Caddy’s and Shagger’s

I started caddying when I was 11 years old and it was only because there were no other caddies in the yard and the caddymaster knew that I knew the game as well as anyone and he needed someone to carry one of his high roller tippers bags. You had to be 14 to caddy, but once he let me caddy that first time I was in. When these guys came to play golf they didn’t want to hear any excuses and in those days carts were just starting to be used and only the old ladies used them and stalled up the entire course. I learned about Jews even younger than this because I knew when I was caddying for a Jew and would have to look for he or she when it was time to get paid. They didn’t think I’d go into the clubhouse to confront them either which I did every time (I was warned, but didn’t care and word got out not to stiff me). If you don’t want to get Jewed you’ve got to get pissed off at Jews- period. I made 6 or 7 dollars a loop when I carried just one bag (6 from Jews and 7 to 10 from everyone else plus a hotdog and a coke on the 11th hole most of the time).
 In those days there were a couple of different ways to make a living other than on some Jews payroll. Clamming was always available to anyone and you could make fifty bucks a day on a good day without a boat just picking clams up, sometimes four at a time (it wasnt always that easy by any means however). Today the clams are virtually gone on the East Coast and I don’t think it was by accident at all. Who would want to disrupt something so natural and so rewarding to us? The greed set in and people who obviously already had money made a boat with a dredger on the back and poached at night and destroyed everything in its path on the sea beds destroying our priceless way of life. I guess nobody was smart enough to see the importance of saving one of our best and most reliable food sources there was and this of course affected all of the ecosystem around it. Who would allow such a thing to happen? It certainly wasn’t us because we respected this valuable resource that kept many of us going. We were constantly instilled with the do’s and the dont’s by our friends and family. Using a dredge and destroying all those clams was murder to any of us. It would never happen. We were perfectly happy with earning a good days pay that was more than you could make anywhere else by far. No, it had to end because of greed or was it for the same reason why we have been losing everything else today so visibly now?
Now I see these golf courses I used to caddy on and other courses all over the country (not playing anymore) and they are totally overrun with Mestizo caddies. I can’t call them Latino’s because they don’t look Latin to me so we got that goin for us too. Where would I have worked without these two opportunities as a kid? I had literally nowhere else and wonder how kids can possibly learn to provide for themselves with every natural or should I say unnatural avenue working completely against them. It is because of greed that we destroy our own kids jobs? Is it us that are doing these things against our own kids?The owner and president of this golf club (a Jew who was rarely ever seen) lived in a huge house connected to the country club pool and the boys and girls showers were the only places connecting directly to their house. There just happened to be large mirrors on the wall (like we needed mirrors in the open showers with no stalls). Of course I didn’t think of this until many years after, but Id be willing to bet all my caddy money we were being watched.
When I was in the 8th grade I was on the Varsity golf team that had 6 players. I was number 6, but played with 4 of the others all the time and they rarely beat me. The number one player was on the very top floor of the WTC building that was blown up by Jews on Sept. 11th 2001. That’s right, I said it, Jews because that’s who it was. I had another school friend killed as well somewhere in the mess. These were not close friends, but they were people I saw and chatted with every day or very often much of my life in those days. This is not about me in any way, but I want to lead you into some other facts about other people who have crossed paths with me in my life. Two other friends of mine in the service were killed in the Beirut bombing and Jews were said to have done that too and who am I to doubt that with all the other evidence on so many other things out there always involving Jews? I lived in many Muslim countries and I know it is not their nature to carry out such cowardly attacks nor was it Ireland’s or Germany or all the other places Jews are always involved in and present during these times. Some people think its conspiracy theory, but there are just too many coincidences and too many unsolved mysteries always involving the same people. It’s no conspiracy at all and it is fact that if there is a crime of some kind Jews are always involved.
Anyway most people were being driven back and forth to places at my age, but because I came from a large family I wasn’t shuttled around much and understandably so. It was a pretty long walk home from the golf course and after caddying 2 rounds of 18 holes I was willing to risk cutting through an estate that was notorious for shooting trespassers with salt guns. I was never shot myself because I was always on my guard in this place. It was called Thorne’s estate and not many knew who the Thorne’s were, in fact I didn’t know until a little while ago. Most people in town owned maybe an acre or so at best and this place was like a state park fully manicured and was around a square mile or two big right in the middle of our town. They eventually sold out some of it and built condos on the water (high end). No doubt made a fortune on that alone. I haven’t been there in years, but I still think they own much of it as well as other things in the USA like 50,000 acres on Hilton Head island for starters. The money these people had was just plain hard to believe. Some people reach a certain amount of money and retire, but these people obviously never stopped their quest for more money and more power.
I never met any of the Thorne’s nor did I ever meet anyone that knew them. They probably have no clue how many times I cut through their property and if I knew what I know now I would’ve snooped a heck of a lot more for the sake of America’s national security. During the summers I cut through there just about every day. I think they just gave up on me because they couldn’t catch me. I could jump a fence like nobody I knew and never lost my touch at crucial times. I could backtrack them, climb trees they would never suspect me in and knew the place better than they did. I remember a shindig there on one of the days I cut through and they had their shindigs every so often, but they were outsiders with tons of money. I never felt any envy about them and more or less thankful such a beautiful place existed and that I wasn’t scared to go in and enjoy it nor be chased out without a good chase. It seemed like nobody else did, but I heard stories about strange gatherings such as naked pool parties and Bilderberg style gatherings and I took it with a grain of salt. It was most likely the marriage of one of these Thorne’s we had heard about that day, but I paid it no mind and remember the usual Keystone cop chase I usually got that kept my legend alive to this day never caught.
So I’m reading about John Kerry’s Jewish past on Wikipedia and I see that Kerry married a Thorne at Thorne’s estate in Bay Shore and sure enough he married her right there in my old cut through home. This had me checking into the past of the Thorne’s, where Kerry and her met. Most people don’t know John Kerry was married to another woman before Theresa Heinz. He was married for 14 years with Julia Thorne before Theresa Heinz. Here is a cut from wiki.

Kerry was married to Julia Thorne in 1970, and they had two daughters together: Alexandra and Vanessa. Alexandra was born on September 5, 1973, days before Kerry began law school. A graduate of Milton Academy and Brown University, she received her M.F.A. in June 2004 from the AFI Conservatory. She is a documentary filmmaker. Vanessa was born on December 31, 1976. She is a graduate of Phillips Academy and Yale University, and attended Harvard Medical School and a master’s program in health policy at the London School of Economics. Both daughters were active in their father’s 2004 Presidential campaign.

In 1982 Thorne, who was suffering from severe depression, asked Kerry for a separation.[12] They were divorced on July 25, 1988, and the marriage was formally annulled in 1997. “After 14 years as a political wife, I associated politics only with anger, fear and loneliness” she wrote in A Change of Heart, her book about depression. Thorne later married Richard Charlesworth, an architect, and moved to Bozeman, Montana, where she became active in local environmental groups such as the Greater Yellowstone Coalition. Thorne supported Kerry’s 2004 presidential run. She died of cancer on April 27, 2006.


Thorne’s ancestry is quite interesting to say the least. They are related to Alfred Lee Loomis of Loomis laboratories and the son of  Julia Stimson and cousin to Henry Stimson (Sec. of War). All of these folks are Skull and Bones. John Kerry met Julia Thorne (most likely named after Julia Stimson) through her brother who was also Skull and Bones. John Kerry went from an Episcopal school to Yale and the Skull and Bones and dated Jackie Kennedy’s half sister Caroline Lee Bouvier Canfield Radziwill Ross (née Bouvier, born March 3, 1933) best known as Lee Radziwill. Does this guy get inside or what? Lee married Herbert David Ross in Brooklyn, New York a movie producer-oy vey!

Everywhere you look with this John Kerry you find Jews and Skull and Bones or are they one and the same? Theresa Heinz, a Portuguese Jew married Henry Heinz III and guess what? He was a Skull and Boneser as was his father and his father before him. He had some help becoming Senator from James Buckley it appears (another Skull and Bones member) and Francis “Ralph” Valeo which sounds very similar to Valero. If you don’t know who the Valero’s were you should  Many people don’t know the Buckley’s were also Jews or of Jewish descent through the mother. You can’t be a Jew and a Catholic and you can’t be a Skull and Boneser and be a Catholic or a Christian either. I think this Skull and Bones is much more Jewish than we are led to believe.

The Thorne side of the Kerry family is quite interesting and somewhat similar to the movie Matt Diamond played in (yeah I know Damon) “The Good Shepard” without exposing any crypto Jews of course. This Thorne family has connections with the so called Manhattan project, LORAN, war secretaries,  crypto monopoly, secret societies, mysterious deaths, etc… etc… etc… I was right about that place even when I was 11 years old that there were people in this world who were not like the rest of us and I have come to the conclusion that these people were and still are Jews 99.99% of the time and they supposedly only make up 2% of the population. So much for my golfing days, there are more important things that need to be done and you need to keep your eyes open at all times. They are secret for a reason and keeping those secrets from you for a reason. To them we are just squatters living on their planet, here to carry their golfbags and we can be replaced and have been. It’s a small world and it’s getting smaller every day.


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3 Responses to Caddy’s and Shagger’s

  1. GTRman says:

    New movie :

    Swinging With The Finkels trailer

    • melgibstein says:

      Looks educational. The Hangover was another piece of work. I didnt make it more than 1/3 of the movie. Just complete trash and this is the big jewish hype of the year. Jews want us completely removed from morality and its slowly growing horns. You have to ask yourself where this is supposed to lead. Most people never equate all this filth to Gods supposed chosen. They think there are two types of Gods chosen and they are just naughty perverted satanic Gods chosen who just happen to have more perverted minds than anyone on the planet who have wandered off the holy Jewish reservation.

  2. melgibstein says:

    What happened to movies about standing up against modern immoralities like porn and slavery, drugs, etc… Its because Jews run all these industries. We now know Jews controlled slavery but we are too chicken to expose it and Jews will never expose themselves (on these issues I mean). So we just sink into the quicksand in pig slop.

    When someone defames you with lies you are supposed to set the record straight so that every human being on this earth knows the truth. Instead the liars are doing the opposite. People are too ignorant to understand the overall destruction of this directly aimed at our own children. Jews will just keep pushing out movies to destroy and find the limits they can do it and then just keep pushing and we have let them take over our way of thinking through their media. Stopping jews is like stopping smoking- you have to just cut it out cold turkey.

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