The River

Anyone that has any kind of soul in this world today has to see the tsunami of lies that have been acting directly against the course of nature. You can’t change the course of nature and not expect destruction and you can’t stand around and let others do it and expect not to be affected because you most certainly will be. The natural flow of nature affects us all in a perfectly balanced way and when that balance is tampered with and not stopped even an imbecile can figure out what the consequences will be. Staying silent is simply going against nature itself.
The first example of how going along with the lie affects nature is the issue of our liars in the media. These liars can easily back off and change the course of the lies. Lets take Oprah Winfrey and Whoopi Goldberg for starters. Here are two Black women who have made a fortune in the Jewish media for one reason and one reason alone, they sold their souls to the lie. The Color Purple was a movie about Blacks as slaves in America and the hardships of it. Not once were the true perpetrators of slavery even discussed in this movie and to this day have remained silent about the Jews who took their parents as slaves, chained them to a ship, did the most egregious things to them and they are perfectly happy to perpetuate the lies and omissions of those who controlled the slave trade. They not only perpetuate the lie in this life, but into the past and eternity. These are so-called respected people in the Black and White communities because they are the voices of Black people all over the media today. Not one of them will give up their lavish lifestyles and even allow any opposition to the lies that have made them what they are. They talk about being forced as slaves, but there is no slave worse than the slave who sells out their own people to keep them enslaved. The reason why slavery cannot get into the light of truth is because of slaves committed to the lies of their masters.
Of course the lies aren’t limited to Blacks, there are plenty of lies to go around. This river of lies goes into all neighborhoods and towns, but leads to one place and that is exactly those who were called the fathers of liars (a perpetual breed). In Ireland some other sellouts who sold out their own were called “soupers”. They were willing to give in to the enemy to save themselves, but what are you saving yourself from? Joining the enemy of your own people is suicide no matter how ignorant you convince yourself you are. It is built-in to each one of us as nature itself. I could write a book about the treachery I see of OReilly and Hannity types who refuse to look at truths about who was behind slavery, the Federal Reserve, the media, the wars and on and on and on and on. How do these people perpetuate these lies? You tell them something that is right in front of their face and they deny it, criticize it, belittle it, slander it and these are the prosperous people our kids are to look up to? It is natural devastation that rots the very soul of humanity.
I could go on with all kinds of people who have sold out to lies, but the head of the snake is the Jews. The road may lead to Rome, but the river of lies leads to Jews. Years ago people would think that statement was hatred, but which do you prefer, the truth or destruction of the ecosystem and morality? And that is exactly what is happening. To hold back lies is to reverse the current of life itself. Allowing a lie to get through is going against everything life has given us. A lie isn’t a lie anymore when it is exposed. Look at all the destruction of the Jews (the list is endless) because we refuse to call it what is and allow the lies to exist.
When you come to a microphone and say its the Jews and then say it’s not all the Jews it is defying truth if you are a true Christian because Jesus never said “it’s not all the Jews”. Jews did not believe in the truth. Understand what a Jew is before you throw that away. The truth is the Jews have kept their lies perpetuated for centuries and must be exposed. When one person of truth stands up for the truth you stand with them. You can see the Jew websites who constantly dilute the true magnification of the Jew lies. Anyone that knows the truth should be constantly staying afloat of this river of Jew lies. Any subject out there today is always connected to Jews through their monopoly money, their lying media, their lying Holocaust stories and omissions of the genocide’s they caused, the slavery they blamed on innocent people, the drugs they pilfered us with, the porn they perverted us with, the organ harvesting, the child molestation, the homosexual smut, the monopolization of all of our natural resources, etc., etc. It is truly a river of Jewish sludge and nothing else is of any comparison to it.
Alex Jones, the pathetic fugazy patriot who loves to cite that quote of the patriot standing alone is utter and complete hogwash. These fakes on the internet know where all the lies lead and who benefits from them all including themselves. You are simply against nature protecting this obvious fluke of nature. He says people who concentrate on Jews have a fetish and has his phones cut off to those people who have obviously been right all along. All the issues these fakes talk about is to divert the Jew subject entirely and belittle it or make it taboo and ridiculous to discuss. You simply cannot be a Jew and tell the truth or protect Jews and tell the truth. 9/11 was done by Jews, Jews are in every country of the world and no such thing as a German Jew or an American Jew. They are naturally different from everyone through their lies throughout time. Once the dam of truth breaks free it will swamp Jews and Jews alone. The lies of the Jews are simply drowning the rest of us because we don’t stand together in the truth against them. Jews know to get inside and make sure that never happens. If it isn’t called what it is it wont change. They are using your kindness as a weakness because it works for them.
The Jews best weapon is keeping you from defining the true problem. They count on you to sell out to their unnatural world of illusion where you are a mere donkey or cow to them. They control our entire media and not one of them will allow the truth to get out because it isn’t going to help them one iota. Look at our politicians, our movies, the destruction of Whites in general in America and Europe, the degradation of our women, this overthrow of our country(s). If you don’t start taking back what is yours and agree to rid these aliens back to their pigsties nature will cease. The truth is hard to handle and it takes courage to defend it, but if you refuse to defend it you refuse life itself.
 When you trust Jews you affect others by bringing them in like wolves to the sheep. You are not helping anyone of truth by helping Jews because of one huge reason “They can’t be trusted”. It’s obvious to me that even the so-called most educated people who discuss Jews simply do not understand this or are simply shills fighting for Jews not the victims of them. They tell you what is wrong with the world and then take the rug right out from under your feet. Jews are able to lie without remorse and that every educated person should understand. They do not have the moral ethics of good people and consequently at war with those people endlessly. The truth is oil and water don’t mix as Jews do not mix with moral people. They do not share anything with us culturally, spiritually, ethically and have us at war with each other whenever they are around. If that isn’t enough to expel them all and have the courage to say it I don’t know what is. They don’t belong- period. That is terrible to some of you, maybe even crazy or insightful, but it is what my ancestors did many many times before and not to learn from them is more unnatural to me than fish not swimming upstream to lay their eggs. We are going with the unnatural flow of the river right into the mouth of extinction. There is only one direction and you better figure out which way for the sake of nature and the sake of your soul.
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