The Passion

In case you don’t know the entire media is run by antiChrist Jews and their gutless slaves who most likely married into Jewry. Let me say that again, our media is completely controlled by Woody Allen types, Roman Polanski’s, Bibi Netanyahu’s (Mileikowsky’s), Alan Dershowitz’s, Bill Kristol’s (Commies), Bill Maher’s, Geraldo’s etc etc etc. What are we doing about it? Do we expect to ever get the truth from these reptiles (Jesus called them vipers)? Honestly, can anything but mayhem come from this?
Somehow you’ve lost that feeling of being lied to. You are supposed to be furious, you’re supposed to be angry as hell, but you’re listening to the Jew media and not me or even you. The media needs to be gutted folks and I’m with anyone who wants to do it. The media is the key to it all and part of the same crime syndicate as everything else going on today. It is the head of the snake. Get the truth into every home in America and you have a healing process like never before.
One of my favorite parts in the movie “The Passion” is when Satan blended in with the crowd with his little Jesse Ventura mini me baby. Yes Satan is in the crowd, but so is his rival. There are two forces acting against each other on this earth and it is indeed good vs. evil. History tells us who the evil is and we have been overrun by them in ways that only a Satan could do. They act as one against the truth and everyone else has been defeated already. There is no free speech in America and the Jews are free to lie on their radio and TV shows, movies and books and we are supposed to pretend we don’t see the devastation of this. You have to be on quaaludes or something.
Standing your ground isn’t good enough anymore, you have to move forward. We simply cannot allow Jews over us in any area whatsoever. They are destroying this planet. Don’t give me the innocent Jew hogwash, you will spend eternity choosing good Jews from bad ones. The fact is they all need to be removed from our midst. If our ancestors were such terrible people they would’ve destroyed them years ago, but they aren’t destroyers, Jews are. Instead you let them take over our media, our money, our courts, etc. Its time to draw the line back where it was. Until the White race and the rest of the non-Jew world grows a pair and realizes we have a psychotic band of lunatics who wants to take over the world at any cost we will spiral into the abyss. You want me to sugar coat it and say this will all go away? It wont go away and you know it (if you are of the truth). What are we afraid of if we are fighting against evil? What the hell has happened to us?
There is a group of people on this earth that know the truth. They are “shiners”. Some people are able to accept the truth immediately, but have never been told the truth and we need to find them. There aren’t a lot of them, but I believe they are here for a reason. You can tell some people the truth and it goes in one ear and out the other. They are lemmings- walk away from them. You never know where you may find a shiner, but we need every one of them and we need to hear from them. You know you aren’t, therefore our rights to free speech are gone. What were we supposed to do when we lost free speech? I know what great men and Jesus himself did. I know what many people throughout history did when they were left with no options. And no I am not talking terrorism folks, I am talking good old-fashioned taking back our flag, our rights, our future, our freedom, our truth. When you cant have those things guess what time it is folks? Jews are doing their father’s business and we better start doing ours. Of course you can always opt out to the other side and give in (and I’m not talking about the Romans who were slandered like everyone else throughout time). The Jews have been murdering the truth ever since and fear the truth more than anything. Whatever it takes to regain our media we need to do it ASAP. That’s the truth and the bottom line. We are being offended with lies every day and its time to lead an offensive of our own.
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