Steele Magnolias

Our Jewish run courts and our Jewish run FBI along with the Jewish media under the direction of our Jewish run government who is completely owned by Jews and traitors have taken another victim in Idaho this time. Sadly nobody even called for a demonstration outside of Steele’s courthouse in Idaho including the Ugly Truther’s who live there. In an earlier thread I discussed how men and women could be watching the same movie and be affected entirely differently and this is not by accident. The truth is people shouldnt be watching this crap at all, but because they are it must be explained. A man could be watching a movie with Mel Gibson on a desert island ready to throw away his seed to a Tahitian woman thinking he has found paradise and a White woman is thinking this is what all White men do when they leave home on business trips. It is designed to destroy in the obvious subtle satanic manner (nothing good comes from it either way because its meant to destroy 2 different ways). This is also happening in the truth, sometimes ugly truth movement. While Edgar Steele was being framed the Ugly Truthers are praising our Jew controlled IRS for uncovering a Kabbala Center for tax evasion in California. Do you see the hypocrisy? Our government controlled by Jews is bad, no its good, bad, no wait its good. No talk about the Jewish Defense League involved with gangster rappers at all even after the FBI keeping it secret for close to 15 YEARS!!!
This isn’t an isolated incident my friends, this occurs all the time. Jews get inside and they get inside everything or try at least. In fact Satan was in the Garden before Adam and Eve even got there. People don’t realize they are being squeezed into doing NOTHING!!! You can easily see when an event happens such as a Loughner shooting or a red-headed Jew slits the throat of a cab driver it is misconstrued immediately by these diverters. They somehow get the audacity to claim its Whites behind all the evil and it’s quite obvious to me that its deliberately done to blame Whites just as Jews blamed Whites for slavery et al. Jews are masters of diversion and that’s why they are all over the media and all over the Internet as well. These same people are constantly claiming “it’s not all the Jews’ because it makes you do NOTHING!!! Over 100 city states already threw out all the Jews because they figured this out (I trust my ancestors whole heartedly and wish they were here today to help me do the very same thing today). How is it these people always manage to praise Jews as they are condemning them? What are they in this business for? The reason why nothing will change is because these people know how to barrage you from all sides into complete confusion. They will point you to the Middle East when Jews are in complete control of America here and now. They will point you back 45 years to an incident to keep you in the past and keep you there when Jews are in complete control of our media, money, courtrooms, FBI, CIA, politicians and yes even grocery stores this very minute. I mean why should we make a fuss about Jews controlling our food and water when they are so impeccably honest in all the other categories?
The truth is folks, there are some places these ugly truthers don’t want us to go and some things they don’t want us to do. You see boycotting Jews would be too harsh on the poor persecuted Jews. Turning away from Jew money is hard to do as well when you are begging for it too. John the Baptist lived on wild honey and locusts and these people are talking about Jews begging for money? Money is the root of all the world’s problems because it is (gong please) controlled by Jews.
Why should America care about Muslims or Jews? What do they want us to do, bring Muslims here for safeguarding? This place is nothing but a big Jew circus already. The ugly truther’s wont defend a White man because they want us to defend people across the planet over ourselves. They are nothing but snake weavers causing havoc right here. They want to drive you to a gang fight and stop in Harlem and start a race war on the way. If that doesn’t work they will show you dead bodies of Muslims killed by White people. Well I say if you hate White people, pack up your things and LEAVE!!! What the hell are you doing in this country anyway?
These groups are branched out all over the internet and they link to each other all the time. Satan is the prince of the air folks and Satan knows who he is. If truthers aren’t going for the head of the snake (Jews) they are Jews themselves or traitors. Anyone with a pea sized brain knows no action against Jews will get you nothing (there is nowhere to run). How do you know if doing something will do any good if you’ve never tried? These folks tell you what not to do not what you should do- NOTHING!!! Here are some things you should do if you really want to begin to take back your own country whether you are in America, Palestine, Germany, Ireland, Australia or anywhere on the planet.
1. Get ready for a war because its going to happen. Don’t bring a knife to a gunfight.
2. Cut out Jews from anything you can- no Jew doctors, no Jew barbers, no Jew teachers, no Jew anything. They can’t be trusted. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?
3. Get your food somewhere else. Hunt or fish and grow a garden. If you can’t grow a garden go somewhere you CAN!!!
4. Don’t pay a dime for Jew entertainment. No books from the bookstore, no magazines, no TV, no movies unless you get them free to see what the Jew is lying and or corrupting others with, no Jew sporting events (cut it out of your life).
5. Call National radio shows and get through- tell the truth and don’t hold back. If they say they arent talking about a specific subject you can fit Jews into every subject that is destroying our planet today.
6. Stay away from franchises like MacDonald’s, Burger King, all of them. They are all Jew filth.
7. Be creative, buy as little as possible and need as little as possible. Keep yourself prepared for the worst because its going to get worse folks. Trust me on that one.
8. Wake up your brothers and sisters and I mean your genetic brothers and sisters. If Blacks still hate Whites for slavery even knowing it was Jews they are dumb monkeys. Forget them. We are the best thing that ever happened to them and they hate us. Forget them. Take care of your own people and let the dead bury their dead.
9. Focus on the Jew traitors in the media and expose them for the treachery they have caused us. If you see someone lost their home or job, think of the Jew, but think of the Jew traitorous pigs who had a mic and didn’t say a word. They are indeed twice the children of hell.
10. Realize it is always coming from the Jew because it is and you just cant work your way around it. They are destroyers whether they claim to be your friend or not. The bottom line and most important thing everyone should know is that “YOU CANT TRUST JEWS”. How that isn’t evident by now blows my mind.
11. Boycott Jews, get in their faces and tell them you want them and their trash gone!
12. Be ready to clean the tree or be ready to lose yours.
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2 Responses to Steele Magnolias

  1. GTRman says:

    Not sure where you stand on Mel Gibson , but have you seen this ?

    Jim Caviezel Victimized by Hollywood Blacklisting

    Hollywood is nothing if not vengeful. Jim Caviezel, star of Mel Gibson’s The Passion of Christ now claims that he has been blacklisted. He also says that Gibson warned him about what would happen if he took the part:

    ‘He said, “You’ll never work in this town again.” I told him, “We all have to embrace our crosses”.’

    Caviezel, a devout Roman Catholic, seems to possess a rare idealism on behalf of his religious commitments. His decision to star as Jesus doubtless cost him millions.

    More here :

  2. JamesTheJust says:

    Excellent suggestions.

    Too bad so many Whites are treasonous to our race. The judgment of YAH has indeed begun within true Israel (the White Adamic Race)

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