Kill the Irishman

Can you imagine the outrage if the title of this movie was “Kill the Jew”? I didn’t even think twice about this movie when I first saw the title and thought it was like a “Kill Bill” movie or something, not offended at all, but maybe I should be. I’m not offended that someone may want to kill an Irishman, but I am far from being offended if someone wants to kill a Jew. Oops I said something bewwy bewwy bad. I will whip myself with pine tree branches later this evening. Just to see the two different worlds we live in is pathetic to me. To think we are controlled on what we should and should not say about Jews makes my blood curdle.
Not only was the focus of this movie on the Irish, but Italians, Jews were all over it as usual sort of like background music. Why are Jews always involved in organized crime, but never focused on as the hoodlums they are? Only God knows how many crypto Jews were inside the Irish and Italian groups causing havoc. Art Sneperger of the Greene gang doesn’t sound Irish and the Italians were run by the Gambino family. If Carlo wasn’t a hooknose I don’t know who is.
This movie did mention a Jew named Burns played by Christopher Walken who put a hit on Greene (the Irishman) because he wouldn’t pay back money he never received. Jews will try anything. They say Greene read much about Celtic history so he must have known the Celts were also Germans. The movie had to have been done by Jews because they had Greene making rude comments to a Scotsman who any Celtic historian will find that Scots and Irish are the same people too (it’s all smoke and mirrors). I am willing to bet there is much this writer failed to include, one of them being that Greene was an ex Marine and not just some two-bit gangster like these crypto Jews. Greene knew to react the same way in his own town against the enemy as he would for America as a whole abroad.
The choice we all have to make is do we go down like the Poles at Katyn praying and blasted with two slugs in the backs of our heads or do we start taking on the criminals head on? Greene believed he had God on his side and never backed down. Could you imagine if we had a Greene in every town in America today? The choice is do we give in to the Jew criminal crime racket or do we say “enough is enough” and give Jews something to fear? Frankly I’m tired fearing the Jew as a group and tired of all their corruption that will never be punished by law because they control the law too. The law is going to come from the White folk on the streets now and we all know that is the truth whether we accept it or not. Not until you show how serious you are will things stop and not a day sooner. Until then Jews will be doing what they always do to our friends, neighbors, women and children. Its going to ultimately end up in your hands. When it’s all over I want to see the movie “Kill the Jew” and think nothing of it.
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  1. Cannibal Rabbi says:


  2. GTRman says:

    I saw it . As I always now pay close attention to the credits , I remember thinking that it was less kosher than a lot of these movies . Closer inspection shows I was wrong , and as usual many of the folks with the clout and the cash were Tribesmen :

    Produced by
    Al Corley …. producer
    Jonathan Dana …. executive producer
    John Leonetti …. co-producer
    Peter Miller …. executive producer
    Eugene Musso …. producer
    Kim Olsen …. co-producer
    George Perez …. co-producer
    Rick Porrello …. executive producer
    Tom Reid Jr. …. co-producer
    Tara Reid …. executive producer
    Tommy Reid …. producer
    Bart Rosenblatt …. producer
    Jeff Spilman …. co-producer
    Jeff Stern …. co-producer

    Production Management
    Naida Albright …. post-production supervisor
    Eric Bergez …. post-production supervisor
    Michael D. Jones …. production supervisor
    Bart Rosenblatt …. production manager

    I notice that the book was called “TO Kill The Irishman”. I wonder who made the decision to drop that one word. Not a terrible film , but seemed like it was made for TV and the wigs were kind of cheap. Still , at least it wasnt celebrating the life of a jew , or a jew- hero , or a jew- patsy like so many films now :

    Milk ( gay jew Harvey)
    (see also many ,many biopics of homos / lesbians ie Frida Kahlo / Truman Capote etc
    Einstein ( discredited plagarising “genius” jew Albert )
    Gainsbourg ( French pervert jew Serge )
    Howl ( queer NAMBLA supporter jew Anal Ginsberg ) ,
    Casino Jack ( jew crook Abramoff )
    Social Network ( creepy thieving nerd jew Zuckerberg )
    Genius Within -The Inner Life of Glenn Gould ( piano jew )
    Shattered Glass ( lying fraud jew journalist -played by a non-jew , of course )
    Hangover 1 and 2 ( obnoxious , gross , unfunny jews in Vegas : fiction , naturally )
    Creation ( jew-hero Darwin )
    Invictus ( jew-hero Mandella )
    Manson ( jew-boogeyman / patsy )
    Yoo-Hoo, Mrs. Goldberg (radio jew Gertrude Berg )
    The Courageous Heart of Irena Sendler
    (The story of Irena Sendler, a social worker who was part of the Polish underground during World War II and was arrested by the Nazi’s for saving the lives of nearly 2,500 Jewish children by smuggling them out of the Warsaw ghetto..)
    Che ( 1 and 2 ) and also “Motorcycle Diaries” : ( jew-hero and t-shirt icon )
    Prayers for Bobby
    ( Mary Griffith, gay rights crusader, whose teenage son committed suicide due to her religious intolerance. Based on the book of the same title by Leroy Aarons..)
    Nixon ( jew boogeyman )
    Lord of War ( weapons dealing jew )
    Im Not There ( bizarre Zimmerman worship )
    Kinsey ( pervert jew-hero )
    The Pianist ( piano jew )
    Steal This Movie ( scumbag jew agitator Abbie Hoffman )
    Anne Frank -The Whole Story ( I doubt it )
    Esther ( jew bitch)
    Hey Hey Its Esther Blueberger ( jewbey jewbey jew jew )
    A Serious Man ( jewbey jewbey jew jew )
    Greenberg ( jewbey jewbey jew jew )
    Bart Got A Room ( jewbey jewbey jew jew )
    For Your Consideration ( jewbey jewbey jew jew )
    Dinner For Schmucks ( jewbey jewbey jew jew )
    Man On The Moon (unfunny jew Andy Kaufman )
    etc etc enuff already…

    • melgibstein says:

      Produced by
      Al Corley …. producer
      Jonathan Dana …. executive producer
      John Leonetti …. co-producer
      Peter Miller …. executive producer
      Eugene Musso …. producer
      Kim Olsen …. co-producer
      George Perez …. co-producer
      Rick Porrello …. executive producer
      Tom Reid Jr. …. co-producer
      Tara Reid …. executive producer
      Tommy Reid …. producer
      Bart Rosenblatt …. producer
      Jeff Spilman …. co-producer
      Jeff Stern …. co-producer

      Production Management
      Naida Albright …. post-production supervisor
      Eric Bergez …. post-production supervisor
      Michael D. Jones …. production supervisor
      Bart Rosenblatt …. production manager

      ~Heavily Irish favored. Porello or something like that was the writer. It sounds a bit like that Sephardic Rabbi’s name who snatched those Haitian kids during the earthquake (never pass up a good crisis Jews always say). Puello I think his name was. I have learned to look at German, Italian, all around European names and general names in general as just a jungle of hiding places for predatory jews. If you ask them they generally lie anyway so you have to be hot or cold on names and people- there is no gray area.

    • GTRman says:

      …and now there’s a film about bloody murdering freak pervert Phil Spectre ! And who is playing him ? Al “Merchant of Venice ” Pacino.

      Coming soon : Daniel Day-Lewis ( jew ) as Pee-Wee Herman ( jew ) in
      ” My Left Hand “..

  3. GTRman says:

    Most Hollywood product now is nihilistic filth , with no hope or redemption. Ultra gory , bloody , skulls being smashed or blasted with bullets , body-fluids replace humour , and a pathetic obsession with comic characters . Ultra violent , prurient , juvenile .
    I saw a film called “Super” recently , that encapsulated all of this. Im pretty sure that only kids are dumb enough to go to the cinema now , and pay for this poison.

  4. GTRman says:

    Ayn Rand: In Her Own Words (2010) Description :

    The gripping story of the acclaimed author of “Atlas Shrugged” and “The Fountainhead” in her own words Revealing the surprising life story of one of the world’s most influential minds, this unprecedented film weaves together Ayn Rand’s own recollections and reflections, and draws upon never-before-seen or heard materials from the archives of the Ayn Rand Estate..

    American Radical: The Trials of Norman Finkelstein (2009) Description :
    About the life and work of controversial American Jewish academic Norman Finkelstein..

    Anvil! The Story of Anvil Description :
    At 14, best friends Robb Reiner and Steve Kudlow made a pact to rock together forever. Their band, Anvil, hailed as the “demi-gods of Canadian metal….

    Adam Resurrected Description :
    In the aftermath of WWII, a former circus entertainer who was spared from the gas chamber becomes the ringleader at an asylum for Holocaust survivors..

    Adam’s Wall Description :
    On his way to audition for music school, Adam a Jewish teen meets a Lebanese girl who is participating in a student protest. When the demonstration gets out of hand, they are thrown together in the rush to evacuate the school..

    A Mighty Heart Description :
    The film is based on Mariane Pearl’s account of the terrifying and unforgettable story of her husband, Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl’s life and death..

    Another Gay Movie Description :
    Four gay high school friends make a pact to lose their virginity before they go to college..

    BearCity (2010) Description :
    Set in New York’s gay “bear” scene and taking a cue from the popular HBO franchise “Sex and the City,” BearCity follows a tight-knit pack of friends experiencing comical mishaps, emotionally sweet yet lusty romantic encounters and a cast of colorful, diverse characters as they gear up for a big party weekend..

    Bloomington (2010) Description :
    Bloomington is a coming-of-age drama about a former child actress attending college in search of independence and who ends up becoming romantically involved with a female professor. Their relationship thrives until an opportunity to return to acting forces her to make life-altering decisions.

    Bob Funk Description :
    After he’s fired from his job — by his mother, no less — Bob Funk agrees to quit drinking, see a therapist, and eventually report to a new boss, who might just be the woman of his dreams..

    Im getting carried point is that many movies are now “in your face” jewy . Or remade with jews taking the lead , ie the remake of The Omen where Greg Peck is replaced by Liev Schrieber ( with a few more anti-christian jokes thrown in , like when Damien is panicking about going into the church and the father says “I dont blame ya” or similar )

    Another example is the recent Predator , with big-nosed Superjew Adrien Brody :

  5. GTRman says:

    Well , I wrote a lengthy review of Predators , but cant find it . Basically its a great example of current movie tropes : Fearless jewy-looking jew hero kicks arse and saves the day , assisted by ball-busting ethnic-looking female ( an IDF soldier no less )

    Also features the usual parade of ethnic /national cliches : expendable black men , karate-kicking oriental , meat-head Russian and of course , any white men are sneaky cowards , rapists and / or psychos .

    • melgibstein says:

      Adrien Brody? He could dig a foxhole with that nose. Jews must have a good reason for including him in this one, but then again they had that schmarta Scvarzenegger and Jesse Janowicz Ventura in the last one. He’s the SEAL (Sea Earth Land and Luby’s restaraunt) who never dare speaks of the USS Liberty.

  6. GTRman says:

    Some old movie spoofs I wrote , here for your amusement :

    “Hairy Pulitzer and the Raiders of the Twin Towers of Rosemary’s Babies’ Close Encounters with Shindler’s Ring and his Inglorius Spinal Fokker’s Day Off ” ( Part 5 ) – ” The Clittorator”

    Synopsis: A very wise / or kind / or spiritual / or trustworthy / or computer literate / or “sassy” / or “street” BLACK character ,
    ( Maybe a wise-cracking sassy rapper played by Larry Fishburne / Morgan Freeman / Wesley Snipes / Eddie Murphy / Martin Lawrence / Dave Chappelle , Vring Rhames ,
    Fiddy Pence , Snoop Diddely Doo , Diddy ” Coombwe” West , Flava -Flav etc ) …..

    …meets a / racist / homophobic / misanthropic / misogynistic / dumb / overweight / bumbling / unaware/ foolish / nationalistic / criminal /incestuous /anti-semitic /cowardly / double-crossing / psychotic / WHITE character…

    …………..needless to say , a swarthy little nerdy guy ( Zac? Josh? Aaron? Seth ? Aaron?) wins the day , AND the Blonde Goyim dame , with his self-deprecating humour and his , shucks , plain ole’ trustworthiness.

    Out Now , “Generic Movie” , forever and ever !

  7. GTRman says:

    Capsule review of “Paul”

    Aliens are COOL. Christians are STOOPID. Swearing is COOL. Aliens smoke weed and “get down” to Marvin Gaye. Swearing is FUNNY. Christians are NOT. Aliens are bi-sexual and are HUNG. Christians are sexless and repressed. Fucking is COOL. Swearing is COMEDY. Darwin’s a GOD. There is no GOD, stoopid. Aliens are jews , jews are COOL. Seth Rogen’s a GOD. There is no GOD, stoopid. Swearing is titty-fuckin-ass-bashingly , ball -suckingly, spunk-splashingly ,mother-flippin HILARIOUS ! Aliens are cool.There is no GOD ! I

    White Americans are all : Hostile violent rednecks / Fanatical stoopid bible-thumpers / Uptight officials / bumbling beaurocrats.

    (The “cool” alien is played by “cool” Seth Rogen….)

    A good example of what happens to once funny Englishmen who get lured to Hollywood and have their work pushed through the jew-grinder.
    I watched it to the end just to see the credits , I couldn’t believe that Pegg and Frost wrote this. They did , but it stinks of “studio interference”

    Another example of kids entertainment passed off as adult fodder , simply through non-stop and usually unnecessary swearing and sexual/scat references : which has never been Pegg and Frost’s style.

    The movie cost $ 50 million….and children die of thirst.

  8. GTRman says:


    I sat through a Steven Segal film in the early hours of one morning, during a sleepless night at work ( night careworker )

    It was called “Kill Switch”.
    ( almost all his movies have the words “death” or “kill” in the title )
    It’s one of his more recent efforts , and the only one Ive seen in full.
    Usual themes ; WHITE – psycho- sex-pest- killer/killers hunted by tough
    ( but bookish ) perma-frown cop-who-dont-play-by-rules-but-gets-results , assisted by wise, philosophical BLACK partner-who-sticks -by -him-no-matter-what .
    Clues and codes left meticulously by psycho-killer are cracked in a “reading and thinking ” montage by Perma-Frown.

    As far as I know, Segal was never much of a martial artist. He’s certainly also no actor. He has a scrumpled , inflated hollywood face like Shatner , the chisel of youth long since replaced by the lump-hammer of late middle age .
    His nylon hair is shoe-polish black .
    AND HE HAS STUNTMEN performing every move more taxing than an eyebrow lift ; no kidding , all he has to do is stand and wiggle his arms around, the edit suite then creates a blur of “action” BUT ITS BLATANTLY NOT HIM DOING IT ! The stuntmans shoe-polish wig is WAY more convincing. One of the best worst fims Ive ever seen.
    Recommended Masochistic / Ironic viewing.

    Conclusion : A fight-film actor that can neither fight or act.

    HOW CAN THIS BE? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ( Although we all know he cant be a jew cos he’s a reincarnated buddist monk, n’ that. ) Yeah…………..he’s all “peace and quiet” :

  9. GTRman says:

    To have studied , read , watched , researched ‘jewish supremacism’ and perfidy
    (mass murder, theft , corruption , porn and worse, for several years, reading perhaps more than any PhD student would for a thesis), and still have folks who know NOTHING about this subject constantly dismiss your “‘anti-semitism / jew-hate” offhand is INCREDIBLY frustrating , to say the least.

    “Duh?……where? ….gosh , you do talk about jews a lot…..let it go…you’re obsessed…lets all just relax and watch a movie……..this one’s great , it’s called
    “Meet the Kuntz”, it’s the sequel to “Dude , Where’s Mike Hunt?” and its got all my favourite actors in it — Seth Rogen, Dustin Hoffman, Billy Crystal, Bette Midler, Jesse Eisenberg , Adrien Brody, Rob Schneider, Ben Stiller, Adam Sandler, Larry David (as a hilarious loveable pedophile!), Liev Schrieber, everyone from the “American Pie” team, Sarah Silverman, David Schwimmer, Ethel Merman , and many more, in amusing self-aware bit-parts (even Ricky Gervais has a cameo as a similar character to the character in “The Office”. And “Extras “. And “The Invention of Lying” ….
    It’s directed brilliantly by Woody Allen, who ( my grandaughter assures me) hasn’t lost his touch , and the music is by the always fantastic Danny Elfman. (Has all those Elfman trademarks, you know, seems really familiar, even on a first listen.) It’s a new twist on the classic “road-trip” movie; about an extended
    ( jewish ? not sure… ) family from L.A. (the Kuntz) driving a convoy of Winnebagos across the States to get to New York in time for young cousin Arri Kuntz’ briss, after all internal flights have been grounded by the T.S.A. because of something-to-do-with-Arab-Terrorists. That’s ARAB terrorists , folks .

    As you can imagine, hilarity ensues, as they encounter ordinary Americans: white folks , Christians , mechanics , farm workers , etc , and mock them and their ways. There are a few “gross-out ” gags (no doubt the influence of the ‘American Pie’ team , there!), not wanting to give too much away here, but in one UNFORGETTABLE scene, Herschel Kuntz (Billy Crystal) has got gastro-enteritis, but the on-board toilet is not working ! Meanwhile, Aunt Ruthie (Midler) has prepared a bowlful of hot chocolate sauce for that nights Purim, but the dog (who also has gastroenteritis, irratable anal-glands, worms and is priapic) manages to stumble across young Zak (Eissenberg) masturbating blindfolded to a video on his phone of Rachel Wiess dancing naked to a Randy Newman song…. ( like I said, I don’t want to spoil the gag ). Anyway, it’s REALLY funny , and look out for Martin Lawrence dressed as a white girl making out with Eddie Murphy as a Mexican paraplegic.
    AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FIFTEEN STARS OUT OF TEN!!!

    You think I’m making this shit up? Only slightly :

    • melgibstein says:

      Only jews can play jews in the movies. They have that corner pegged. It would be antisemitic for one of us to act like a jew (and embarrassing). There may even be a hate crime law against it. You wont see Clint or Mel or Bruce Willis etc. fighting for a role to expose the Jew mafia or Jew organ harvesting or Jew drugs, Jew spies, Jew bankers or………………………………………………………………………………..never ending list unless they can make Jews look good. Everyone else is fair game.

      • GTRman says:

        Pretty much what Brando said , ie , you’ll see every stereotype in Hollywood movies except the kike .

      • melgibstein says:

        And then what does Brando do? A Jew movie with Coppalla (Koppel) and James Caan as one of the sons. Brandeis is a Jew himself, a big fat one.

  10. GTRman says:

    Daniel Radcliffe is to play Tupac Shakur playing Jesus Christ as Santa Claus in a new comedy collaboration by the Cohen bros , the Wachawski bros , the Farrelly bros , and the Goss bros from Bros , set to be next “Wintervals” smash. It is a vampire / werewolf /zombie rom-com torture porn end-of-the-world alien biopic which also features Rob Lowe as Eli Roth , Sandra Bernhart as Peaches Geldof , and Goldie Hawn as Whoopie Goldberg.

    As yet untitled.

    Micheal Cera , Jesse Eisenberg , and Simon Amstell are to play identical triplets in an as yet uncommisioned Hollywood blockbuster. Norman Finkelstein is rumoured to play their identical father.

    Cera :,23756,24283,24878,27400&xhr=t&q=michael+cera&cp=9&um=1&ie=UTF-8&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi&biw=1280&bih=675

    Eissenberg :

    Amstell :


    SPOOKY !!!!!!!

  11. GTRman says:

    The second part of this film has apparently been denied release . Note : Director is probably gay (He has written and directed such films as Gay in Amsterdam )

    In the movie the ‘Bad’ man is a German and the ‘Good’ Detectives are apparently jewish ( at least the actors are )

    This filth has been ‘justified’ by tenuous “Nazi” links . Poor old Mengele :

    “Six has also stated that inspiration for the film came from Nazi medical experiments carried out during World War II, such as the actions of Josef Mengele at Auschwitz concentration camp.

    When approaching investors prior to filming, Six did not mention the mouth-to-anus aspect of the plot, fearing it would put off potential backers. ”

    “Six has stated that The Human Centipede is to an extent a reflection on fascism. Dieter Laser, who played the antagonist Dr. Heiter, said during the promotion of the film that he felt the guilt of Nazi actions during the war had haunted ordinary Germans for generations, and that as a German whose father participated in the war, he often felt “like a child whose father is in jail for murder”. The inclusion of a German villain came from this, with Six citing both the German invasion of the Netherlands during World War II and the Nazi medical experiments as inspiration. Dr. Heiter’s name was an amalgamation of several Nazi war criminals, his surname a combination of the names of Nazi doctors Fetter and Richter, and his first name coming from Josef Mengele, who carried out experiments on prisoners at Auschwitz concentration camp. World War II also played an influence on the nationality of the other main characters (American and Japanese), and Six placed a Japanese male at the front of the centipede for two reasons: firstly to create a language barrier between the doctor and the centipede. Throughout the film the characters (with the exception of Heiter who speaks to the centipede in English) speak in their native languages only (subtitled for the viewer into English where necessary). Katsuro, as the front part of the centipede can only speak Japanese and therefore cannot speak with either the doctor or Jenny and Lindsay. ”

    Bullshit , poison and filth . Welcome to jew world .

  12. Barney says:

    The dilemma with the lying jews reminds me of the children’s story of the twin brothers, one of whom never lied, and the other never told the truth. Knowing this, a lost traveller asked each of them “which way would your brother tell me to go?” They both gave the same answer, so the traveller knew to go the other way (think about it – it does make sense).

    Perhaps we could come up with a similar strategy for the jew. The Kol Nidre tells us they ALWAYS lie, so we’re half-way there already. All we need is the right question.

    GTRman, you mention the excessive use of words like “kill”. Are you aware that there is a car with that name? The inverted V that we’re supposed to read as if it were an A is actually the Greek letter “Lambda”, equivalent to out “L”, so the car maker we’re supposed to think of as “KIA” is actually Kappa Ipsilon Lambda, or K-I-L (I think Ipsilon is right. It’s definitely the same as our “I” anyway). I wonder when they’ll get round to adding the final L (or Lambda), just in case anyone doesn’t understand why a car of all things would be named KILL.

    I get that “you do talk about jews a lot…..let it go…you’re obsessed” crap too, almost word for word. Some sheeple just don’t want to know, even when knowing could save their lives.

    I pass through your home territory every weekend GTRman, and I believe Jo Jackson is in “**** actually” (I’m sure you’ll understand that). Perhaps one day we could all meet up for a quick one, but it will have to be near a train station because I use a mobility scooter (not allowed on the buses) and can only walk a short distance.

    Sorry Mel. Hope you don’t mind me conducting my social life on your site. I’ve been reading here for some time, but hadn’t noticed the comments before.

  13. melgibstein says:

    If you think a Jew is telling you the truth for the sake of telling the truth the hammer will drop on you. Jews tell the truth for 2 reasons only

    1. for money
    2. to set you up for the lie they have set for you like a hang snare.

  14. Edward says:

    What the hell are you all talking about? God damn it!!! You people have some absolutely putrefied minds? Why do you hate Jews so much? Coz’ you feel like they own you and control businesses and banks and are wealthy….hell yes…if you don’t have enough brains!!!

  15. Barney says:

    Go back to reading your talmud, Edward, or if you’re just a dupe who doesn’t know what the talmud is, go to and see for yourself. Failing that, try Google.

    (hope you don’t mind me engaging the troll, Mel)

  16. brian boru says:

    You’ve described that vile, parasitic life-form down to a T, GTRman.

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