end up.
This leads me into who to trust out there. Some of you may have been in the military and some of you may have been brought up in a gang like neighborhood as I was and you know through experience what you want to hear and what you don’t want before a battle. Picture yourself in a combat situation and you are in charge and you have identified the enemy, their position and have the objective singled out. All that is left is a last meeting to discuss securing the objective with your men/friends. What do you want to hear from them while giving the plan? One thing you don’t want to hear is people swaying from the objective that everyone is supposed to be dead clear on. You don’t want to hear last second doubt or anything sounding like backing out or hesitance, yet every time you see a Norway or a Loughner or any of these incidents there is a movement to sway people in the opposite way of the objective. Is that hesitance or is it simply changing the direction of the objective? These people don’t have a clear objective purposely. You are asking if my objective is to expel Jews? Yes, thats exactly what I’m saying and my ancestors came up with the same solution. You have too many people out there that will never say this, but it has always and will always be the solution (if you indeed want one). You think thats a fantasy, but it is your fantasy that we will be able to live in peace with these nutjobs.
What I’m trying to say is there is one objective and that objective never changes and hasn’t changed for thousands of years. A people want this world for their own and they are lunatics, psychopaths, child molesters, organ harvesters, slave traders, liars, porn and snuff producers. There is no other objective, there has never been another objective, its “Hotel” or the highway out of this movement. Deadbeats, wimps, deflectors and BS-ers will be outed. Forget these folks who waste valuable time on trusting the Jew or not. Never trust a Jew and always know there are always cryptos all around the Jews that brought them in. I’m not bringing one in and when I do I will accept resignation from any one of you. Needing a Jew today for anything should send an ice pick through your trust of that person. The things going on in the world today is all about Jews, their greed and their psychotic behavior. There is nothing they wont do, nobody they wont bomb whether it be 9/11 or the King David hotel or Norway. The only way to fight this serpent is straight ahead with no hesitation and no changing the subject. There is nothing complicated about this mission except when you listen to the Jew diversions.
Jews are involved in every facet of destroying America today (not to mention the world). There isn’t one subject Jews can be left out of if you want to correct the problem. In so many subjects Jews are never mentioned and the obvious subjects just disappear and are replaced with newer ones with their so-called trusty Jews sucking you in to divert you. When you go to some of these news sites you will see Jews all over them claiming they are on our side. If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a hundred times, you are in this mess because you trusted Jews. Dont be a lemming and learn to trust yourself with your own spirit first and it will tell you just as I am now to never trust a Jew under any circumstances. Just say “hotel” (jew). You will see that you’ll end up far better off.
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6 Responses to Hotel

  1. Good post. Thank you. The snakes are out of the bag.

  2. melgibstein says:

    One happy reader is all I need.

  3. love your life says:

    “ice pick through your trust” describes perfectly when I hear the disclaimer “of course, it’s not ALL jews.” It’s very annoying because even I’m willing to grant there might be 5 or 6 good ones…somewhere…maybe…

    • melgibstein says:

      Im not willing to take the risk and destroy a perfectly good country/family/neighborhood. You have to trust them to be really screwed by them. They will surprise you if you trust them, but I will never be surprised either way. Every day I hear things that used to surprise me, but nothing surprises me with Jews because its always Jews. I dont even have to read the last sentence if in fact the jewish name is even reported.

  4. Barney says:

    Trust a jew? See this.

    London blacks rioting over a possible police murder of a black, so why are the jews there?

    As if we didn’t know.

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