The Day of the Triffids

I want you to watch the video in the reply to this post and see how ridiculous this is, but it’s how I and many others see America today being totally bamboozled by Jew media. It is supposed to be a Science Fiction movie that people watch and eventually snap themselves out of the fact that it isn’t real. It is a movie meant to captivate you for the purposes of God knows what, kill time maybe? But now it is an every day movie complete with the same fake characters like Adam Gadahn Pearlman, Bibi Netanyahu, Ehud, Jewish bankers who couldn’t fight their way out of a paper bag and they have the rest of us fighting against ourselves, losing our homes, buying their kosher food in their stores, watching their liars in the media, it is truly beyond Science Fiction or more accurately a really really bad B movie.
Lately I’ve been hearing two types of radio talk show hosts on the internet and it boggles the mind the hypocrisy these people live with in their own minds and want us to adopt their way of thinking. For instance some hosts say Jews are high IQ’d and entrepreneurial people who just happen to excel over all others, they are gifted, more advanced than the rest of us. Why? Because they think as a group, don’t assimilate and look out for their own best interests. You see its OK for Jews to look out for their own interests, but not whites. Jews own the media and Blacks want their own Black network because of all the White control (is that the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever heard?). So Blacks get their own network, Mexicans have theirs, Jews run the rest (do you see the absolute monopoly over us?) Jews simply know how to hopscotch their lies into others and we don’t point it out even when its right in front of our noses. Just flash Kim Kardashians fake boobs and botox lips at us and we are frozen.
One type of talk show host has no problem saying “the Jews this” or “the Jews that” and lump them all together like I do and I have no problem with that because there is no doubt about it, Jews are Jews and they think alike and stick together. So we have no disagreement there whatsoever, but we do disagree on the fact that Jews are smart or entrepreneurial because if Jews were entrepreneurial they would be in honest industries and wouldn’t need to be prospering in industries that are immoral to Christians. Firstly you can’t work in an honest industry at all if you are looking out for the best interests of a foreign country over your own. That alone is high treason on its face. How a Christian can say Jews are smart because they know how to lie, cheat and steal is staggering to me. People out there actually attribute being educated to enslaving people or trafficking in drugs to kids or organ harvesting or blackmailing politicians etc. I totally agree with these talk show hosts on the fact that Jews act as a whole, but not that they are smart in the least. The truth is they are without remorse, extremely disadvantaged, the epitome of greed and against everything Christianity stands for. If I went to India and started a hamburger stand to tourists, slaughtering stray cows I could be rich too, but my standard of morals are more important than my thirst to be rich. Anyone can be rich if they want to be immoral. Its called cheating. There is nothing high IQ’d about it and if you don’t understand this you are most likely low IQ’d or simply a coward.
You tell these people that Jews run the Fed and they agree they don’t like the Fed. You tell them Jews own the media and they agree they don’t like the fact that Jews run the media. Then you tell them Jews ran slavery and blamed it on white folk and somehow some way they are back to the fact that Jews are entrepreneurial. Ladies and gentlemen this is deranged thinking. Anyone with an ounce truth in him, an ounce of courage or dignity knows those three issues alone (and there are dozens more) are enough to send the whole lot of them packing ten times over. These hosts are pacifiers trying to defy logic and apparently it works with most of you because you aren’t making a peep. Only God knows what you are doing. You need to be dunked in smelling salts. 
Then there are the other hosts that come on and say it’s the Jews and every time they say it’s the Jews they say “it’s not all the Jews” and seek out a jew to bring on his show over a gentile to prove it (Joyce Goldenstern). I want you to go on a camping trip and think how useless that is to say. Jews blamed slavery on whites (all of them) and they don’t even set the record straight exposing it was entirely JEWS. No Jew ever said “it wasnt all the whites” (maybe you heard it I didn’t). Jews make movies about WHITES enslaving Blacks and bringing them to America and we say “it’s not all the Jews”, but it is Jews, no arguments there at all. Its Jews but not all Jews, its Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein not all those hundreds of thousands of people killed because of Jews in the Middle East. It’s not all the Jews killing Palestinians just the Jews who call themselves Jews who really aren’t Jews at all. It certainly isn’t all the Arabs or Muslims either because with Adam Gadahn being a Muslim its Jews as well. All Jews have to do is put a couple of Jews on the opposing side and this breed of talk show host is perfectly comfortable doing nothing even after a million people, hundreds of millions of people throughout time are killed because of……..wait for it…….the Jews.
Well I am against Jews folks and I’m not afraid to say it. No, I probably wouldn’t say it about any other people because other people aren’t as cunning as the Jews (I didn’t say smart). Cunning is a predatorial word for animals like a coyote or fox. The fox outfoxes, but it’s still a member of the dog family. It is born with instincts of survival just as Jews because it’s the only way they will survive. Jews survive by making you believe things that aren’t true. They have to eradicate your belief in truth and your will to defend it. It is entirely make believe what they want you to believe over your own history that they had nothing to do with. Yes they will do heinous acts beyond our imaginations, but we, knowing what is best for us will do what we must to keep this from happening. That is the true terror in this world folks. The terror is knowing we don’t have enough people who will stand up for the truth and defend non Jews 100% over the psychopaths. The truth is these people who call themselves Jews aren’t even Jews. It is a complete trap for you to do nothing. Your duty isn’t to defend Jews, your duty is to defend your own first. If you believe that to be untrue than you are a fool.
Nothing will change until you call them what they are and place the blame where it belongs. It’s the Jews folks and it is every God damned one of them if you want this problem solved and if you don’t react to it it will never go away. You can’t say its the Jews in one breath and say it’s not all Jews in the next. They have you chasing your tails like fools. They keep you from moving one inch forward and when you hear it you need to expose it. Every single subject destroying the life blood of America and Christian countries today is coming from Jews and Jews alone. If you can’t rally on that fact and get up off your duff and fight it like the demon it is you might as well be against us. We need this Jew expelled as our forefathers did scores of times before. Save Jews or save America! You cannot have both. It’s not all the Muslims or all the Russians or all the Germans or all the Palestinians or Lebanese or Europeans, but Jews are involved in all the mayhem every damned time.
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6 Responses to The Day of the Triffids

  1. GTRman says:

    Damn , you’re good.

  2. melgibstein says:

    The Day of the Yhids. Yes they need to be uprooted once again. I think some of these movies did give us some knowledge of what it would be like with Jews in high office. Nothing surprises me anymore, especially the inability for non Jews to do anything about it. That in itself makes this movie look easier to believe than reality. Its all about the money. People will do anything for money and hide out. Most of them made their money selling us out so its difficult to give it back after all that hard work kissing Jew buttocks. They think they’re gonna be able to ride out the storm with their Jew investments and theyre going to find out how fast things change because they will. Stick it out and to your guns and you will see that its best to stick with the truth all the way.

    • melgibstein says:

      Gerry came out and told us his staff is Jewish, his girlfriends were all yenta’s, but still in the jew closet about himself. The truth is there is no market for jews giving financial advice anymore.

      Gerry, to say you love Italy more than Israel means nothing. First of all you arent Italian either. Because you have an Italian name doesnt mean you are European stock. Many many jews have Italian names and none of them were loyal to Italy either. Gerry is in between a rock and a hard place because Sephardic Jews are supposed to be the direct relations with Judah and we all know that is a big crock of cowdung. The truth is Gerry, you arent a European. What you are I dont know and maybe you dont even know, but you’re not one of us. Thats the God’s honest truth. Glad to hear you love Jews though much more than your own. We know where you stand.

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