American History X

The biggest travesty today is that ordinary people don’t see the devastation of Jewish lies that are coming from every direction. When the common American bites on a Jew lie he not only gets hooked on that lie, but is dragged into several others as well. How all Jews know to sway people into their group lies like synchronized swimming  is anyone’s guess, but it is truly alien how they are all on the same page in that regard. For instance let me give you an example. I watched the beginning of a movie called American History X with Ed Norton (whatever his name is) and Elliot Gould (what a gift) about a White Nazi who catches some Blacks robbing his car armed and shoots them. He does time for this and when he gets out finds that his mother has remarried a Jew and is a very irate White Nazi who hates that his country was trashed by third worlders. These movies are so demonic, but not in the way the ordinary folks would know, only the people who have studied Jews know the damage of these movies and books.
We have a White Nazi who is mad at Jews, Latinos and Blacks and shouldn’t be (we should be happy Jews brought these folks here to destroy our country). The big Nazi swastika tattoo on Norton is the kicker though, you see that symbol means he is a radical for saying bad things about Jews and we all know the lies that came out of W.W.II. So we are already led from one lie into the beginning of this movie and then into several others right out of the chute of it. Any symbol of Germany, the American South during the Civil War or any war or historical event is shown only how Jews want it shown because they own show biz  folks (it’s not just entertainment, do you get it?). When the Nazi gets mad at the Jew (Elliot Gould) at his dinner table at a family gathering for sticking up for Blacks and Jews the Nazi gets irate and never says what he should have said like “You Jews brought Blacks here like animals to begin with”. That would never be said because it would destroy the entire intentions of the movie and that is to make Whites look bad and Jews look like poor innocent victims that always somehow mistakenly end up getting tossed out of every country there is (and we never see any movies showing the other side of things- ever). When the Nazi was talking about Blacks, the Jew said something like “we Jews have been putting up with being tormented for over 3000 years” and gave his best puppy dog innocent look. Of course in the movie the White women were on the side of the Jew because nobody and I mean nobody (in the movies) could side with a White man (Nazi tattoo or not) against poor old defenseless innocent Jews. So the Jew lie compounds with another one and does immeasurable damage to the uninformed viewer out there on an even greater scale and no true opposition to their venomous lies. That is what’s happening all over our media today. Every time Jews have open forums they are crushed by truth so they have to cut all truth out and that means you and me.
That movie didn’t last long with me because I know the Jew game (about 20 minutes worth at best), I know when the Jew sticks his head in the room there is a lie getting ready to be born and that is the sole purpose of this thread. Some people cannot seem to understand we have a people amongst us who are destroyers and want Whites destroyed more than anyone. They destroy because of one reason and that is you trust them. The lemmings don’t know there are more ways than one to destroy a people, but to do it so subtly as Jews do takes a major group effort that they seem to be born ready to perform. They simply entrap lemmings into a fantasy of pure fable and net them like dolphins round-up  a school of mullet to the surface.
Let me give another movie example while I’m on the subject, “The New World” with lil Colin Farrel as Capt. Smith showing the life and times of Pocahontas. Pocahontas was played by what looked like a Samoan woman with a defective upper lip to indicate race mixing. Capt. Smith is shown to be head over heals with her and has never seen any woman quite so beautiful and fun to be with in all his life. I’m sure it had nothing to do with the fact there were no White women aboard his ship on the voyage over. Anyway Pocahontas the Samoan waltzes around like a douche commercial and the entire intentions of this movie is to make race mixing the thing to do and that White women can’t hold a candle to these mongrels even though Pocahontas may not have been a mongrel at all in real life. I can’t think of one movie that depicts a White woman as pure and natural as Pocahontas except maybe Mary the Mother of Jesus shown as an Edomite Jew in a Hollywood Christmas movie. What movies like this also do is make it look like White men would run away with an Indian over their own women in a heartbeat and that White men would throw away their seed for a foreign woman and never look back. Never does the White man or White woman stay in the alien society in the movies either, they always take them to the more civilized society to destroy the entire population. Capt. Smith left out of there and told her he was dead so he must not have thought of her as we were supposed to have while watching the movie. Of course another White man grabbed her over his own White women too. This is nothing but pure destruction by Jews and a deliberate covering up of true history. The fact that some Indians can be directly related to White Caucasians would destroy much of the Jew lies they want kept hidden.
This is the Jew damage that people don’t see in the movies. Some movies are for White men to get lost in while their women see the entirely opposite and don’t even realize it. Why was it so important to tell the story of Pocahontas if it wasn’t so taboo? If they showed Pocahontas looking more like a White woman it wouldn’t serve their real intentions because their intentions are never any good. Jews love this stuff. They love movies of Italian boys going across the tracks to meet some Black woman and everyone knows it rarely ever happens, but White women see this and are coerced and programmed to go with Blacks that Jews brought here for that very reason, to destroy the White race. I’m sorry if you don’t accept that. If you don’t than you don’t see the truth on any type of higher level yet. Jews are here to destroy. They own the media so they can create arguments where there is nobody to represent the logical and truthful sides. Can you imagine if Elliot Gould was talking about Jews being persecuted with me around or someone who knows Jews? It just wouldn’t happen folks. They would be slapped out of the room with truth dung all over their faces.
Many people are blind to the Jew lies and I’m sure there are still some I am blind to as well, but I’m still breathing and will never stop seeking the truth. One thing that has to be pounded into beginners is the fact that Jews lie profusely. You can tell the sheep that Jews did slavery, Jews did 9/11, Jews did the Federal Reserve, Jews got into the Vatican, into royalty, into the Senate, Presidency and on and on and on by lying and people wont even check to see if you are telling the truth. So what I am saying is leave them with the thought that Jews lie and to be aware of Jews. Sooner or later they will be shafted by a Jew and figure it out and it will compound endlessly it seems. They are going to have to figure it out on their own like we did. It is something that has to be learned not downloaded like movies and school today. What is learned the hard way is always learned stronger than the easy way. The word Zionist is only another confusing Jew word designed that way. If people think you are crazy for saying Jews lie show them their Bible. Life gets aggravating sometimes, but the war is won in the end. Battles you may lose, but one battle doesn’t always win the war. I am not saying to allow yourself to lose a battle, but accept that others will until they educate themselves. Instead of teaching them to fish, teach them alien people are out fishing for them. Because others aren’t telling them Jews lie doesn’t make it evil if you do because it’s the absolute truth and must be taught. Just saying the Federal Reserve is Jewish doesn’t phase people, but being an upstanding person and a truthful person and saying “Jews lie” leaves people with a mystery and we all know how the lemmings love a good mystery.
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3 Responses to American History X

  1. GTRman says:

    Apparently “they” didnt much like “The Believer” , if you can believe that …..

    Movie “The Believer” – Nazi Jew as Nihilist

    Perhaps the only film to look at Judaism critically, this 2001 movie about a Jew who became a Nazi made only $200,000 at the box office despite getting 84% positive ratings from the critics.

    Henry Bean, the director, says Hollywood distributors rejected it after an audience of Jewish matrons at the Simon Wiesenthal Center gave it the thumb’s down. Bean never made another movie. This is the state of intellectual life in the United Shtetls of America.

    In the review below, where Jones uses the term “Nihilist,” I would use “satanist.”

    by E. Michael Jones
    Culture Wars (April 2011)
    (Excerpt edited by Henry Makow)

    The Believer is a 2001 film written and directed by Henry Bean about an orthodox Jew, played by Ryan Gosling, who becomes a neo-Nazi. The film is based loosely on the life of Daniel Burros, a neo-Nazi who committed suicide in the mid-’60s after a New York Times reporter wrote an article exposing him as a Jew.

    According to Bean: “Burros was staying at a camp in the Poconos with the neo-Nazis when the story in the New York Times claiming that he was Jewish came out. The Nazis weren’t upset. They were saying just sit down; we can talk about this. But Burros went up to his room, put on a Wagner record and shot himself. He killed himself within an hour of the story coming out.”

    Bean began discussing the Danny Burros story in the ’70s when he was a writer living on the West Coast. He began to see Burros as typifying a particular kind of Jew. “He was a rabbi manque. Antisemitism is a form of practicing Judaism. He’s sort of a rabbi after all. A Jew by day, a Nazi by night. . . . He was desperately hiding something and compulsively trying to bring it out at the same time. People are drawn to contradiction. He undergoes a conversion, but not back to the Torah.”

    By telling the story of the Jewish Nazi, Bean concluded, “I began to understand what Judaism was.”

    Bean’s explanation of how a Jew can become a Nazi is at root theological. Through a series of flashbacks, the viewer sees Danny Balint, as he is called in the movie, arguing with his Yeshiva teacher about whether Abraham spared Isaac’s life, as recounted in the Genesis account, or whether, as Danny maintains, he died on Mt. Moriah.

    Danny’s problems with religion stem from the fact that he takes the Torah much more seriously and literally than his fellow Yeshiva bokkers. When one of them tells Danny that “Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom,” he becomes rhapsodic: “Fear of the Lord,” he responds, “makes you afraid of everything. Do you even believe in God? I’m the only one who does believe. I see Him for the power-drunk madman that he is. And we’re supposed to worship such a deity? I say never.”

  2. Non-Jewish Person says:

    I was just image searching pictures of Pocahontas for an assignment when I fell down this dizzying rabbit hole. You know, I have never really given it much thought before, but this all makes so much sense. Just kidding! You’re meshuga!

    Viva la Jews!
    Viva la Jon Stewart!

  3. Ray Zerwitt says:

    You better hope you’re a jew. You’re only other choice is obedience without a cause. Not without a reward though. You’ll get your little doggie bone from Jabal for saying all the things they taught you.

    Nahum 3:13
    Behold, your people in the midst of you are cowards; they will open the gates of your land to your enemies; the fire shall devour your bars.

    Pussies like you don’t matter

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