The Unborn Identity

No folks that isn’t a crucifix he is wearing like he did in Good Will Hunting when the Jew Robin Williams is telling Damon’s demon to come out in the end. They did two scenes I noticed, one with Damon wearing a crucifix and another with no crucifix, but I remember in the original, the Williams character was very oddly telling Damon to “come out” or something similar and in the last scene Damon was wearing no crucifix. Only a person who knows the Jew sees these things. No, this time it’s a cross hairs that many of us Christians wear. I had two friends killed in the Beirut bombing and they got no recognition whatsoever and this jackass is rich acting in Jew movies pretending to be able to take out 10 Marines at one time. I tell you people it wont be long before you are walking in pig slop on the streets all over America because I don’t think anything will snap you out of it if you don’t see it by now. If you don’t see the damage the media, movies, the schools and general all around Jews are doing to the world you are too far gone to help. Are we supposed to believe these non-Jew show biz and media slaves don’t see the lies? They see the lies and don’t give a damn about you, your kids, the military, nothing but themselves. There isn’t one person in the media that isn’t a traitor and not one of these traitors isn’t on the Jew payroll. They can’t even report that the Jewish Defense League was in the business of providing protection for Black gangstah rappers (pssst a terrorist organization). This media is as evil as Satan himself and if we arent after them we are prolonging the lies. This media needs to be routed out not ignored.
Identity is a word not to be taken lightly. Most people have lost their identities altogether and trying to find themselves with tattoo’s, riding around in motorcycle groups that stand for absolutely nothing etc. These people are the hardest people to explain to what is happening because their whole goal in life is to be accepted. They feel if they aren’t accepted they must be doing something wrong and that doing what everyone else is doing is life. Going against the grain might turn off their female bratwurst back-seaters. Everything these people overhear sticks to their ear hairs like the modern wolfman and stored where their original identity used to be. To watch people throw their souls away is gut wrenching to me because they have no clue they are being taken to the slaughterhouse. They are nothing but props used by the Jews to hide behind (of course many are Jews themselves). No identity of your own is a complete waste of life. These people are more apt to stand for a poker run than complaining about their money system being a complete Jew con game. It’s truly mind-boggling to know these people even exist.
I’m sure many of you have seen the media zombies who are elated Osama was greased even though there is no proof Osama did anything to anyone. Hannity and the faggot military officers completely owned by Jews say he did so we mustn’t question them. The lemmings believe whatever the media tells them and then when they’re on their biker trips or being brainwashed by Jew sports their Jew friends compound the lies even more. Don’t tell me this isn’t true because I see it all the time. If you want to know who the Jews are in the room just say Jews did 9/11. If they don’t like it they will leave because they wont argue it in public, trust me. Just make sure it’s not at work like I was because they will run to the boss and have you fired. Oh well, nobody said you wouldn’t be hated for telling the truth. The truth is there are only one people on this earth as a whole who hate the truth and hate it enough to control the entire media. Are there non Jew traitors? Absolutely and I will soon do a thread about them, but they are just like the bikers, they are brain-dead, gutless, non identity fools. Are they evil? Absolutely they are because they hate free speech too, but for a different reason (they know the truth). You see the goyim media people aren’t going to last long. They will fall hard soon if you hang on. Jews can lie without the slightest remorse, but non Jews will self destruct. They know they can’t be the in between guys forever and they will eventually burn out. They will wish they were never born and the day will come when it is the truth and nothing but the truth against all the Jew lies. They will be the first to go in this life and the hereafter.
For that reason I don’t bash the non-Jew liars because they are bashing themselves. They actually believe they can go on with these phony Osama stories, the phony 9/11 stories, the phony political theatrics, the omissions on the Jew Fed and rip-offs, Jew AIPAC, Jew porn, Jew wars, Jew slavery, Jew organ harvesting and that we don’t see they are completely controlled by Jews like sock puppets (it’s a complete Jew scam folks- those are the facts). They will get theirs in duplicate, no need to worry about that, but the Jews are the head of the viper and always have been. People are starting to move into that final echelon of truth about this. Jews are destroyers and always have been. There is absolutely no need to trust them, ever. If you do you are a fool and your foolishness is endangering innocent people. There are levels of truth that some of you never allow yourselves to reach the same way the lemmings never reach the first rung. The truth is these people are poison to us and to all people. The world today is a Jew cesspool of filth everywhere you look. These people can’t stop because they aren’t human. Why would Gods chosen run away from their supposed identity? The truth is their identity is not of God at all and never was. Surely you must know that Jews are involved in all the vile organizations of the world. Is this all a coincidence? No folks, it isn’t a coincidence and Jews didn’t write the New Testament to tell us what they would do or who they are, they don’t tell the truth at all. Their identity is exactly what the book says about them and if there ever was an identity that worked so perfectly together against the rest of the world it was never recorded in history, in fact the way Jews themselves work against the rest of us wasn’t even recorded in any school books. We can’t even demand our own true history to be told so it’s no wonder we have so many lemmings. I don’t see any Jews demanding the schoolbooks be changed do you? Think about it. Take a walk and ask yourself what Jew would turn on his own family in favor of you over their own families. Jews don’t belong in our society nor in our countries and never did. That is the most accurate fact of history and in none of your History books except one.
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4 Responses to The Unborn Identity

  1. GTRman says:

    Always wondered if the hyperactive unfunny coke-head Robin Williams was a jew.

    Certainly ticks all the boxes. I saw him recently trying to do stand-up and be all
    “edgy ” and “modern”, lots of obscenity , references to weed ,( wow – go jonny rebel )
    and the like. Embarrassing , and like most stuff thats called comedy now , left me angry and a little depressed.

    I especially hate his maudlin , soppy , “acting”.

    Creepy man.

    Havent been here in a while , sorry bout that. Still think youre in the top 5 sites on these topics. Bravo , Mel.

  2. GTRman says:

    Every politician , pundit , presenter , and especially comedian on Brit TV is a craven coward and supporter of slaughter and genocide. I say “especially comedian ” as traditionally we could have expected positions that were at odds with the official position from a comic or satirist. No longer.

    Not one of them expresses the opinion that killing maybe 1.5 million Iraqis , maybe 3 million Afghanis , hundreds if not thousands of Pakistanis , and Libyans , etc etc is mass murder and genocidal aggression. All we hear is cheerleading and ridiculous rhetoric about 3000 dead in New York , and 52 dead in London , and the silly comic-book idea that “one baddy” can co-ordinate a threat to the most powerful military force in history.

    Im not familiar with this blog , but some thought-provoking stuff here about the dodgy 7/7 “attack” :

  3. Hakan says:

    Robin Williams is not a Jew, you moron. You can check that out ANYWHERE. It’s clear to me you have an inferiority complex as an Arab – despite the fact that Jews are your Semitic brothers. Deal with that whilst you can, no Hitler-loving will save you that.

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