Oceans 9/11

If you tell the truth these days carry a gun and if you are not of the truth carry a gun too. That is what it always comes down to. When the lies get so freely circulated and truth isn’t allowed to counter the lies a violent confrontation is going to erupt. Internet radio claims to be of free speech, but I’ve been kicked off just about all of them because I call Jews Jews. I don’t have the right to call Jews Jews, I have to call them Zionists while they freely lie about me. What a freaking joke! Do you actually believe Jews arent working on a job right now?
The truth is Oceans Eleven was a group of Jews who spent every day of their lives figuring out a way to rip off a casino owner (and insurance company) in Jew Las Vegas. This is supposed to be entertainment. Elliot Gould and a bunch of sold out goyim – the usual, along with some young Jews or sayanim pull a really clever theft (is there such a thing as a clever theft? Thats all Jews do.)  While this movie was going on and idiots were mesmerized by it Jews (did I say Zionists?- no I didn’t), Jews were planning the demolition of the Twin Towers and building 7 (as you know wasn’t hit by a plane- a bagel hit it). Some 3000 plus, plus, plus and still going paid and are paying the price for this one act of dozens of Jew historical events we are not allowed to speak about.
How do people plan such huge things without others knowing? How can over 100 Israeli’s come to America illegally and pull off such a devious act without anyone knowing? Are you telling me not one Jew would blow the whistle? How many Jews have you heard blow the whistle on the Jewish run slave trade in America? I haven’t heard a one. In fact they boondoggled the History books and created movies for our entertainment proving it was us, White Christians controlled the slave trade in their studies projected onto the screen while we remained entertained.
Without going into detail of Jews in a thousand other acts of treachery against every people or countries they took refuge in (all of them) I would like to ask you, yes you, how much more can you take? How much longer are you going to say its the “corporations” or the “Illuminati” and on and on and on? Its blatant cowardice. Its the Jews stupid and you know damned well it is.
These Jewish websites do nothing but dilute the massive Jewish problem and the main stream media doesn’t mention it at all. Somewhere we should have a counter measure to this, no? The answer is indeed “no” and its been no for an extremely long time now. We have Rabbi child molesters out the wazoo and the only time we hear about one is when one is compared to a Catholic priest. We have Israeli’s compared to Nazi’s, Jewish ponzi schemes that are supposed to be compared to Italians, terrorists compared to Muslims,or the Irish, it’s rather difficult to find anyone to compare them to in usury, organ harvesting, serial killers, media monopolizers, but they do try with OReilly and Hannity who claim ignorance of it all.
The fact is it is the Jews and it is their proselytes, but the Jews are the sayanim and the head of the snake. How do we know Jews even pay taxes? Jews are replacing our workforce with illegals and sending our tax money to their Jewish welfare state (a bloody vice grip squeeze and you say nothing). We don’t have one politician who will utter the truth about the overall flash mob mentality of the Jews working feverishly against us all. If we have a racial incident it is because Jews wanted it to happen. Jews brought Blacks here to wipe us out to begin with. They have been against America from day one.Jews are mixing all the people of the world together, starting wars amongst us and have us paying for their walls in the Hellhole State. We didn’t open up the borders our forefathers fought to defend- it is Jews folks- accept it or be a traitor. Jews took over your African countries, your Arab countries, your European countries and your Asian countries. We need to focus on this Jew as one together in truth if we are of it.
These so-called alternative radio hosts are so afraid of defaming Jews with the truth so instead they defame us with lies (all of us). It’s that simple and that’s what it all comes down to. The liars always get to the microphone because most have been programmed to lie for Jews and never tell the truth because you will be punished. Don’t say Jews controlled slavery- say Whites did it even though it’s a blatant lie. Don’t say anything about Jews in the drug trade tearing out the legs of our kids- act like its Blacks in the hood like good little slaves. Well I am not a slave folks and I am ready to get ballistic because I have no free speech. All that talk about the 1st and 2nd Amendment was hogwash because you’re not doing a dang thing but sitting on your asses. The longer you wait the longer the truth is completely destroyed. How you can wait another minute is beyond me.
Jews are on the same page to destroy us and this planet. Go ahead and play word games, dance around the issue, blame innocent people because of your cowardice and it will come back and bite you. We have a Jew problem in this world as Henry Morgenthau claimed we had a German problem. It was a lie then and it’s still a lie. You want this problem ended? Tell the truth and be ready to defend it. There wont be any Jew money payoff, just peace on earth. Jews have been against us and peace from the beginning. They think we are donkeys, monkeys, walking organ transplants, cannon fodder, shabboz goyim slaves, squatters on their planet, etc. How much more blatant can it be? Use your vocal chords and if you can’t get ready for hell to pay.
Oh and the latest is, its not the Jews in Palestine anymore its those nasty Greeks. Gimmee a break!
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2 Responses to Oceans 9/11

  1. sandy says:

    Thanks for writing about this. Glad there are still some people like you who value our world’s oceans. Maybe the least we can do is disposing of our items properly. Check this video out. http://youtu.be/qQUECrYE2bY

  2. melgibstein says:

    Yes, its nice to see Melissa is so concerned about plastic in our waters. You think Melissa would tell us who dumped all the oil in our waters? Where is that ho Melissa now” Melissa McGuiness or any McGuiness I have ever met ever walked around dressed like a whore. So off with ya and its best you arent in the public arena or I would expose you as the Jewess you without a doubt are and how you came about stealing the good name of McGuiness or McGuinnes or anything even close to it.

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