Memorial Day

Memorial Day is not a day I want to remember anymore. What I see is Whites fighting against other Whites who can’t even muster up enough people together against our eternal enemy the Jews who got us fighting each other in all these wars. Anyone who looks into true history can see Jews have manipulated us into killing ourselves because of one reason “we trusted them”. Now it’s Whites killing Arabs after Jews bombed the World Trade Center and pinned it on them exactly like they pinned slavery on Whites.
Think of the Civil War alone before, during and after. Jews always get on both sides of an issue and start a fight they profit off or benefit from. It’s no fluke that Jews were the treasurers on both sides of the Civil War. Was it because Jews were good with money? You might want to take a look around today and rethink that. I remember seeing the movie “Gotti” and one of the goons kept saying “ya gotta getta Jewish doctah because they’re the best”. Who the hell needs a Jewish doctor with Dr. Shipmans out there? Who needs Jews in control of our money knowing what Jews have done today and in past history? Jews were the slave owners and pinned it on us White folks and we pretend nothing happened and continue to trust them in the name of “intelligence” or God only knows why. Not only did they pin slavery on us, but they pin drug smuggling cartels on others constantly when it is them as well. They made it out to look like the Federal Reserve was part of our US government and its a Jewish racket. They control the media and idiot Whites are hypnotized to this satanic boob tube and have made it part of their every day lives of facts and information. They don’t make a move without first consulting with the Jewish owned lying talking heads on Fox News etc.
Jews have done movies portraying Whites as the slave ship owners and sellers with no mention of Jews whatsoever. Alex Haley, a black man happily left out all Jews involved in slavery. All of the movies about wars and Jews are never included. This is fairy tale land folks.
We now know that the Vietnam war was staged and we know drugs were being shipped back to the USA in our dead brothers coffins. Politicians like John Kerry who claimed to be Irish when he is a Jew capitalized on the war as if he was acting as one of us. The destruction this war and entire era devastated us not only abroad, but at home with the drugs that our good friends, the Jews hauled in to give us a double blasted attack.
W.W.II was staged by our Jewish friends all over the globe and people should see the devastation Jews are willing to carry out to achieve their goals. It’s now official that Lenin was indeed a Jew (as if we didn’t already know), but never do we hear these things in real-time so we can act against it. You would think by now we would understand it, by now it would be second nature to know it, but most of us have been programmed to go along with the lies they created and fear being called a hater for telling the truth and pointing our fingers directly at the liars.
You have to wonder what Jews really think about Memorial Day. WWII alone must have them laughing at us because many of us still believe 6 million Jews were gassed and never is there a mention of the over 100 million Christians that died because of Jew Communism and Jew monopoly throughout Europe (not to mention 9 million Germans and slaughtered Polish Catholics at Katyn). You go off to war to kill people you never met or know and you cower to the people you do know right here in fear of being called a name and or actually having to stand alone and defend the truth. What kind of man is that? When someone learns he has been lied to there is supposed to be a reaction, but you are strapped into the next subject on the Hannity show like some kind of vegetable on a gurney.
If you go off to fight in the Jew wars you will gain notoriety, some stories to tell, but the truth is you were suckered by Christ’s enemies into killing strangers or worse, your own brothers and sisters. There is no excuse for being ignorant because you were told what to do. Most people didn’t know this and are undoubtedly honorable people in the past, but now there is no excuse. Now we have had our reputations dragged through the mud fighting several wars for Jews. Our politicians treat foreign leaders like a king (Netanyahu) with 25 standing ovations. Because politicians and the media are controlled by Jews you sit back and let it all happen like you were inside a movie theater watching Clint Eaststein or some other lying actor you idolize. You then wonder why our country is the way it is. To think we have joined forces with Christ’s only enemies is enough to destroy any barbecue on any day for me. People always love to say “Why does God allow this to happen?”. Maybe it’s you that is allowing it. I don’t think God would coerce you into starting a war against people who have done nothing to you, but eventually as always you will figure it out up close and personal and know you have only one thing left to do… exactly what you were told.
If we would have only followed one phrase as we were directed we wouldn’t be in this mess. “Seek the truth” means to never accept anything for granted. Why would this phrase be so important if there were not liars on this earth? Who would these liars be and who would they be lying to? Its going to have to come down to who you are and who they are. Someone from Italy isn’t always White, people from England aren’t always White, Jews live in both places. A land mass isn’t a people and a people aren’t divided by land. Its time to drop saying I am Irish or I am English or German etc. We Whites are all the same people and we are all equally being attacked by Jews who have monopolized all over us like termites for millenia. We better unify and route this enemy out because they are indeed the enemy of not only us, but all peoples.
Whenever I see Netanyahu he is saying “Hamas must recognize us as the Jewish state”. This is coming from a Mongolian out of Khazaria who has no relations to Judah whatsoever and Christians can’t see the hypocrisy of all this. Calling Bibi Mileikowski a Jew is like calling an Aborigine from Australia a Chinaman. The truth is they don’t want to be called the Jewish state because people will then start asking these Mongoloids how they can possibly claim to be of Judah. Every Jew subject that comes up is exactly how Jesus described them, they are total and complete hypocrites and anyone who trusts them is a fool. That has become a clear and present truth we with brains must know to be absolute.
The memory we should give our kids is the memory of how we routed out this demon out of our societies once and for all. That is the war to end all wars and I will happily wave a flag with honor to that for this country and 99% of all the other countries in the world who would  benefit as well.
1. When you say it’s the Jews people immediately try to get you to put on the brakes. “No no no you’re supposed to say Zionists” that’s what we say around here. We don’t want to offend ALL the Jews. It just happens that JEWS were kicked out of about 120 European city states before the word Zionist was even used in the context it is today. But we mustn’t offend Abe Foxman or he will come down on us like a ton of bricks. What this means is you will abide by their laws and not allow people freedom of speech.
2. If someone says that we must use force against Jews to make them leave or kick them out of office by running them out on a rail someone will immediately say “we mustn’t say what we feel or the ADL will shut us down”. You can say whatever you want about Muslims, Arabs, Catholic priests, Europeans, but saying you want Jews expelled or physically kicked out of office is somehow stepping into “the zone”. This is all the more reason to boot Jews out because of this monopoly they have on our way of thinking. If I want to say someone needs to be kicked out by God I should be free to. All the while our country is responsible for going to war in Iraq and Afghanistan for Jew lies alone murdering and slandering our names.
No matter where you go someone will claim you are an ADL guy for saying we must kick Jews out physically. If this mindset doesn’t end we are all defeated. If you have something on your mind say it and don’t say what you aren’t willing to do. I am willing to do it, but unfortunately I need your help. If you can’t even talk about something you are a slave and they already have you right where they want you. I’ve heard all the BS stories and they are just that. Its going to come down to conviction to the truth and honor to your country that stands for truth or you will lose it like you have. Nothing else is going to work as 120 countries already figured out.
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One Response to Memorial Day

  1. JamesTheJust says:

    Our forefathers have probably expelled the jews more times than even history records and look where it has gotten us. We are now more enslaved to the jew since the time the edomite jews took over Judea during the time of our Christ.

    Expulsion is simply a wrong-headed move. They must be completely destroyed. This is what any sane doctor would advocate when talking about a disease. This is what must be done to the jew or we condemn our race to perpetual war.

    Death to the jew! Every man THING woman THING and child THING must die! Then and ONLY then, will our people be truly free.

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