The Way Back

Every now and then a good movie of triumph shows up and reminds me how few spirit refreshing movies we have nowadays and its pretty evident that things are designed that way. You have to wonder if America was patriotic we would have an uplifting media, but it is the opposite 99% of the time. The media can’t afford to recall White Europeans to who they really are, they have to be kept hypnotized in porn or violence or just plain spiritless garbage. I saw a movie not long ago about a young man who got caught in a cave on a day trek and what he thought about knowing there was a very good chance that he wouldn’t make it. Not one word about Jesus, God or a single spiritual word. This is simply one of the ways Jews break your spirit. And what is spirit? Spirit is your built-in truth detector. None of us were given all the answers  to what is truthful and what is not or what is good or bad, we have to find that within ourselves. Unfortunately there is a force out there taking over our spirit in the most subtle ways and people who have little faith in their spirit are broken.
When people are broken they compromise their spirit making it weaker, but who wants our spirit? Certainly something does and it is making compromising deals every day to weaken us knowing full well it breaks us. Another good movie I just saw was “The Fighter” about two boxing brothers that were pounded with compromises, but they knew in the end that sticking to their guns all the way was the only way. The fighter in the movie said something I could have said myself many many times after he knocked someone out in a long grueling fight he was getting pounded in. He just kept moving forward, no compromising and wore his opponent out. He yelled outside the ropes ‘you can’t give up in this game because you never know what’s gonna happen”. That is true in everything you do. If America got back that spirit instead of this Jew woos spirit America has now we would  have complete control over our Jew government in no time. Instead we have compromisers who willfully throw in the towel and take a dive for instant payoff. It’s not who I am and it’s not who I thought America was and I know we will win this fight.
The truth is we let our media take us over every day of our lives. We are defamed in hundreds of different ways and we pretend its nothing and let the biggest thieves that ever existed take over our once great culture, but more importantly our minds. We allow our borders to be overrun when our ancestors fought, bled and died so WE could have a decent place to live, but what do we do for our kids? We throw in the towel. In the movie “The Way Back” a small group of men decide they want freedom and will endure the most harsh trek on earth to return home from Siberia. They would’ve rather died naturally than die at the hands of their prison guards. America is starting to look like that prison except we are armed (most of us) and we know who our enemies are. They were the same enemies they had in Siberia. Only one problem and that is America, our home is turning into a kind of Siberia in many ways even without the grueling weather. We have nowhere to escape to and compromising is simply just tightening our own nooses.The only way back is getting in the ring and slugging it out. Its called fighting to win. Remember that?
There is a force after your spirit, trust me on that. They want your spirit more than anything. They want to form a wall in front of your spirit and make you believe it’s not there or that everyone else is doing it so what the hell, give in. That’s their favorite one of all, to make you think everyone is doing it. Well I’m not and for the sake of your posterity you better not either. When they take your spirit and break you like a horse, you might as well just hang up the gloves and learn how to say Yassih and Nosuh because you will be a slave. If you don’t keep your spirit in shape you are going down and your kids are going with you. Don’t buy the hype, don’t listen to the shills because they are definitely at work. Keep your spirit sharp and ready for a good long fight. Win or lose you get back up to fight again. Someone has been after our title from the beginning and its time to take it back again fair and square. It is a fight and its over when you back down, but never over when you keep fighting. Anything can happen!
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