They’re Still Here!

 Tangina: It lies to her. It tells her things only a child can understand. It’s been using her to restrain the others. To her, it simply is another child. To us, it is The Beast.
I’m never going to make it in the writing business, but then again I’m not in the writing business for money or fame. All I want to do is what was done for me on the Internet years ago and that is have one person figure out that he is not alone in search of the truth. I forget what fact it was I was looking for to see if I was the only one on the planet that was on to the Jews, but I found there were others like a Planet of the Apes movie or something. Its looking like a lot of people have woken up to the Jews, but they are not graduating into what to do about it. Even most of the radio hosts who have been on for years aren’t spreading the truth. They seem to set their webs and sit there waiting for people to come to them. I don’t know anyone who spreads the truth by sitting on their duff’s and talking to themselves for hours in hopes to attract large quantities of people. These folks not only want you to run to them, but they want you to send them your money too. Why do you never hear these people on C-Span or broadsiding local radio hosts with truth? How can you spread truth waiting for people to come to you? You have to go to them. Its called offense.
The people I listen to are people who don’t turn down a challenge and that are open to accepting the fact that they were duped on something because God knows we have all been duped beyond belief on many things. Many so-called truthers deny everything because they don’t know where the dupe started or where it ends and you have to wonder what it is they believe (then it gets ugly). They think Christians are idiots and have also invented nothing without Jews duping them into it even though if you ask them about Christianity you find they are entirely clueless of it. They will tell you they have read the Bible 10 times and still don’t know what the word “gentile” means or what the word “Jew” means (its like having dog food for dinner and told it’s chicken). You would think just knowing how these two words were used to mislead they would dig into these facts and see how much they have read entirely out of context, but they deliberately do not for a variety of reasons, some deliberately. It’s the same pattern with Jews, they don’t create anything good and if they become part of something good its only to destroy it.
You have to wonder how good people can’t unite against bad people at any given time, but the bad people have learned to divide the good people. The bad people almost always have the microphones too and many of them always have a slight dividing point just to keep the good folks from rallying on something. You can’t rally on Christianity because of the age-old Catholic/Protestant rivalry, can’t unite on racial lines because the Arabs, Indians and Blacks cant join, cant unite on truth because the UFO/Bigfoot people feel left out and on and on and on. It’s all a big Jew scam to keep you from standing up and stopping this Jewish trash cold. One thing we all seem to unite on and that is “doing nothing”. Radio shows can easily be faked with callers and all. The local show where I live is like a Broadway play every day. There is no truth to it whatsoever. How can you call in and be outraged about something when people are talking about stop signs or some ridiculous issue? It’s all done by design and you have to change that. The truth needs to be spread or lies become the norm.
I am going to give you the truth right now, Jews run our media, not Americans, not Christians, not Whites, not Blacks or Arabs, but Jews. Can we agree on that? Our money is corrupt and its run by Jews who are leading us right into their next Ponzi scheme. Can we all agree its Jews? Wars are being ignited by the same people over and over and over again and guess who it is? This list goes on and you all know it. Talking about anything else today is just plain old TRAITOROUS! I don’t care what you are or what you believe. If you disagree with that you aren’t of truth or good will. The easiest reason why Jews are getting away with what they are is this, “you aren’t exposing them”. It’s as simple as that and sitting in your cobweb waiting for victims isn’t spreading the truth. You need to spread truth to stomp out evil where it lives.
There are some things you will never be able to explain to people such as life experiences. I have had many experiences that I’d love to share, but Hollywood owns your mind. I could tell you the truth, but you will never see it if you don’t seek it for yourself. When you get the truth you are supposed to spread it with the intentions of destroying the lies once and for all. Nobody can ever call you an anti-Semite with you right there telling the truth with the facts. When you say Jews control the media, have a list with you. You become smart as a serpent to do battle with it. What good is the truth if you don’t use it right in their dens?
A long time ago I was on a Hal Turner chat room and I told the chatroom I was going to be on the Bruce Williams show at a specific time (there were some good callers to his show at one time). Bruce always took my calls and had some great conversations with him I thought and no doubt he did as well. I used to say Bruce was a Jew and he denied it, but I still believe he is or was (either way he allowed me to call in numerous times and remembered every word I said previously to use it against me). His number was disconnected from my calling area years ago, but probably not by him. He wanted to nail me many a time, but he never did. When I told this chatroom Id be on the show there was a call to Bruce by a well known caller to Hal Turner (Von Bluvens or something). Von Bluvens started talking about the Palestinians and Israel and Bruce blew him out of the water (made him look completely foolish) because Von Bluvens had never set foot in Palestine or Israhell. I’m sure this was purposely done and Bruce tried the same routine on me too not knowing I was in Israhell and knew its geography quite well living on its border to Egypt for quite some time (longer than Bill O’Reilly visited his long list of European countries on a motorbike and tells everyone he’s been all over the world- this is the same big Catholic that never heard of Saint-Simon of Trent, but graduated Harvard Law School). You don’t have to be a college professor to know the truth, in fact most of them are working to give you everything but the truth. If I didn’t call in that night the truth would’ve taken a loss because I did to Bruce what he did to Von Bluvens. In other words some poor sod out there in radio land would’ve been blasted with lies and carried them around to infect someone else just like colleges do to our kids every day.
Why is it many of these talk show hosts want me to call back like it’s a chess game or something, but never invite me back? Why is it I can get through and you cannot? I don’t lie and I call for serious reasons that nobody can turn from that considers themselves human beings. Don’t tell me you can’t get through because if there is a phone and you have the number you can get through if you are smart as a serpent (a different kind of smart). Of course they wont invite you in because they aren’t in business to invite the truth, you have to go without an invitation. They are misleading your brothers and sisters and that is as bad as shooting them on a battlefield in the end.
The truth is in your spirit and if your spirit isn’t turning things upside down to get the truth than your spirit is weak and wont be ready for battle. If you are a Tommy type character you will never get to the truth. The Acid Queen isn’t going to make you seek the truth because it isn’t artificial, it comes from your soul. What benefits anyone seeking the truth except the source of it? It always comes down to the people of the truth and the people of the lie. The people in between are extras in a show. We all know Jews have taken over our airwaves with their filthy money and that’s reason enough for the rest of us to expose and remove them. If you aren’t going to do either one than they simply aren’t going to leave (kapish?). Everything else should be second on the laundry list. Instead you pretend it isn’t dirty at all. Until then you sit their like a catcher for the Jew propaganda baseball team.
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15 Responses to They’re Still Here!

  1. 正教会の智 says:

    Ike Turner was Jew.

    • melgibstein says:

      Kike Turner

      Everyone in Hollywood is a jew or related to one. Monica Bellucci who played Mary Magdelene in the Passion is married to a Jew too and a favorite of Aronofsky

      Vince Cassell

      B’Nai Britney

  2. melgibstein says:

    Alec Baldwin is mashuganah

  3. GTRman says:

    Steven Baldwin went on “Celebrity Big Brother ” in UK , playing the insane “born-again ” Christian. Made a total arse of himself , and further tainted Christians .

  4. melgibstein says:, Christians tattoo their bodies all the time. That lower lip never lies.

  5. melgibstein says:

    I obviously dont think Jesus was a Jew, but Mel and his hooked nosed Jesus is. The real Jesus did not have a hooked nose and the Jews of today have no relations with Jesus whether they be Ashkenazi, Sephardic, Ethiopian, whatever. Jesus came from the pure White race. You have to ask why Mary and Mary Magdelene didnt have hooked noses. In real life those two are Jewesses (Morgenstern and Bellucci). How can you have things so botched?

  6. Eddy says:

    I thought Mel Gibson was a Catholic.

  7. Eddy says:

    what makes you say that Gibson is a Jew ?

  8. melgibstein says:

    Sorry pal, Im not a Rabbi Metzger fan, he’s gotta go.

    • melgibstein says:

      Im not promoting Metzger who says your uniform is your skin color. Jews have the same skin color unfortunately. The last thing I want to promote is the old time jew kkk skinhead crowd (Frank Collin etc). I dont know who you are, but not promoting Metzger here. It doesnt mean everyone is a Jew, some are damned good at pretending not to be jews and some arent so good and overact as usual. All of these idiots can go back to whatever Fed Jew hole they came out of. Give me 20 minutes with Metzger and I’ll prove to you his wires are crossed up his arse. The guy does nothing for me. Change your avatar and you are welcome here.

      Dont take it personal pal. I dont trust the guy, thats my right.

  9. Ray Zerwitt says:

    That’s a whopper of a truth right there in one short sweet sentence. How DO you distinguish a white man from a white jew??? Learn to divide that or you WILL be fooled again. And again and again and again. The hour draweth late.

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