The Thing

I don’t know much about John Carpenter and I don’t particularly like movies at all anymore, but I think Carpenter understood Jews whether he knew it or not. Everyone knows the movie “They Live” and the way you can easily substitute the aliens for Jews, but not many realize the “The Thing” may even be more accurate when describing Jew existence. In this movie Norwegians discover a frozen body that has a heart, lungs, etc…, but is disfigured. They find out this organism is still alive when thawed out and is able to assume the exact identity of the species it takes over. First it takes over a dog and when the dog gets into the Americans camp it starts to take each human over one by one (some are Jews already however). Nobody knows who the Thing has taken over so nobody trusts anyone until their blood is tested. In my opinion that should be exactly how we should handle Jews today. Jews get inside and destroy just like the Thing by pretending to be one of us Americans. Not only do they pretend to be an American, but they pretend to be Muslims, Arabs, priests, Europeans, Australians, Africans etc. This way they can have us destroy each other exactly like the movie. In the end everyone in the movie is dead because this Thing cannot stop what it does. It is what it is and built into its DNA. You cant reason with it, you can’t care for it, you can’t feel sorry for it because it will be here for no other reason, but to destroy all of us.
I lived in some ex Communist bloc countries and I always thought some form of alien had entered the bodies of the entire population there because their trust was shattered. I always wondered what could have possibly done this to them and now I am seeing it in Western countries all over. Trust is being destroyed by these things called Jews that are in control of all the media everywhere. There is no more Christianity in any of the media because it offends Jews. We are entirely hooked on oil that is controlled by Jews, our grocery stores are entirely run by Jews scams, our money is a bloody joke and filthy controlled by demons in smelly suits. All morality is disappearing right in front of our eyes and 98% of the people cant figure out why or don’t even see it. It is all entirely related to these creatures we have let run loose far too long now. What do we expect to happen when we do nothing? It is getting to the point that people are actually welcoming it because things are so bad that maybe it will all end soon all by itself. Anything but actually standing up and calling these alien Jews exactly what they are. The aliens have taken over the minds of a large fraction of the world and it is through their media and we do nothing about it. Turn the dial they say, turn it off they say. I say we hang them from the highest flagpole like we used to before this alien perverted our lands.
In this movie the humans knew this Thing would destroy the world. They didn’t just move away from it and or ignore it. Ignoring it doesn’t do any good whatsoever because it will find a victim to take over and convince a gullible lemming to trust it and the sickness will spread exactly how it has been for the last 100 years faster each decade. Nothing will change until you understand these people want you dead. You don’t accept that because you are under the Jew influence still, but that is the truth. The truth is they want the truth wiped out and prove it every day in their media. I have studied Jews for a long time and in my own opinion, I know Jews better than 99.99% of the people out there in all categories and my advice has always been to take back our media first and foremost. Internet media is fine, but we need the entire main stream back and give nobody any alternative other than the truth like they give us no alternative but Jew lies. It has to be taken back or stolen back by hook or by crook. Its going to take courage and it may cost us, but if we don’t have the truth back it will cost us all. Go ahead and think about it and don’t do anything to make it happen and see if that works. It wont work and its time to get the flame throwers and ropes.
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19 Responses to The Thing

  1. horse237 says:

    Before I have to go out and start another war there is something I should clear up. We at the B level Secret Team are so good at our jobs that we have cut down the amount of time required to engineer events like Oklahoma City and 911. We are justifiably proud of our work. What this means is that we can now start a war with only three months notice. This gives us time to be with our families in the evenings. In the day we can amuse ourselves watching videos of Americans (especially the pretty ones) going through naked body scanners and being groped at the airports. As if that would protect you from the Secret Team. We on the B level think that is really funny.

    What this means though is that I have not received any word from the A level about the where, when and how of our next assignment. I do read the papers about the dollar so I assume my services will be needed soon enough. I have therefor booked my wife and myself on an extended vacation later this month. This morning I confirmed my findings and so I am going ahead with my vacation plans. I told my wife we have to see the world now, because parts of the USA and the world might not be here after this summer. Please accept my sincerest apologies if the next war is inconvenient for you, your family and your friends. But we all have our jobs to do.

    Bye for now, Your friend at the Secret Team.

  2. GTRman says:

    Just another jew up-date :

    Switched on the radio earlier , Richard Bacon , BBC5.

    Jewish actress Rebbecca Front who mentioned jew “comedian ” Russell Kane and jew ” comedian ” Simon Amstell “. She plays his mother in the abysmal
    “sit-com” ‘ Grandma’s House ‘ , which he wrote and ” acted ” in.

    It was a typical self-obsessed jew series set in a jew family and was UNIVERSALLY PANNED. Guess what ? It’s got a second series.

    ( Head of BBC : Danny Cohen )

    Not to be confused with Channel 4′s equally abysmal jew sit-’com’ set in a jew family , ” Friday Night Dinner ” , with an all jew cast , including abysmally unfunny jew “comedian” Simon Bird” , of the abysmally unfunny
    ( but BAFTA award -winning ) shit-com “The Inbetweeners”……

    ( Head of Channel 4 : David Abraham…)

  3. GTRman says:

    As well as discussing the Libyan issue with Mr. Cameron, a man whose great personal fortune derives from the banking and drug-running activities of his Jewish great-grandfather, Mr Marr also discussed it with his ‘newspaper reviewers’, one Simon Schama (the BBC’s historian in residence) and comedienne, Maureen Lipman, both also Jewish….

    ….Lipman, to her credit, said she found the Gaddafi story ‘horrifying’.

    Given the fact that every poll taken in the UK so far has clearly demonstrated the unpopularity of the Libyan adventure, is it fair to remark on the fact that 0.5% of the British population can (often) contribute 100% of the news commentary on such a serious political event?

    Schama’s take on the killing of Gaddafi’s son and grandchildren was “Should anyone complain that there was a plot in 1944 to kill Hitler?”

    ……another fair comment from the great ‘history’ guru, no doubt in between filming episodes of his next smooth reality-defining history series that will be shoved into our stupid trusting faces.

    The Andrew Marr Show went out on BBC1 from 9 to 10 am.

    From 10 to 11 am ‘The Big Questions’ discussed three issues in front of a studio audience with comments on each issue from three ‘special guests’, one of whom was the Jewish Chaplain at the University of Surrey. One of the three debates centred on a film opposing ‘anti-semitism’ at football grounds. Only one third of the main speakers and the focus of one third of the debate….yet Jewish interests are still here over-represented by a factor 66 times greater than what might be considered fair.

    From 10 to 11am BBC1 showed ‘Country Tracks’ which is probably, or perhaps relatively, a non-political programme.

    From 12 noon to 1 pm there was the weekly ‘Politics Show’ on which Jon Sopel (Jewish) interviewed leader of the Labour Party, Ed Milliband (Jewish). Bloody Hell! Back to 100% again.

    This was followed by two solid hours of the soap ‘Eastenders’ during which we can watch wall-to-wall anti-racist and anti-homophobia propaganda. After decades of this stuff there surely cannot be a grain of racism still running through the veins of the British public…..and yet…..and yet…..

    Is ‘racial discrimination’ not discriminating in favour of one’s own race and against others? Surely the ridiculous predominance of Jews in the media (not to mention every other centre of power, wealth and influence) is evidence that the engineers of anti-racism are racism’s greatest practitioners?

  4. GTRman says:

    Whatever happened to that promising internet ‘meme’ from a couple of years back , that , simply put , meant that the first person to bring up the words ” Hitler ” or ” Nazi ” had lost the argument , ( or ‘got pwned’ ) ?

    Whenever I see some politicians on TV I start the clock…..obviously with all this Bin Laden hoo-ha , the “Hitler/ Nazi / Evil / Holocaust ” crap was alluded to in record time , and all “failed “.

    Radio 4 ( BBC , UK ) is a regular offender here , I was listening in the shower to a show about fucking GARDENING the other day , and in crept the Horrorco$h :

    “…of course , people who are nomadic , who dont have a close connection to the land , have sometimes suffered , for instance , the jews were often called “weeds” by the Nazi regime , and this led to millions of……”

    Has anyone got a better example of tenuous “HollyCa$h” plugs?

    We could call it ,” Six degrees of Kosher Bacon “….

    • GoyMug says:

      Hi, GTRman and MelGib,

      1st Thank you for your wonderfull site, hoping to awaken the sleeping goy jew-lovers out there. GTRman i could not agree more with ALL of your posts.

      I have a built in jew filter now, and everytime i turn on the “media” within seconds i am turning off because of some fucking jew-infestation invading a show i want to watch or listen to. BBC, Chan4, ITV MTV, etc what a fucking joke, OWNED, CONTROLLED PERVERTED by the filthy jews.

      keep up the excellent work guys.

      Oh and the poster of the ” NAXI ” post, FUCK YOU and go back to your Jew inlaws you dirty scumbag.

      we love our country and OUR race so “NAXUI” fuck off back to where you came from,

  5. GTRman says:

    1984 for dummies :

    Jew controls the past controls the future: Jew controls the present controls the past.


    “The rocket bombs which fell daily on London were probably fired by the Government of Oceania itself, just to keep people frightened.”

  6. GTRman says:

    Meanwhile , on BBC2 :

    Something for the Weekend
    ( A bland weekend “magazine show” for the 25 -40 yr old moron ) :

    “Live cooking, the best of the week’s TV and celebrity chat to set up your Sunday. Tim Lovejoy, Louise Redknapp (JEW ) are joined by hair legend Vidal Sassoon (JEW ) and Oscar-winning actress, foodie and now Glee star Gwyneth Paltrow (JEW ) ”

    On BBC1 now : “The Politics Show” presented by JEW Jon Sopel.

    On ITV now , a repeat of “Sing if You Can” , presented by JEW Stacey Solomon…

    No wonder I skip breakfast..

    Jews jews jews jews jews everywhere on the BBC….

    Population of UK: Pushing 70 million.
    Jew population of UK: Said to be around 270, 000.

  7. GTRman says:

    British Brit offended by Yiddish Yids and the “H” word.

    Where to start? Ive just woken up , Sunday morning. I put on the BBCs “philosophical / theological ” debate show , the topic is ” Is football the last bastion of predudice? “. TWO jews, one ( Alex Goldberg , University of Surrey , wearing yamulke ) , screeching hysterically about “the Y word”. In fact , jew Goldberg has just mentioned a book called ” The Y word” by the Baddiel ( jew) brothers. The other jew has written a book called ” The Promised Land” about jews and football…

    “This superb memoir defies categorisation as the author, born into the Jewish community in Leeds in 1960, offers a history of his young self, his family, tribe, the rag trade and Leeds United. It is a tale of outcasts and their aspirations, memorably symbolised by the Don Revie era at Elland Road. Clavane brings together a wealth of detail, allied with historical and sporting judgment, to produce the football book of the year.”

    For those unaware, there is a football team called Tottenham Hotspur , who are nicknamed ” The Yids” , because of the large amount of jewish fans. ) Now , ” Yid” is short for Yiddish , which is the language of the European jew. I take it then that the word ” Brit” is now shocking , AKA “the B word”.

    The jews have made reference to fans shouting ” I’d rather be a P than a Y” (I’d rather be a Paki than a Yid) and also making hissing noises to “recreate the sound of the gas at Auschwitz”….they are saying that if he takes his children to football and they hear this , then it’s “child abuse” as well as “racial abuse”…. but when fans sing ” Does your Rabbi know that you’re out?” , thats’s fine , because it’s “good-natured”……one of them even got in a “self-deprecating” joke about the “shortest book in the world” – the one about jewish sporting heroes .
    ( meanwhile the BLACK footballer who remembers MONKEY CHANTS and BANANAS BEING THROWN AT BLACK PLAYERS barely got a word in )

    They are saying that there are not enough gays in football because of “fear” , they are bringing up “sexism”, and all the other crap , as the rest of the audience make measured comments such as , “its just banter , its where people go to let off steam , etc ” to which the jews respond with shrieks of “ZERO TOLERANCE ! 1930′s Germany ! Nazis! Millions of jews murdered! Gas Chambers !! Holocaust ! Adolf Hitler ! Auschwitz !! Gas Chambers!! ”

    They are saying that “the Y word” is actually MORE offensive than “the N word” or “the P word”……


    My “Y” word : “Y” is a Sunday morning debate about UK football ( typically white , male , working-class ) ALL ABOUT JEWS AND THE HOLOCAUST!!!!


    more here

  8. melgibstein says:

    You can get a good deal on bagels here:

    We love this treat so MUCH, we toted bags of these bagels with us to Sacramento and talked them up during our recent appearance on Good Day Sacramento. Everyone who tries them LOVES THESE BAGELS.

    We get them at Walmart in our neck of the woods, but you can also order them online if your favorite store doesn’t carry them. They must be kept cold to maintain their freshness, so you’ll find them in the refrigerated section, usually next to the 100 varieties of cream cheese.

    Thanks to Skinny Scoopers friend Melissa B. She turned us on to this fantastic Food Find over a year ago. You must give them a try.

    You can eat 3 for the same amount of calories- you’ll pay extra though.

  9. GTRman says:

    this ad’s on UK TV all the time

  10. dee says:

    Simon Bird is not Jew.

  11. Jimbo says:

    Fuck off and die, Naxi filth.

  12. melgibstein says:

    but Im glad you’re reading. Now you know how I feel about your scumxucking Jew media.

  13. GoyMug says:

    I have a built in jew filter now, and everytime i turn on the “media” within seconds i am turning

    off because of some fucking jew-infestation invading a show i want to watch or listen to. BBC, Chan4,

    ITV MTV, etc what a fucking joke, OWNED, CONTROLLED PERVERTED by the filthy jews.

    keep up the excellent work guys.

    Oh and the poster of the ” NAXI ” post, FUCK YOU and go back to your Jew inlaws you dirty scumbag.

    we love our country and OUR race so “NAXI” fuck off back to where you came from,

    • melgibstein says:

      Do me a favor and keep this civil. Lets let the Jews use the vulgarities. Sometimes a word pops out when in complete disgust, which is understood, but more than once or twice is too much.

  14. Quex says:

    I came to the same conclusion, The Thing – Jew. Carpenter sure knew about the deal, like he did with same kind of movie “They Live”.

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