The Natural

I was talking with a homeless guy the other day and he knew more about the truth than some millionaires I know. He was asking me what happened to America and that it was infected, we just let it go down the toilet. How is it we let this happen he asked? He said he lost his job due to outsourcing. How could America do such a thing to him? He was a veteran and served time in Vietnam and knew the war was another con job, but didn’t know it then because he trusted his politicians and people who elected them. He was just a kid and wanted to help his country. He didn’t come right out and say he was a veteran either, I had to ask. This wasn’t a street corner hobo who was out to shaft people out of money this was a victim of the Jewish run America we all live in today that lost his home after paying on it for more than half his adult life. He kept asking me with a desperate look “what are we going to do?” Of course he knew the answer as I did.
I used to be on a softball team and I knew I could hit it out of the park every time I got up, but for some reason this particular year I couldn’t get it over the fence. I kept hitting the fence over and over and over again and during practice I would hit every pitch well over the fence. I thought it was because people were digging in too much at the plate and I was standing in a hole, I thought it was my age kicking in or maybe I wasn’t eating right. Maybe it was the beer drinking, lost the basic fundamentals or maybe I just wasn’t good enough anymore (not an option).
Somehow we managed to get into the World Series in this league and we took this league pretty seriously because the location of where we were was somewhat remote and the only thing in our lives outside of work. The other team had at least 4 guys on the team that could blast it out of the park every time they got up and I knew much of my team depended on me to do the same and I just couldn’t get in the groove. I could see it in their eyes, they had doubt and instead of making up for their doubt in me and strengthening themselves to make up for the difference it only put more pressure on me.
I’m not going to bore you with all the details, but yes it ended up the way story books do even though I may be the only one who remembers it. It was the last inning and we were down, 2 outs, 2 men on base and we needed 3. When I hit it it felt like a nerf ball because I was ready to hit a cement block if it was pitched to me and once again it had hit the fence, but this time it hit about 2 inches higher than normal on top of the fence ((((((PING)))))) with a big high bounce making it “game over”. The top of the fence is a home run.
Traditionally we had a party after the World Series that everyone attended and various speakers would comment about the season. One of the comments about me had stuck with me and will probably never leave me (I don’t know how it possibly could). A teammate of mine said “there is no way we would have won without Mel slamming it against the fence all season”. That is what I told this homeless person who didn’t want any money and I could see in him what I saw in my old teammates. They are the eyes of trusting in others to do what they can easily do themselves with a little practice and drive and that is to be the difference through every ounce of action you can. Never give up and never give in even when times look hopeless they will change. We are all looking for someone else to swing for the fences now instead of doing it ourselves. Each one of you are William Wallace’s, John Wayne’s, Clint Eastwood’s, etc., with the truth and the will to defend it. Forget “The Natural”, there is no such thing.
People need to see to believe in things they are capable of doing themselves and look to the media now to see what they believe. It is all hogwash. You are all the difference in the world and you are part of this team for a reason. You have to love the truth and prove it.
I told this homeless veteran to do what he can, if you cant hit it over the fence, hit the fence and if you cant hit the fence get your behind on base because you may be the winning run. Don’t expect anyone to to get you home demand it and never give up the truth to anyone! And this is in no way trying to get you into the Jew infested game of baseball today, but of the white game of its origin! This side of the game also requires you to be of mankind! Because Jackie the Jew slave Robinson can field and hit doesn’t mean he can play the big leagues! Only the Jew believes that (in other words they dont believe that either)!
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2 Responses to The Natural

  1. melgibstein says:

    Nobody liked this one, maybe a little conceited to some, but I thought it was uplifting even if I did write it.

    “no we will run” ……..and lying in yer beds…..

  2. melgibstein says:

    I wrote this because I am going to come through just like I always do, no matter how long or how grueling the game or the fight is. Time is on my side and truth is on my side. If you are in the way I am going to crush you!

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