Slumdog Millionaires

It’s funny to think of Jews portraying others as murderers, thieves, swindlers, Communists, drug runners, slave owners, pimps and on and on. All the movies and media is these days is Jews casting blame onto others when they are guilty as sin of it all. It is so shameful, but it’s treated as if it was another Jew performance at the theater. Everything non Jews entrusted Jews with has come back and kicked them in the groin and they still don’t get it (Jews find this humorous). No movie could possibly portray such evil and cowardice. How were so many people suckered so easily? Hard to comprehend.
These or this species of beings slithered out of the ghettos our great ancestors put them in and instead of trusting our ancestors we trust the Jewish media and the Jewish money that is “loaned” into our existence by them and we sit idly by like fools. You just don’t get it and as long as this ghetto garbage stays in control of the media the longer it will go on (they called you out to a fight and you bent over). I don’t know about you but the Congressional meeting with Netanyahu was atrocious (there isn’t a word for it). If that alone wasn’t enough to get you up in arms I don’t know what will. Our entire Congress bowing to a foreign leader like gutless cowards. It’s beyond anyone’s wildest dreams the amount of cowardice these people (our so called elected leaders looking out for our welfare) portrayed and it went into the annals of history forever, no way to change it now. These are not my people folks, these are aliens, fools, traitors, backstabbers… and ghetto trashmen. There is no name for these people other than “dead men walking” in my opinion.
Some fat two-bit ugly name changing thug named Mileikowski comes to town from a place he was given by us and he is telling our elected leaders what America is or should be. He insulted our President whether he be Black, Mongolian, whatever and nobody cares because if they did this President would never have been even known let alone running for the leader of the free world.
Because we don’t unite against Jews they unite against us, very simple mathematics. They unite against us with everyone and we get put on the defensive while saying and doing nothing. They blamed slavery on us, started wars against ourselves, bring drugs into our kids and on and on and on and you are flatlining.We let traitors like OReilly, Hannity, Limbaugh do our talking for us when they are blackmailed and or pocketed by ghetto rag peddling Jews. My God My God when are you going to start standing up to this trash? If we don’t have our media we can’t consolidate so we have to take back our media first and then tell it like it is and make it hurt. Its time to get offensive with the truth. Too much time has passed being nice to people who have destroyed this world.
There has always been a simple solution to this and I mean simple. Bind together against it and route it out of our midst. That is the only way. If someone tells you it isn’t the Jews or you are being hateful to Jews tell them to go to hell. You have taken more than anyone should have to take already and for what? Because some group of lying ghetto thieves could take over your media and money? Forget the money because it’s not going to save you having money, money is Jew paper that we all need to start burning and start caring for our kids and our own people. To hell with the Jews. Its time to start rolling some heads, traitors and all. If you want to be a millionaire or billionaire you can go dream with the Jews in the ghetto. In the real world we work honestly for a living. Its time to trash this Jewish money and Jews along with it. If you are looking for reasons to do nothing there are millions, but if you are looking for the way to stop this mad dog, there is only one, take away its bone and kick it in the ass until it never wants to see you again. You can try to ask it to stop, beg it to stop, but I’m here to tell you it wont stop. Jews took us into this hell hole we are in and now Whites are sitting on their duffs thinking Jews are going to lead us back out. They will dig latrines rather than tell the truth about Jews. The movies has nothing on real life.
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