I’ve been hearing lately that porn is being filtered into Muslim countries like it is in America and its baloney. I’ve lived in Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt and Turkey and not many people out there that are speaking about all this can say that. I lived in the North and South of Afghanistan and there is no evidence of porn whatsoever. Iraq like Turkey may have some renegade street vendors who copy flicks off the Internet, but don’t dare flash this porn where kids or women can see it. Turkey,is loaded with Jews and for some reason are not getting away with barraging folks with porn. There was one place I recall in Taksim, a busy shopping area in Istanbul that had a small porn shop right in the heart of town and nobody went into it in fear of someone seeing them it looked. I know this because it was right where taxi’s drop you off and can go no further in that section of Istanbul. There are places that have Russian women in them that charge $100 for a drink and its a joke (they look like the Bullwinkle woman). Nobody goes near those places. All the Jews go to a place on the coast to the south which is almost entirely Jews from Israel (forget the name- Antalya?) and I have heard its loaded with prostitutes, but Istanbul was not. Jews are not getting their way in these places with porn as they do right here in America.
I remember when some of my co- workers used to go into Israel and come back with Penthouse magazines, they were nowhere to be found in Egypt then (in the 90’s). I also went into Israhell a couple of times and the Palestinians were indeed victims of it because of Jews there, but it did not get into their areas unless on Jew TV. Of course Palestine was flooded with porn because Jews live there and run the place as they run Vegas, New York, etc… (Cuba in the day). Porn doesn’t fit in too well when you pray five times a day starting at 5am in the morning. Jews have either not succeeded in that regard or haven’t tried and I am leaning towards the latter. In any case it was not used as a weapon as it was used in NYC in the 70’s and 80’s. NYC was a Jewish candy store of porn in those days that you would only see in areas like Amsterdam, Frankfurt, areas in Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria and other areas where Jews are present in any numbers. Why would Jews want to destroy the death rate of Muslims with porn when they can use our media to brainwash our military into bombing them? What I believe they did in Turkey was destroy their economy and flood Turks into Europe. Either way Muslims did not go for the porn in their own countries or Jews didn’t bother to flood them with it as they have with the West because porn isn’t even close in Muslim countries as it is or was in the West. When you hear people talking about it ask them if they have lived in Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan or Turkey. Again Palestine has it, but it’s because Jews are porno addicts as well as money addicts willing to sell it and use it as a weapon. Whatever Jews do to make money is something nobody else wants to be known doing.
There are some exceptions. How do I know? Because I have been all around the Middle East with Western people and these places are directed mostly to Westerners or Jews themselves. For instance Dubai has Chinese, Filipino, Russian, etc. women flooding into most of the hotels there because it is a half way point, but it is frowned upon by the people there. Unfortunately Jews have a market there apparently to men going in and out of Iraq and Afghanistan. Of course Muslims are drawn in just as easily there as well because the government is bought out.
During my stays in Iraq and Afghanistan on the way in and out men were told to go into separate lines that were going or coming from Thailand. Jews were always pushing Thailand to go and throw away your seed to young impoverished Asian women and needed certain shots in or out (have no idea I never went). Everyone knew why they were headed there and stood like whoremongers awaiting their shots from some fiendish looking Jewboy with a gruesome look on his face like Satan serving drinks at a barbecue party.
Anyway Jews are not winning the porn war in the Middle East anywhere near Europe and America because our churches aren’t condemning it as they should and it is disguised as one of our great Jew freedoms. Our churches are flooded with Marrano Jews who I believe would be much happier bombing us with bombs as they do Muslims, but don’t think they don’t have it on the menu. So when you hear people saying the Middle East is being deluged with porn ask them if they have seen it with their own eyes. Some people like to say things just like Hannity or OReilly with no knowledge of the truth whatsoever and claim they are in the truth movement. No places in the world are being barraged with porn like the West and it is simply because we have too many men that don’t stand up for their own women. This crud needs to be driven from our shores and any Jew caught meddling with our women should be hanged. Porn is for reptiles.
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10 Responses to Striptease

  1. GTRman says:

    Bill Hicks said of the manufactured ‘ controversy’ around “Basic Instict” :

    “Dont get involved . It’s a piece of shit : – walk away ”

    It , and many other eighties films , do look like cokey reptile porn.


    • hogorina1 says:

      A very clear view as a whore chasing some stand-in in Hollywood’s sexual perversion.
      Hopefully, this slut will never trick a decent man into her hellish view of society.

      • hogorina1 says:

        This sick exhibitionist has a vital inlet that one massive dump-truck while going through could easily pass a log-truck with plenty of space in between. A good name would be Girtie’s Gap. Tourist would have a filed-day here.

      • hogorina1 says:


        A vastly expanded definition of terrorism to include domestic crimes having no relationship to terrorism.
        The power to seize commercial transportation assets for federal use.
        The ability to commandeer personnel from other federal agencies without reimbursement.
        Expanded wiretaps, and wiretaps without any court authority.
        Enlarged asset forfeiture provisions to allow the FBI to seize personal property in both criminal and civil matters.
        The establishment of a permanent “FBI Police Force.”
        Loosening of Posse Comitatus restrictions to allow more military involvement in domestic law enforcement.
        Authority to force telephone and Internet companies to divulge information on their customers.

  2. melgibstein says:

    Tom Hanks’ big opener was “Bachelor Party” (this movie was Satanic Jewish scum) and now he is rolling around with Medal of Honor winners because he did a movie about some of them like “Return With Honor” a Vietnam POW movie. For some reason they welcomed this scumbag in because he was handling a movie about them. If I was a POW and I heard Tom Hanks was handling a movie about me I’d be out on the street demonstrating against it. Jews never pass up a good crisis to pollute anything. The war itself was started because of greasy Jews and help from the greasy Jew media, Jew Fed, Jew sold out politicians, etc. in the first place, but some people are blind and prefer to stay blind and want to live in Wonderland with Alice and Snow White.

  3. who+dares+wings says:

    My ex-housemate wrote an article inferring that Hugh Hefner was a Jew. “Skunk” quoted some paragraphs from it at to prove a drive home a point he made was trying to make about “Ner’s” big beak. I don’t call him “Hef” because Shel Silverstein, James Caan, and George Segal call him that. I told my ex-housemate he was crazy, that Ner is a gentile. I was in Borders Books last year and they had a new biography about him stacked up all over the place. I read the chapter in which it’s
    reported his parents first met at a church social in the Mid West so there can’t be any doubt about his all American roots now. But I keep coming back to what “Skunk” said about his schnozz, before as we knew and loved it disappeared, and I can’t help wondering if the old roue´ isn’t some crazy strain of Christadelphian crypto-Jew like Lyndon Johnson. I mean, he so looks the part now he could be Bob Dylan’s uncle. And talk about culture poison…. Playboy magazine did more to change American morality for the worse than anything else I can think of besides rock n’ roll. It’s been a 24/7 Heeb-a-palooza at The Playboy Mansion since the company’s inception. If “Ner” isn’t one how did he ever get away with beating the Jews at their own game?!

    • GTRman says:

      Good point . As they get older , the Ashkan comes out more and more , just look at Charlie Scheen , it’s “Dorian Grey” time for him.

    • hogorina1 says:

      I have a greek friend from Chicago that lived near Hugh Hefner’s home. He said that Hefner worked on junk automobiles before hitting the lime light. He said that Hefner was a bisexual.

  4. melgibstein says:

    That nose just drops like a dogs tail. They can always get it clipped like a Madeline Albright, but it doesnt do much good.

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