Midnight Express




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  1. Mel says:


    Two Vancouver airport security screeners have been arrested after allegedly conspiring with a third man to smuggle drugs out of the country.

    According to a RCMP Thursday press release, the plot was uncovered after a U.S.-bound passenger was stopped May 9 in the post-security section of the departure gates.

    Canadian Border Services Agency officers questioned the man and found 14.77 kilograms of ecstasy in his backpack.

    An investigation by Mounties led to the May 20 arrest of the two security screeners, alleged to have been involved in the smuggling attempt.

    Gurvinder Singh Pahl, 24, of Richmond and Ajitpal Singh Judge, 31, of Surrey each face drug trafficking charges, plus a charge of breach of trust. Pahl also faces a probation violation charge. The two, who appeared in Richmond Provincial Court Tuesday, are out on bail until their next court appearance, June 15.

    The alleged drug courier, 20-year-old Dylan Scott Green of Vancouver, also faces drug trafficking charges.

    The charges were made public on the same day nearly 100 laid-off security screeners rallied to say the cuts have put airport security at risk.

    Mathieu Larocque of the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority said the job cuts were not related to the alleged drug smuggling plot and airport security was not at risk.

    “We have to work within our budget, so adjustments are being made in various airports, including in Vancouver,” he said.

    “But in terms of security, there are absolutely no changes in the level of security we offer passengers and the procedures in place at airports.”

    * All this talk about the TSA and the TSA is nothing but another jew run operation making it look as if they are screening everyone. All the jews are complaining about the TSA, but the TSA is another BS operation to allow G_ds chosen get through with their drugs. I dont care what kind of machine they use, it comes down to the people who operate them and enforce the laws inside the airports. All jews have to do is hire people to do their bidding as they hire Guatamalens in their kosher meatpacking plants or Indians in their hotels and 7/11 stores. Its all corrupt to the bone. Every time you see these ecstasy busts the jews are right there. Dylan Green isnt an Indian, but Indians we know do anything for jews.

  2. GTRman says:

    5 Israelis arrested in drug mule case

    Suspects allegedly ordered cocaine found in stomach of Peruvian woman who arrived at Ben Gurion Airport. Another Peruvian found dead on same flight, evidently from burst drug pellets

    Five Israelis were arrested Saturday on suspicion of ordering a cocaine delivery that was discovered in the stomach of a Peruvian citizen who was apprehended on Friday at the Ben Gurion Airport.

    Another Peruvian citizen was found dead on the same flight, evidently killed when drug pellets burst in his stomach. Police are investigating whether the two cases are linked.

    Since her arrest on Friday afternoon, the Peruvian woman discharged about half a kilogram (1 lb) of cocaine that was hidden in plastic pellets in her body.

    International Crime Investigation Unit detectives, lead by Brigadier-General Haim Ifargan, discovered that a large crime family from central Israel is behind the drug order.

    Intelligence information obtained ahead of the flight’s arrival showed that the drug mule was to attempt to contact the crime family upon landing in order to transfer the cocaine.

    Investigators raided the crime family’s residence early on Saturday morning, arresting five people. Police intend to motion the Rishon Letzion Magistrate’s Court to extend their remand on Saturday night.

    Passengers on the El Al flight that arrived from Brazil on Friday witnessed part of the drama unfolding; some said that the Peruvian man turned to the flight crew saying that he felt ill.

    He vomited in the bathroom and was lead by the stewards into the kitchen, where he received first aid from a medic and a doctor who were on the flight. At one point he went into seizure; the crew attempted to revive him but to no avail. He was pronounced dead.

    Police later estimated that the man was poisoned, which made them suspect that he might have been smuggling drugs as well.

  3. melgibstein says:

    The jew was just trying to make some money to marry the girl of his dreams (the yenta next door) and got a little sidetracked. Luckily he had some dough stashed for a good jew lawyer and went to work exposing other jews like the “Catch Me If You Can” character. Jews are so helpful catching other Jews they never have to do any hard time. We are blessed to have Jews.
    This TSA BS is another hoax. I dont care what kind of machines they have, it is run by Jews and machines dont arrest drug smuggling Jews, people do. The whole point many will miss in this Holy Roller movie is is that they had fellow Jews working the airport security just like 9/11. They knew which lines to go on and which planes to catch. Sometimes they cant buy people and catching a few jews in orthodox garb and it should start a security alert in every airport for Jews, but it doesnt because we back down knowing full well they are murderers. Its like the movie In the Name of the Father when the so called Irish spits lighter fluid in the guards face. The Jews of the IRA have no problem sending out a thug to whack your dog and your 2 year old daughter. Instead of going after these people like the monsters they are we back off and take more and more of it every day.

  4. melgibstein says:

    Since Robert DeNiro, the crypto is in the news “acting” as usual I thought we would revisit him as a Rabbi in the Jew drug trafficking movie “Holy Rollers”

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