The Color Yellow


I have heard the cry, get a radio show, get your own show, if you don’t like it do it yourself. Ladies and gentlemen I have been calling radio shows before many of you were even wet behind the ears and I don’t say that with any malicious intent the same way I say that Jews are destroying this world. What do I do, find some theme music and some oregano juice to sell? Join the ranks of the people on the air that are making no progress whatsoever? Ladies and gents I am on the field waiting for the war to begin and that’s where I will always be. I am not asking to benefit or profit, but its true! The truth is I am not a hater, the truth is I am living with bamboozled morons who would rather listen to Jews than me or others telling the truth who can’t be heard. What do I have to do to gain your trust? What do Jews have to do to lose your trust. It is insane. It is going to take brute force.

I’ll tell you a little about me. I am an ex Marine (yes I said ex). I thought I was going to FIGHT for my country, you know people who believe in justice, fairness, righteousness, peace, harmony and all that. So I was wrong. It wasn’t hard to figure that out folks because I have my own brain. I believe in nature and the natural process of everything. If anyone gets in the way of that process they are criminals whether Jews say so or not. Nature affects each and every one of us and if you look around at who is affecting nature it is Jews. Jews think non Jews are donkeys (OK some don’t, but think we are human excrement whatever). Is there another religion or tribe on earth that thinks the rest of the world aren’t allowed to live life as a fish or a dolphin, monkey, squirrel, sparrow? Isn’t all life to be considered what they are? Donkeys were not put here to slave for humans any more than chickens were put here to be swung around our heads. Monkeys were not put here to be operated on so we could change the course of nature with abortion techniques, cloning, etc. The truth is it’s all against nature and Gods will. Of course it depends on who your God is.
How many of you would willingly give up cruel and inhumane treatment of Gods animals by simply not eating them or purchasing them anymore? We have given nature to Jews to massacre and place on our kitchen tables so we don’t have to look. It is a sin against nature folks. This Kosher crap is nothing more than Jews controlling our entire food supply. The more they lie the more they have to control us.
How many of you would give up everything for 20 acres of farm land to grow your own food and be completely independent of Jew taxation? Money wouldn’t be needed at all. At the same time you would be farming you would be doing good things to the earth ( its simple math). Your neighbor would prosper, the bee’s would prosper, the air would be cleaner, the animals would be healthier (even the donkeys that simply did their keep).
In Egypt, since the old days the donkey has worked. This stubborn animal helped irrigate the waters from the Nile. Without these donkeys irrigation would’ve limited the human population. If you treat donkeys like garbage they wont work for you. Some families took in these donkeys into their own homes like gold because there was no gold. To think of a donkey as something that owes you is plain psychotic (it is a gift). Gold is a rock and though it may have monetary value, it has no value unless you sell out to the Jew.
If we are mere donkeys to Jews, what are mere donkeys to Jews? Are we the same, although somehow we have broken loose of their control which they follow so closely endlessly? They follow us like hyenas.
I don’t want to get too far away from the basics here and the basics are and always will be Jews are against nature whether its religious to you or not. They are against good will, peace, harmony, law and the natural flow of all things. They defy nature completely because they are not of the truth.
In case you haven’t noticed there is no truth in the world today. I am not exaggerating one iota. If you say Jews are in control of (the list) of things you simply get cut off. Your freedom is gone, wrecked, belittled, discouraged, asked to not come back, etc. It is troubling and that’s no doubt, but how much harder can it be to tell the truth than cover up thousands of lies? The lies are endless and the dam will break eventually. If you know what I know you can see the dams are full, they are at the brim, time is running out. Nature cant hold out much longer because the lies affect everyone and everything, but I am here to tell you the truth and… it is the Jew and I say this with every fiber in my being for the sake of all (nature, beast or any mutations that spring forward in the near future). If you wont accept conversations on it, if you cut off people saying it, if you avoid telling it like it is, nature will suffer, your kids, your nephews and nieces and soon you will be wiped out by Jews you witnessed with your very eyes and dared not speak about before them. Witnessing crimes against nature and not speaking out is a crime against everything on earth.
You can give in and sell out, but as soon as you are bought you are toast. Its like trying to drink off a hangover. It’s never going to go away. When you sell out, there is no coming back. Hold on until the end. There is a war going on.
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7 Responses to The Color Yellow

  1. Mr. Melgibstein – This is definitely off topic but would like your input on rather or not Putin (Russia’s
    Putin) is full Christian or is he in fact jewish. I have read reports that he is a devout Christian and
    other reports that he and his environment are entirely jewish.
    Any insights into this question would be highly regarded.


  2. melgibstein says:

    My opinion on Yeltin is “he is a Jew until he proves himself not to be”. He is a tough one to figure, but I believe if someone is hard to figure out than he shouldnt be trusted. A non Jew needs to separate himself from Jews as far as possible if he knows what Jews do (and he undoubtedly does).
    So my instincts tell me he is a Jew and he even looks like a Jew, drives a trike motorcycle like a Jew (likes toys) and has a Jew Medvedev on the inside. Im going to be straight with you, I dont trust Jews- none of them. That doesnt mean every one of them will lie to me, but their track record says they will. If you dont define yourself from Jews you will not get my trust. Some Jews know this and say exactly what I am saying, but theyre Jews, Im not.

    • Mr. Melgibstein – This is definitely off topic but would like your input on rather or not Putin (Russia’s
      Putin) is full Christian or is he in fact jewish. I have read reports that he is a devout Christian and
      other reports that he and his environment are entirely jewish.
      Any insights into this question would be highly regarded.

      Mr. Melgibstein – Thank you for your reply, disheartening as it is. Hoping one country
      would be jewless in its reign. How in Hell did the jews get total control of all the world?
      Enjoy your articles and insight..


  3. melgibstein says:

    For one I believe there are a lot more than 2% of them. I recently tried to buy something on Craigslist. It was a common item and there were about 20 items I checked to see were still for sale and Id say 18 of them were Jewish names on the emails coming back to me.
    Jews are working all the drug cartels, media, courtrooms, politics, Mafia’s, human trafficking, porn, slavery, all of it. They are simply blackmailing and rubbing out the competition with money they had printed out of thin air and give us no other option. People are oblivious to it, but its right in front of their noses.

    Jews have to be completely separated from all other people in the world. I dont care if you trust them today, they can NOT be trusted in the long run or the short run. They will tickle your ears and lead you right back to the slaughter house. Just think of the history these people have. It is f’ing unbelievably unavoidable. People just cant get that into their thick heads.

    I believe it is indeed Satanic because when you see the destruction they do with no regard or remorse to anything or anyone it is alien. There is nothing smart about them, they are destroyers and the more power they get the more they destroy. I believe their media has to go first or nothing will change. Somehow someway the truth needs to get inside non Jew homes and wake them up with a rattle. There is only one way we are going to do that and they will and have left us no other option. We are defected thinking things will get better by itself, it wont and it hasnt. We are going to have to remove them physically. Anything else you hear is complete horsedung. Thats the way it has to happen- period.

  4. Mr. Melgibstein, I agree. Joe Cortina’s website estimated their pop at around 3%. I feel it is
    much higher, like 7% as they are everywhere especially positions of prominence and have
    unilaterally over-taken our govt. The MSM is trash. No, they are not smarter; they are sneaky
    and assist each other and have since first entering the USA viva Ellis Island. Since occupied
    Palestine is suppose to be their home, why are they creating an infestation in America?
    All the Middle East’s woes are d/t the zionist’s.

  5. melgibstein says:

    You have to include the Jews who say they are Jews who arent Jews who think they are Jews if you catch my drift. Jews with Jew fathers are Jews to me whether or not they are accepted as Jews or not. Their mindset is Jewish. What about all the Jewish women Jews raped and knocked up all over the world in the slave trade? South and Central America is loaded with them. 2% just doesnt seem possible. Jews leave a slug trail wherever they go whether these slugs are called Jews or not.

    Asia no doubt has many more than we give credit for and Europe and North America is polluted with them to say the very least. They spread like herpes.

  6. love your life says:

    I totally agree with your comment. There’s a lot more than 2 or 3%. Don’t forget jews dominate in academia, finance, medicine, writing, basically anywhere there’s a buck to be made that doesn’t involve real work. Here is my rule of thumb: anytime you are in a government office, doesn’t matter what kind, city, state or federal, the DMV for example, and see a white employee, that person is a jew. No white Americans work for government anymore. Obama would rather cut off SS checks for elderly whites than kick one illegal alien off welfare.

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