Waiting to Empale

Well I’ve been kicked off supposed free speech network called RBN and another free speech forum called “Freedom Portal”. I’m sure these people have some fine excuse for starting networks and or forums designed for free speech and as soon as they are ridiculed they fold like, well I don’t want to use the word here. These are the people you don’t want in your foxholes because they can’t handle the heat. You see just like Jews they want to dish out whatever is on their mind and cut off all opposition. These forums were never designed for free speech they were designed to thwart you away from issues we all have to be talking about and I think you know what issue that is if you are in the house. I can always tell as soon as I open my mouth or write a few words just how free they want me to be because I don’t beat around the bush. Everything in this world today that’s going sour involves Jews and that’s why they were empaled or simply run out-of-town so many times.
Congratulations, I think some of you are starting to understand that we are going to have to assume that role once again. I am hearing others talking about leaving or simply giving in to illegal immigration etc and it’s simply too late to leave now. There is going to be a showdown and I’m going to pick a fight. You can run aye, you can cut me off, but you’re going to be known for your actions in the end.
Crazy things have happened to me most of my life, I get premonitions sort of like Patton said he had, but I get them about Jews. Sometimes I think nothing will ever be done about all this Jew crime and there is an unbelievable amount of it to say the least today. I ve been told before that I march to a different drummer, but that drummer always leads me to the battle that most people don’t even know is about to happen. They don’t see the constant deflectors claiming it’s the Nazi’s, the Catholic priests, the White Nationalists, the Identity people, the Zionists. Well my mind has not changed one iota in decades and I still say it’s none of them, its the Jews.  Jews are all of the above when the crimes are committed when you come right down to it.
Anyone with any knowledge about Jews and what they have done throughout history involved in every tragic event has to see it and I know a handful do. If you can’t see the freight load of crime involved with these people whether they be Rabbi’s, lawyers, doctors, teachers, media, Internet site owners, politicians, bankers you have to see they are truly bad to the bone. You have to see they are wreckers of truth. When you wreck the truth everything is upside down. They are beguilers or snakes exactly what was said 2000 years ago. How was that so true then and so true today yet many people are just now finally seeing the tip of the iceberg? It’s because they have had some of you completely and entirely bamboozled as a group effort. This isn’t isolated incidents this is pre-meditated, calculated, direct group battle against truth and all who believe in it. We have to start thinking for the kids.
“Be wise as a serpent”. I always hated the “and be innocent as a dove”, but it makes all the sense in the world. It allows you to clearly see the difference. A dove can simply fly away and leave the serpent in the dirt where it belongs. The serpent, I believe Satan included waits for the unsuspecting prey, but you are always to be on your guard as to who the predators are and what they do, where they are, etc. If you listen you can hear what they sound like. When you’re near a lake you need to know what a gator sounds like. A gator is a serpent just like a dragon or a Leviathan or a cockatrice. You were basically already told that they are serpents. What do serpents do? Why did he call them the same thing he called Satan himself? You have been given the facts and not even our churches dare explain those facts when they are the most important facts you have ever needed. Jews don’t have predator names for no reason. You will see “bear”, “fox”, “lion”, “wolf” and many others in their names, but don’t be mistaken they are reptiles that can blend in with the surroundings waiting for their unsuspecting prey for hours, days, weeks.
This is a shock to some of you, but how can it be shocking if you are a Christian? Jesus said this himself as well as his apostles and the one he said there was no greater than, John the Baptist. He knew on his own because he didn’t let the lies take him over. He knew never to trust any of them ever. Many of our ancestors, our Fathers before us figured this out too as we eventually will (trumpets). That is my premonition and it will come to pass because I have true faith in my Fathers not at Iwo Jima fighting the Japanese, or the Battle of the Bulge fighting Germans or Vietnam fighting rice farmers. The battle has always been the same and everything else is diversion. That’s what I know and that’s what these shills don’t want you to spread. The tree’s may eventually tell you its the Jews, but you wont be able to say I didn’t tell you first. In my lifetime we will round these serpents up and you can take that to your Jew bank.
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6 Responses to Waiting to Empale

  1. Barney says:

    Until recently I was a regular on one of those White “truth” sites, and suddenly the site’s owner had a childish tantrum, called the best posters “hasbarats” and told us all to “go away”, though not that politely.

    The woman still posts some good stuff, but the comments section is now filled with those who support the devil’s gargoyles, who are welcomed with open arms and actually defended by the site owner, who still pretends to be a White MAN and a hater of jews and non-Whites.

    One theory is that this was a bait site that became too successful, creating a real community of jew-aware Whites, which is clearly not the real intent of whoever really runs that place.

    Having formed a strong international community, we were then thrown out to wander the internet in isolation, but instead we were “rescued” by one of our own, who has now created an alternative “meeting place”.

    I can guarantee that you’ll be very welcome at Hofflandia, Mel. Hoff knows the jew better than anyone.


    • melgibstein says:

      I’ll check it out. You are right about the rest. Jews get into place to derail any trains headed for them. Thats why people need to cut them out entirely. No Jew media, no Jew loans, no Jew kosher food, nothing. Boycott every last one of them. Too many people think thats a bit too harsh, but you are either in the pool or you aint in this ordeal.

  2. Barney says:

    I agree Mel. We continually hear about “good jews”, and even among those who should know better there are those who insist “it’s not all jews”.

    It’s true that there must be a few that, probably by dilution of the defective gene, have acquired the ability to become Human, but these are so small in number as to be insignificant. Did we ask how many of our German brothers were supporters of the Nazi party before slaughtering them for the jews?

    (Not me personally. I wasn’t born at the time, thank goodness.)

    It’s NOT all jews in the sense that the majority are (probably) not actively involved in the criminal activities of their leaders, but they’re brought up on the talmud, and as soon as one of their number is caught in the act of committing a crime, nearly every one of the so-called “good jews” will scream “anti-septic” (my preferred spelling) and insist that he’s merely another innocent victim of the evil goyim.

    At the risk of suggesting something “illegal”, my belief is that there really will have to be a “final solution” this time. It may be what was done BY the jews at Katyn, or during their “communist” occupation of Russia, but my preferred option would be to let them live out their natural lives in whatever degree of comfort they’re prepared to work for, while ensuring that they don’t breed.

    Females in one FEMA-type camp. Males in another. Hundreds of miles between them. Let them work for a living. Male children to be transferred to the male camp before the age of puberty.

    That way their individual futures are in their own hands. We won’t need to come down to their level, and if they’re too lazy to grow their own food, that’s their problem. Once the present generation dies out, that’s it. Problem solved.

    We’ll have done God’s work in eliminating the devil from the world, but without using any of the devil’s methods. We’ll have solved the problem without having become monsters ourselves. Our consciences will be clear.

  3. pornonymous says:

    Do you reallythink thta Jews are out toget you? Is there an alternative way you could look atthe issue?

    For instance, the old complaint that the Jews were essentially squatters in Europe–always hanging around other ppls towns, with no town of their own. First comes one, and then comes ten thousand more, etc.

    Is that a bit like what you said up there about being ob their blogs and all? How does it feel now to wander?

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