Little Big Man

How many of you out there know that there are Jews all over the net trying to lead you into a cul-de-sac? They will say all the things you want to hear as I said on one of my first posts by finding the real McCoy and using some of his theme to sway you into his or her direction and lead you into the battle of the Little BigHorn. There is always a very evident catch, however to get you marching into that cul-de-sac while they lead more goy in to keep you there with their crypto callers. The radio is an excellent source for Jews to lie because you have no idea if its real or not. They can do what they always do, lie through their teeth, and all it is is to lead you into that one way alley way to the Katyn forest. If they don’t answer the phone or have any excuse not to hear you they don’t believe in American values so why would you believe they had Christian or European racial values?
Some examples of these are
 The non religious and non racist crowd. These folks never cross the racial lines and its never “all the Jews” because we have that same handful of Jews (5 tops) that keep us from throwing the whole lot of them out. They’re the first ones to point and say “see, it’s not all the Jews”. These are the same people who hate Christianity and say hypocritical things constantly (too many to list). The truth is they don’t know what the Bible says and claim they read every word of it and want you to come to the conclusion that it’s all BS. It’s a bargain, you can hear things they say you will hear nowhere else if you just trash Christianity and make a quick left in that alley just before the freeway ramp.
Jews brought Blacks here to America to deliberately destroy us and they don’t want us defending ourselves. Jews are the ones who opened the borders to America to steal our jobs. When I say “our” is that racist? If the word “our” is used can it not be used as “our race”? These people want us to disown our own families and be embarrassed to defend them. Tell them to go to hell. They brought Blacks here in chains and then form alliances with Blacks against us and we are not supposed to fight back.
There are so many cul de sacs they want to lead you into, but race and religion are the top two. You see those are two things we can unite on and they don’t want unification at all. If we can’t unite on Christianity and race we are nothing and our ancestors would disown us. Its time to put away our family feuds and unite the clans together against this beast. They brought Blacks here and now want to use them against us, they made homosexuality acceptable only to destroy us, they destroy our birth rates any way they can by legalizing abortion, force feeding us and our kids an alien agenda in our schools, infect us with their porn filled media and we are supposed to go along with them and not our own hearts and minds? They run the media for a reason.
You know who the cul de sackers are, they say what you want to hear, but leave you out in the cold after you gave them your winter jacket. You are left with no solutions, everything is the same when you turned the show on from beginning to end. We are left futile with our hands up in the air like we just got stood up by the prom queen. Nobody is out in the streets protesting against this Jew we all know is in total destruction mode of White civilization. A few Hitler song and dance routines and you are made to believe you deserve whatever it is you have coming to you because of all those Jews Hitler gassed. They mount you up with so much crap in your hiking bag that you can’t even move, let alone know where you’re going to go camping.
I’m going to tell you right now how we are going to get this done. I am not nor have ever led you into a cul-de-sac. You are going to rally together and you are going to drop all the BS and head straight for the Jew. That’s what we need to do. We need to take out these media liars by any means possible and replace them with people who know what America’s problems are and who caused them, name by name by name. When you see your entire media and congress bowing to a foreign government it’s not a small matter anymore. We need to let them know how serious it is and they know its coming. You want to turn your back to this in a cul-de-sac and be a coward? So be it, but if you want to do what honorable men do you will save your race and your religion to the death (our deaths isn’t what I mean).Our country once meant exactly that “our country”.
We have a rodent in the house and it needs to be removed. I don’t care what you believe until that rodent is hauled out. That rodent is the Jew. Jews will bring over a jar of fleas and drop it in your living room and have you fight those fleas while he pours gasoline all over your basement and has you walk down there with a lit candle. Like A.A. you have to first admit you, we have a Jew problem. I don’t want to hear about Vanunu or Israel Shahack or the other 3 Jews used constantly to keep you from throwing them all out. The fact is if they stay we will be eliminated. That’s no cul-de-sac folks. I want you on the highway, in the parks, in the banks, in the libraries, department stores, everywhere, rounding this alien Jew up to be ridden from our once great lands. If you don’t agree with that, if you have some excuse for not agreeing with it you are deluded, infected, and or defected. Anyone who sees what Jews have done to our country and knows their history has got to be defective to not want to throw them out as a whole ASAP! This sounds like crazy talk because you’ve been conditioned to think it by the cul de sackers and havent been hearing the truth.
How much more crap are you going to listen to on the lying radio shows who want you to do nothing? They want you to boycott yourselves not kosher or Jews, but your own. We need Jew money out of our lives, Jew media out of our lives, Jew porn out, Jew school history books out, Jew grocery stores out, Jew malls out, Jew monopolies out, Jew judges out, Jew abortion out, Jew homosexuality out………everything that is alien to us in our society now is Jews and these radio hosts want us to believe like they do and want us not to do anything in fear of being racist? We have been like Golden Retriever’s and its time to have them understand our kindness is not to be confused with weakness any more. Jews have you thinking its hateful for you to look out for your own best interests and the only way to make them understand that isn’t going to work any more is to get out of that cul-de-sac and start pinning these Jews down that are destroying our country and planet today. If you are left with the feeling of doing nothing after you’ve just heard a two-hour show its for good reason. That’s exactly what they want you to do..
Jews will send Sean Hannity after you for defending your race or religion and you’ll believe it because 10 more traitors will be on to make it look like its unacceptable behavior and at the same time hail Bibi Netanyahu for bombing rock throwing Palestinians and demanding them to call Palestine “the Jewish state”. You have to defend the truth folks no matter what the status quo is. That is the essence of Christianity itself, but if you can’t defend your own family, your own culture, your own values that are rooted in Christianity by seeing and identifying its enemy you can never be a brother, sister, mother or father of ours.
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5 Responses to Little Big Man

  1. melgibstein says:

    Theres another Little Big Man. Now he is claiming “Israel” is at fault somewhat (not Jews or those Ashkenazi/Sephardic rag peddlers) and he doesnt have a fetish against the Jews like those other guys THAT HE HAS SHUT HIS PHONES OFF TO FOR YEARS! Folks, I dont give a damn if this guy starts saying Jews are the criminals they are, he shouldnt be trusted for a minute and how you people out there even listen to this guy is beyond me. I couldnt even watch this pathetic worm halfway through this video. He is a government op and his fetish has been protecting Jews for YEARS! To hell with this rodent.

  2. Non-Hasbarat says:

    Wise words Brother, and a timely reminder. One such “anti” jew site has recently exposed itself for what it truly is, since when it has become a “watered-down” version of it’s former self, no longer a place where real white people want to be.

    I refer to the “Incogman” site, run by one June (that’s right, JUNE) Johnson, which for a couple of years or more has said EXACTLY what WN types wanted to hear, about black on white crime and about the evils of the Jew, but which can no longer hide it’s true nature or purpose. Like all Jews, this lesbian finally over-reached herself.

    That’s just one example. There are plenty of other “bait” sites. All we can do is apply the smell test and make our own judgments.

    Sites like that continually rave about the problem, but NEVER offer a solution.

    We can all agree on one thing. The Jew has to go. What right has an alien race, culture or whatever they claim to be to dictate to anyone? They gave up their own country, called Khazaria, to infest the world, and now they whine about being “a people without a country”. That’s chutzpah for you! They whine about not having something they don’t want, and then claim it’s all our fault.

    Use those FEMA camps for something useful. Male Jews in one area, females in another, separated by hundreds of miles. We don’t need to actively kill them. That would just bring us down to their level. What we MUST do is stop them breeding, the exact same thing they’re doing to us with all this homo crap, “diversity”, abortion and low wages – if we can get a job at all while their turd world “pets” get priority.

    Let them grow their own food and live out their lives in the camps, or let them starve because they’re too lazy to work. Either way we’ll finally be rid of the scourge which seems to have plagued humanity forever.

  3. Barney says:

    As another refugee from Incog-man/woman/thing, I couldn’t agree more with “Non-Hasbarat” above. In fact, I recognise some parts of that comment as my own. No problem! If my words are useful, by all means use them anywhere you like. We’re all in this together.

    The jew has got to go.

  4. DWC says:


    Joe Cortina and Milton Kapner (Bro Nate) are a ruse too. Cortina, this lying piece
    shit has a site for the publicity and is a FRAUD also.

    Mr. “in your face” I worked for the FBI, CIA, IBM, had a radio gig with
    Glenn Beck, shit this nutcase has done everything except building a nuclear

    Maybe in his next dream he will, he is a shyster just like Milton Kapner:


    • melgibstein says:

      I agree and they are in league together as you most likely know. There are key words and persuasions these cointel shills use proving they want to feel defeated as you say exactly. We are far far from defeated. We have not yet begun to fight and when we do its Goodnight Gracie (something they can understand).

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