The Jackal

Remember the scene in the Jackal when the Jewish Bruce Willis dressed up as a cop and had a kind of cannon in his car in a crowded area? It sort of reminds me of something I can’t quite put my finger on. I was always somewhat amazed at the acting Jews could do when shooting innocent people simply to carry out their mission for money. Whether it be Nicholas Cage in Bangkok Dangerous or The Mechanic with Charles Bronson these Jewish actors always project people who can kill people at the drop of a hat for a few bucks and think nothing of it. Then they change their hair color and slip out like the world is nothing but suckers.
In the movie The Mechanic with Charles Bronson (real name Charles Buchinsky) the only scene that really ever stayed in my head was when he was stalking a guy across the street where he had moved in and in this scene he is shown walking across the street straight into his targets apartment building and I expected him to look one last time before he entered the building, but he didn’t. He just walked straight into the building without looking to see if anyone was looking when in fact everyone watching the movie was looking. It was simply the dead conscience of the chutzpah I see in all of these bombing, thieving, murdering, raping, molesting, organ harvesting Jews everywhere. They just have no conscience whether it be on-screen or off.
I’ve been doing a bit of studying on the name Behring and Behring appears to be a heavily used Jewish name. Behring is Anders Behring Breivik’s mother’s name. Why would someone have a middle name after their mother’s last name? Some other Behring’s of note…
Ken Behring- ex co-owner of the Seattle Seahawks. Involved in several sex scandals. He looks like Ariel Sharon. One look and you’ll be convinced.
Emil von Behring- a Nobel peace prize winner and once partner of Paul Ehrlich. Oddly Hitler referred to Behring as a half Jew even though he had a Jewish mother. The truth is, I believe, the father was a Jew as well because Behring is Jewish either way from my study.
Vitus Behring- of the Behring strait had some secrets in his closet as well. His real name was Ivan Ivanovich and he looks like Gabe Kaplan of “Welcome Back Mr. Kotter”.
If you want to see more on this go to G_dlikeproductions forum and look for me on there. I have been booted off there too. They want me to pay them to get booted off again. The place is infested with Jew diverters. I said no foul words to anyone there, just the facts. Knowing that this subject is entirely taboo just fuels me even more. One thing is for sure it brings out the shills as well. I see all of these so-called Jewish or Zionist fighters falling over themselves to praise a Jew to give themselves some sort of credibility (you know who they are). How can you get a Jew on your show or website to gain credibility? It is the most hypocritical thing I’ve ever seen. They simply want you to think it’s not all Jews because I got one on my show you can trust. Trust this Jew. Folks do not listen to these people. That is how countries are ruined.
The fact that the media can argue whether Breivik is a Christian or not in wide open territory and not once the word “Jew” pops up is all you need to know. Breivik had a full faced makeover. How many white men do you know have done that? Dont think he acted alone either, he had help from the usual suspects. Then you have the shills who are quick to claim he is a Christian that claim to be anti-Zionist or anti Jew without even mentioning he could very well be a Jew like Loughner, like the taxi cab driver slasher. Folks these people cannot be on the side of truth that shoot their mouths off like a loose cannon without checking the obvious first. They have microphones and news websites in the wide open because they are welcomed by Jews. How many places do I have to get booted off to prove that to you? The quickest way to destroy everything around you is to trust a Jew. Surely you must have learned this by now and if you haven’t you are simply against me and against the truth itself. The jackals are all around the sheep. You need to master the deception because it’s coming from all sides.
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