My Old Friend George

This is a simple story to anyone who cares to listen and not something I can tell, well most people. Only on the internet can I tell of the friendship I had with my buddy George. I had a similar relationship with my own father and family members, but this was slightly different. Not many of my family members know of the elephant in the room Jewish problem humanity faces and George was a gem having around to talk to when nobody else had even the capacity to understand.
I first met George fishing on a pier close to where I live some 10 years ago. I was passing through on an early evening Friday night on my bicycle and saw him fishing off the pier with lures. Knowing a little about fishing I suggested he used live bait if he wanted to catch anything. I took a chance of getting a dirty look back knowing people who fish don’t like to be talked to. People go fishing to get away usually as I do because the world is a mess, but I couldn’t resist. George didn’t look like the kind of guy who would get mad if I interrupted his peace so to speak. For some reason when people see a fishing rod in someone’s hand they think it is a license to ask that person questions and knowing so I only did it to try to help. He looked like someone who may be fishing for food and it wouldn’t be the first time I taught someone how to fish for food. He was in his late 60’s at least.
The response I got was not of ill nature, he knew I was trying to give him advice and not like the usual reply I would get. He was brutally honest right from the start. He said he didn’t like to use live bait because he cared about the little fish as well as the big fish. He was a shepherd in Lebanon as a young boy and raised sheep that were eventually slaughtered. He befriended these sheep spending the days with them (as I would do myself) and would have to have them slaughtered to pay the bills. It wasn’t what he wanted to do in life.
George was a diesel mechanic I found out and had worked on one of my brothers cars, an old Volvo wagon. I ran into George again back when I was still going to Catholic church with my elderly father and I wouldn’t take my car anywhere else in those days. Eventually everyone in my family that lived around me took their cars to George, diesel or not. He would never accept payment unless it was in French wine which I shared with him uncteen times (we would twist his arm with great difficulty, but it was always a fight). The man was a saint.
George died about a year ago and I wanted to write something about him then, but who to? George knew the Jew as well as anyone I have ever known. I used to bring recordings of tapes about Jews from the Internet ( all kinds) and he sat in complete silence listening to every word). After he would connect the dots from things he had heard growing up in Lebanon from his parents, Aunts, Uncles, etc… The information he brought was astonishing. He was a genius and nobody knew the information he had in old sacks of his mind for years.
George had a garage with an old trashed RV parked next to it and if he had no cars to work on we would go inside and share all the knowledge we had on the humongous Jewish subject. Never did he claim I was taking it too far or that I was crazy, if I said something unbelievable he would dig in for the truth every time. George never knew the information he gave me was valuable because he lived in the old days and had it implanted in him. He would say things that he thought meant nothing, but they meant everything. George was one of the most devout people of good will I ever met. All the homeless people knew George because he helped them out. He wouldn’t turn down anyone not even a Jew ( a defect many of us have).
George was under a truck trapped, a jack had slipped off and nearly crushed George, but he was alright after jacking him out. He was right back to work the next day. A couple of days later he told me he had his blood pressure checked at Wal Mart, he didn’t want to go near Jew doctors. The next week George was in the hospital with a tumor said to be the size of a grapefruit and of course didn’t make it with the army of Jewish doctors we have to be thankful for. George went out with dignity.
George left some great kids behind and some good friends that will never forget him or the sacrifices he made for the truth. He was never in it for the money more than the truth. never disturbed nature, believed in the truth, justice and good will to all.
Not many people showed up at George’s funeral and not many cried as I did as I did my own father because the world doesn’t know right from wrong or good from bad.
Rest in peace George. I will never forget! The information you passed along will fuel engines like you never believed. George had live bait after all.
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3 Responses to My Old Friend George

  1. love your life says:

    Can you go into a little more what information/insight George shared with you?

  2. Barney says:

    A sad story and very real. I too lost someone dear to me because of the jew. What more can I say, just that I share your loss.

  3. melgibstein says:

    Same to you Barney

    LOYL – George gave me his lifes story involving Jews from inside Lebanon as a kid and living in Europe during wars in places I lived that most in America have never been to answering questions and giving answers to everything regarding the Jew. George was very well aware of the Druze, Muslim subjects in general, words in Aramaic, Arabic and Latin (he couldnt read English I had to read English to him). He was well aware of the Jews in my own town too. He used to call me John the Baptist because I was the only one he ever met that knew the Jew as well or better than he did. We were both on the same page except George didnt have a bad bone in his body and I may have a couple. Every time I spoke to George I went home to study a word or event in history and George was kept up to current date with me. He always said a word that knocked my socks off that he didnt even know would. As I said he was brutally honest and had nobody to talk to other than me about this and it was like he was spitting out old info he himself didnt know he had. Life doesnt always answer your questions when you ask or even when you dont know to ask. There has to be wide opened honest conversation and Jews have made damned sure we dont do this. In other words we have to act together. Together we are a force that cant be reckoned with called the truth. You could put the most beautiful woman in front of me, but nothing is more beautiful than truth. George shined with it unlike anyone I have ever known except my own Father. Thats how I knew he was 100% legit. You can find out all you need to know about someone with the Jew subject. You can tell if hes a coward, a lemming, a traitor or a fool real fast. Thats my opinion however. I cant narrow any particular thing down that George said except maybe a bit about the Armenian genocide by Jews. I heard it from him before anyone on the internet. He came up with a lot of stuff that is nowhere to be found such as ritual murder in and around Lebanon and Europe. He was perfectly aware of everything we are told is nonsense many many years ago. Knowing a man like George of honor, truth, a walking example of good will, it was hard not to trust everything he said about Jews. Had zero reason to believe he lied about any of it. He was a “Shiner” which Im going to do a thread about soon.

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