The Border

There are borders you don’t cross in the Internet radio business, you see we want to claim we have free speech, but not too much if you know what I mean. We don’t want the owners of these so-called free speech venues to have to stop selling their eh gold nuggets. You don’t buy the gold nuggets you don’t get free speech. And then you have the audacity to say nobody with money will contribute. Perhaps they know it’s a scam and know scammers when they see them. You can’t have Mammon and the truth because the truth isn’t for sale. If there is a toss-up what I prefer, no free speech or sold out free speech I prefer none at all and war.
We have many broadcasters out there today that can’t seem to separate themselves from individual profit and the profit of truth itself. When you hold a door for an old lady you don’t ask to be paid or profit from someone elses misfortunes or you are a thief. If the cost of truth is Jewish Federal Reserve notes in any way it isn’t truth- period. I don’t recall Paul Revere running through town with a tin cup in his hand or selling anything. The truth is this media and most of this Internet media is nothing more than more money grubbing Faginistic gold money changers, juice, vegamite, hemp, booksellers that are doing nothing but selling us out. They are profiting off others ignorance so they can help us? I don’t think so. I think they like it exactly the way it is. Most of them are snake oil salesmen selling you a load of crap and I see it everywhere. These people claim to be on our side and make a business out of giving you the truth. I don’t recall Jesus selling books do you? If they are selling things they call truth they get their reward in Jew currency even selling you gold. You have to ask why we have people who sell money. Just the thought of it is sickening and entirely Jewish.
If we didn’t have these so-called back woods free speech outlets we would be at war as we should be. Jews own and run our media, own and run the Fed, control our History books, blame crimes on us that we know they did, monopolize over us, control our food, tax us like no-one in history, run organized crime, etc.  The Jewish, Jew, whatever you want to call it is gargantuan and Internet talk shows happily sell us out with shows on hemp, militia nonsense, etc… Let me be the first to tell you, hemp isn’t going to make a damned bit of difference legal or illegal. Jews run the courts, the politicians, have our borders wide opened, have us in wars we don’t want and somehow we are pretending its a fetish to speak about the Jew problem.
Well I am here to tell you that the lies keep going and don’t stop. The Internet is chock full of people who are in it for the Jew money and don’t give a damn about the overall problem that Jews alone are behind. This Ron Paul garbage is nonsense. I want Ron Paul representing me like I want Richard Simmons- they are weak. We are talking war people. You may not see it, but I do. If there was ever a reason for war it is right now and war means you have to know who you are against. If you can’t call it what it is, if these Internet radio stations can’t call it what it is another innocent American will pay the price of holding up the lies. If you can’t see its the Jews it isn’t your eyesight it is your cowardice. Call it what it is and if they don’t let you say it- remember them when the war starts because I am here to tell you it most certainly will.
The border is the Jews and they need to be pushed right back into that ghetto they were put into by our ancestors (peace be upon them). If you are happy with internet radio you probably laughed out loud at the cartoons before the movie. The truth of it is it’s doing no good because they simply wont say what needs to be said. They wont cross their Jew masters borderline. Tell the truth or get lost. If you want to sell trinkets go to the Jew flea market.
Now back to the show, Bill in Idaho is calling from the ICU ward. The mic is all yours Bill. God bless you!
If you find yourself on hold for long periods when you call these Jew controlled internet radio networks it’s because they know you are there not because they don’t. They will let you sit on hold for hours and give you some sort of crazy excuse why they didn’t take your call and then after a while they will just tell you to go away. In other words they let you sit on hold for hours on end purposely and wont tell you.
I used to call Glen Beck years ago when he took a call or two on his show. I would wait for 2 and a half hours to prove his hypocrisy and then a Rabbi would get on immediately after me each time to refute me. When you talk about Jews on these networks whether it be nationally, locally or on the internet strange things will happen. You will see that most of these networks are in place to guard the lies and not allow the truth in no matter how much you think it’s better than another they are all there to soften the issue (the only isssue) we should be bloody outraged about.
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