If Americans Knew About America

I keep seeing the website “If America Knew. com” and I wonder if these Americans even give a damn about America. How they can possibly continually direct our attention over there when our own country is being totally ransacked is traitorous in my opinion. They hate the Israel firsters and they are Palestinian firsters. Anyone that isn’t America first needs to be booted in my opinion. To think I don’t care for Palestinians is nonsense, I do, but the money given to Jews in Palestine comes from the Jews right here stolen right out of our pockets. Who voted for Jews to get all this money when our own people (many veterans) are homeless? The finger needs to be pointed at the Jews right here in America. Here are some reasons why.
1. America doesn’t control our own government, it is entirely controlled by Jews of the Federal Reserve and banks who are nowhere near bombs in Palestine, but sitting in high places above our puppet government. The entire thing is a great big Jew scam and needs to be obliterated entirely, top to bottom, left to right.
2. The media controlled by Jews and every non-Jew in the media is a traitor and needs to be treated as such. They want to serve alien people, so be it.
3. Jews have caused every single racial problem in America. They bring Indians here to run the hotels and gas stations, brought Blacks here as slaves, brought Latino’s in for cheap labor (slaves) and destroyed the original intentions of America. Whoever brought them here should be cursed.
4. Jews have monopolized every major industry in America, shipped our jobs overseas, deliberately cut Whites out of their competition by rigging the contracts in their favor. Honest business is a thing of the past.
5. They run porn, gambling, organized crime, homosexual movements, child sex rings and things a White Christian would never dream of doing let alone profit from.
6. Jews are America’s war instigators and make up the least of our military by far. Instead of serving as a private in an infantry battalion they are more apt to obtain a private contract for self gain. There is no country gain whatsoever from these people.
7. The Jews here hold the goyim in America the same way they do in Palestine. We are all nothing but dung to them.
8. We put up with losing our holy days for Jews and have to remove any reference to our heavenly Father.
9. They have taken over sports in America and control it entirely so everything you used to hold dear in America is wiped out and replaced with their invaders they brought here against our laws.
10. Our children are growing up with filth all around them that is more dangerous than a thousand atom bombs destroying our culture, our good standards, our school system, our ethics and moral code.
11. Jews are terrorists and bombed many places, most notably murdered many of our brothers and sisters on 9/11 and then sent our kids across the globe to fight for their lies. That alone should have you locked and loaded.
Every which way you turn nowadays you are bombarded with alien Jewish filth and very few seem to be able to recognize the absolute devastation of this. It’s on the TV, radio, billboards, newspapers, books, magazines at the checkout counter, on the busses and trains. Our churches have forgotten who they are and what they stand for in fear of Jew repercussion, but more importantly forgot who Jews are deliberately.Whites are being blamed for all the crimes Jews commit and causing Whites to hate each other. It is truly satanic folks and we better figure out who we are and what we stand for soon. I am not going to take much more of it and refuse to watch my own people cower before these demonic filthy creatures. Its cleanup time in America folks. If Americans Only Knew it would happen. If you’re going to wait for the other guy to stand up for something you should it’s too late.
I am in no way going out on a limb here, no way at all. It is time to send these creatures packing with cotton up their backsides. Do you folks know what I mean out there? It’s time! This cant continue any longer, you have to wake up now because you know what’s happening right here at home. Save others later, right now your country is being trashed. It’s the Jews right here and the Jews over there, not the bankers or Illuminati or Nazi’s or any other cute name. Its Jews! You want freedom back? You want a place for your kids to grow up in peace? You want a moral society? You want truth? Jews have to be gone! That’s the hard truth (not hard for me). You better start calling a Jew a Jew and start defending your children and your women if you are too gutless to do it for yourselves. This disease will not go away on its own.
Almost forgot, they control the food in your grocery stores, run organ harvesting rings of young kids, blamed slavery on you, blame serial killers on you, blame child molestation on you when they call themselves White when in fact you aren’t even welcome in their stolen country that we paid for. It just goes on and on and on and to see America cower before this makes me ill. We need to stand up together and take this like a hill, fast, hard and only one time all the way through it.
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One Response to If Americans Knew About America

  1. Voyagerz says:

    I was looking up another phrase and came acros a “solutions” essay to your scenario:

    “worldwide quarentine” “the ultimate answer” “17th June 2010”
    http://www.johnkaminski.info (search all these to get the page)

    Perhaps your readers want to comment on this. (I won’t: don’t have free speech.)

    Oh, to put strange pieces together on events at 9-11, see this insightful film online… (not just about physics of what we saw on TV – a David Copperfield magic act – evidences on who organized it: how and why)


    Also search Egyptian General (ret) Muhammad Khilf, talking how Israelis infect White House and other US intelligence, organized 911… and JFK assasination too! He was very briefly mentioned on Aljazeera TV (English), but that netword really underplays role of Israelis in current turmoil in that region. Does anyone have more on this? (Clearly Gaddafy was hated by Israelis, and Sarkosy is their front man leading war to oust him and grab the oil to western interest, and let their bankers in again, etc.)

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