Chicken Run

Down below!

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2 Responses to Chicken Run

  1. JamesTheJust says:

    A job I had many years ago took me to a “kosher” chicken slaughter plant in Pennsylvania. I cannot describe how satanic the jew is. First the room was lighted with red lights and looked like something out of a jew horror flick. I did not actually witness the slaughter because the plant was closed that day, but I had a NON-jew friend describing the process to me.

    The demon jews actually take great delight in torturing those poor creatures to death. A quick death is not something that the jew likes. Inflicting as much pain as possible is their particular specialty.

    To call a jew a human is a lie. They are not human! Should the day come to destroy all jews, I hope YAH sees fit to have me participate – although I doubt I will take my time. The quicker the better so as to rid the earth of those vile and nasty creatures.

    It is no secret to anyone who has studied the jew that they have sex with animals too. It is no wonder to me then that YAH commanded our White forefathers to kill all the jews (a.k.a. Kenites/Canaanites) including their animals. No sane Saxon would ever want to take a jews animals as a spoil of war. No telling the sexually transmitted diseases that they carry. You wouldn’t want to eat that now would you?

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