Of Rats and Men

Do you know what a leader does? A leader comes into your life and proves how you have been shafted with no qualms other than to take back what belongs to him and his fellow people, but you don’t even know, most of you, who your people even are. You think America is this salad bowl of Jewish crap they threw in and reported on their 100% Jewish media. You get suckered into anything they say because they own your airwaves. You have no mind of your own and waiting for a leader to say what you want to hear like a sale at the tire store. These Jews have you so bamboozled they can bring you to the water, make you drink and make you come back for more on the way to the slaughterhouse. It is truly pathetic and you wouldn’t know a leader if he dropped his drawers and crapped in your driveway during the O’Reilly show.
Even the idiots that claim to be anti-Zionist are morons and I mean people who have been profiting from it for decades and wrote books on the subject. Most of these ugly truthers, if not all have no idea what a Zionist or a Jew is. Satan is wrapped around this like a snake as usual at the highest levels. These people will tell you who isn’t a Jew and not who the crypto’s are you see? They tell you who not to look out for and not who to look out for like Donald Trump, Loughner, Ben Friedman, crypto Muslims, etc. Donald Trump is a flaming Jew in my opinion and nothing could change that in a million years. His daughter married a flaming Jew too. Does it do any of us a dime’s bit of good to say Trump isn’t a Jew? Trump is a Jew until proven otherwise because his fruits are entirely Jewish- period.
As far as Ben Friedman goes……..those of you who read my beliefs on what a true Israelite is leads to Ireland and Scotland and Europe who have a lineage of Kings right from David. Do Jews have any kings? The answer is “Hell No!”.
  Ben (son of….satan that’s who) Friedman or Freedman or whatever his real Jew name is was the son of someone who changed his name meaning he was no longer the son of the person he was born of like Ben Netanyahu. Benjamin Netanyahu was born Mileikowski not Netanyahu. So what does that tell us? It tells us these people should never ever be trusted and maybe the Maccabees were related to the MacAdoo’s some of my ancestors and not theirs. Look at some of these Irish King names-. Ben says Ireland has nothing to do with the ancient kings of Israel and is simply nothing more than another lying asp from the same brood of vipers. How does he know where Israelites come from other than knowing his Jew kindred are impostors? Being a liar impostor doesn’t make you a truth teller, it makes you one of the liars. They lie with any truth and can’t help it.


No, I am going to let you seek the truth on your own and you will see some of the early kings were named Murdoch or Mordechai and Simeon and Baruch, Heber, etc… etc… Its simply amazing how this has all been covered up. John Kerry is a Jew in charge of an Irish state and the Irish still DONT GET IT. ARE YOU NUMB? DO I NEED TO BULLWHIP YOU? I’m just a normal guy who has done the research meaning nobody has done ANY research at all. We are surrounded by Jew lies in every direction and it doesn’t phase you one iota.  You are being bull-crapped and you don’t care. Its unbelievable (actually that doesn’t even scratch the surface of my true beliefs). You have been happily lied to and you like it like people with no souls. You don’t seek truth any further than your bathroom and or refrigerator.
Ben Friedman the son of Cain used to say that Jews have no more right to that holy land than the Irish do, but that is the big Jew lie. That is the one big sheet pulled over your eyes, you see Jews don’t tell or offer any truth unless they can lie you into a different direction and they have plenty of help herding the  masses who don’t seek the truth. It’s like a punishment for those who don’t do Gods will by seeking the truth. It’s a perfect system on both sides of good and evil. You either do what you were commanded or you pay the consequences. Ben Friedman is a king to the shills out there you know why? Because the shills need a Jew to love to continue their lies. Ben made a very revealing comment that the Jews of today have no more right to Palestine than the Irish do (they were never there). Without you trusting Jews you will achieve total truth. You see, it is Jew lies that poison us all and you simply haven’t sought enough truth to realize it yet because Jews spread their slime EVERWHERE! Be a separate people was the best advice anyone could have ever been given with Jews around. My ancestors booted Jews out of their countries for good reason. They were my flesh and blood and I love them and respect them with all my heart. I refuse to accept that they were haters as I refuse to accept Jews on ANYTHING AT ALL. I love my ancestors like life itself even though at times they were fooled by Satan’s kids.
Follow the Kings since Biblical times and where does it lead? It doesn’t lead to this alien crime syndicate folks. These ugly truthers who draw you away from who you are know exactly what they are doing. Satan knows the game and Gods kids know the game. Be honest, forthright and as Gods people and you will see the truthers from the liars, deceivers and people who point you away from the true problem. Just because they may say something against Jews in one issue doesn’t mean it isn’t Jews in every issue because I’m here to tell you that it is. You are just being propagandized on every avenue that it isn’t. The Irish were indeed the people of the holy land and it’s where Robert the Bruce wanted his heart buried. Robert the Bruce was Braveheart not William Wallace. Hollywood loves to carry on old lies to hide who you really are. If you aren’t seeking the truth you wont find this out and you wont get a degree here. This is 100% truth and the Jew schools don’t want you to know the truth. That’s why I am writing to you today and that is also why I will also lead you into battle against my mortal enemy and waste no time on anything else.
Till next time, don’t start the bloody battle without me. I live for it, whether I am in the front, rear or flank I will be in the middle at the end. I will serve our Father and father’s proudly and never let him or them down- ever. You Greek Spartans, Scotch-Irish warriors (Irish the same people), you German fighters, you Serbian do or diers, you English broadsiders, you Canadian patriot’s, you Russian overcomers, you Italian brother’s, you Spanish blood brother’s, you Australian kindred, you, my European brother’s and sister’s who defy injustice and corruption of our people, it’s time to stand together and rid this filth from our shores once and for all. Its time to swarm like bee’s. This media and this internet has their liars all about and are all liars and what they want more than anything is you not to discover your past. The truth is you let Jews control your own past willingly (no opposition to their lies whatsoever). if you seek the truth you will find it. Ask first before you knock and enter, just my advice. Is there any doubt I am not telling the truth? Its time to rally around what is true and what is jewish media trash.
* I want to make something clear here if it isn’t. No doubt about it, Jews swarmed into all the high places. They were Queens no doubt, also Kings and corrupted everything they touched, but they changed their names as they have always done to ours. Nobody ever said that people weren’t fooled into believing Jews were of Judah, they were fooled for years. Finding out which kings were Jews and which aren’t now is like everything else today, twisted and perverted. No doubt this so-called royal wedding is a Jew sham if I ever saw one (just looking at William and Harry is enough for me). They all look like Jews to me, but Jews have always latched on to things and never originate things. Where they got in and how much they affected is anyones guess and there is virtually no info on such a sensitive thing until now with the internet and people willing to suss it all out. Jews always manage to get inside. Somehow this 2% population of reptiles always manages to get in. There is certainly something extremely odd and revealing about that in itself. They still classify to me as the nephilim. One thing never changes, the lies just keep coming and one that doesn’t continually seek the truth will never figure out anything about the world they live in and none of this can be downloaded in someone’s brain. It take’s years to get through the steps and just keeps going. When you think you’ve found the bottom there is a trap door to the basement and another one into the attic in the basement. One lesson to learn is to make sure they don’t get in anymore.
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