The Untouchables

Recently looking over the FBI’s files on Tupac Shakur I wasnt surprised at all to see that Jews were involved in his murder. All indications show they were knee-deep into him and actually wanted to provide protection for him from their own attack. Maybe that’s why so many stars have Israeli bodyguards. Maybe Randy Quaid was right about Heath Ledger, etc. Maybe Jim Morrison was indeed knocked off because of his father’s knowledge of the USS Liberty. Maybe many of those stars who died mysteriously on drugs were murdered. How would we know? It took the FBI 15 years to tell us about the Jewish Defense League’s involvement in this death. That ought to indicate whose side the FBI is really on.
I have come to the conclusion that White people and most non Jews are anti violent people and we are plagued with psychopathic Jewish nut cases who simply take others names and blame their crimes on everyone else. They are on both sides of the fence too. Check out Melvin Purvis for instance, you think he wasnt working for his Jew syndicate and protecting us real American non Jews over them? I don’t. Do a search on him and you will see all this violence, all these murderers throughout time have almost always been Jews. Mel wanted to take credit in the murder of Pretty Boy Floyd and turns out it was someone else. Why on earth would someone want to take credit in murdering or even killing someone they didn’t? You have to be one gutless snake for that and Mel fits that bill perfectly.
Mel Purvis
Dillinger- involved with a slew of Jews. Almost all of these gangsters come from Italy where a huge marrano population thrived and of course Germany where their counterpart Ashkenazi’s thrived. Germany isn’t far from Italy across Austria and trust me they were all over there too. Look up the ritual murder cases alone in Austria (they named a town after one called Judenstein). No-one else does this stuff folks. Murdering people in cold blood for profit or ritual is a Jewish trait entirely. You can find almost all these names in the Jew name search. Mine isn’t in there so I know it’s telling some truth, but if you don’t trust this search engine find 2 or 3 more. I check them all.
Herman Lamm-  Look up his buddies too.
Machine Gun Kelly = George Kelly Barnes- If you see Bar in any name, first or last, 9 out of 10 times it’s a Jew. If people change their names it’s a good indication as well.
Pretty boy Floyd- not much info on him, but there is a huge lie involved with who killed him- Mel Purvis seems to have lied (who woulda thunk it?).
Enoch L. Johnson-
Dutch Schultz
Luck Luchiano
The James Bros. mother named Zerelda Rueben
Lansky- all the gang
Siegel- all his gang
Lester Joseph Gillis  Bubelah Faced Nelson- killed more goyim FBI agents than any other gangster in history. Lester was involved with the Touhy gang (an Irishman with a quote “beaknose” and Al Gabe Capone. He also teamed with Machine Gun Jack McGurn ~real name or eh second real name- Vincenzo Gibaldi (psst he has a beaknose too folks). This entire web of slime is Jews.
Purple Gang
Murder Inc.
The Italian mafia- too many names to list.
The Russian mafia
International drug smugglers throughout time
Porn Producers
Brothel Owners
Homosexual leaders
Feminist Leaders
Politician briber’s and assassin’s
Abortion doctors
War profiteers
Media monopolizers
Organ harvesters
Snuff film producers
Invented nothing of any good
Their food sucks
Serial Killers like Son of Sam, Jack the Ripper, Joel Rifken, Dr Shipman and on and on and on
You want the truth folks? These people are contrary to humanity, nature and everything good in this world and this was just a brief look at crime- 20 minutes or so. You will find Jews directly connected to every crime on the planet because they are criminals. You can beat around the bush with these criminals walking the streets waiting to go off like a time-bomb literally or you can face the truth and prepare yourselves to round these people up like rabid dogs. You cant reason with them because they are not human.
Many of these murderers have become folk heroes, how did that happen folks? Since when are murderers heroes? These are the people who need their food kosher in the grocery stores so they can follow Gods dietary laws? It’s all a complete con folks. Look who is following Gods laws and who is against them. Look who hasn’t a shred of remorse and can grab a mic in front of a crowd without the slightest fear. This is thee most dangerous thing facing our world today, not Muslims, Nazi’s, White Christians, etc… We have a major Jew problem folks and it’s getting worse by the minute. If we don’t have an honest media and they are protecting these criminals they need to be treated as criminals.
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5 Responses to The Untouchables

  1. Ed says:

    Agreed, and thanks for your great site! People, wake up! The enemy is within. The most aggressive killing tribe in history. Probably 1.5 million dead Christians in the last century. Now it’s Muslims turn. I’d like to recommend a book by Juri Lina.

  2. Ed says:

    I made a typo- previous comment should say ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY MILLION DEAD CHRISTIANS

  3. GTRman says:

    David Duke made a decent vid recently about the “Russian” mafia , worth a watch.

    Akiras got some good stuff on all the ” Italian and Irish” mobsters , I’ll try to find a link.

    Genuine popularity with millions is something that can’t be bought , and the likes of Lennon , Jackson , Morrisson , Hendrix , even Brian Jones certainly had it.

    All died suspiciously. Hendrix had a ( jew? ) gangster manager , Mike Jeffries , who was pissed off that his golden goose was to leave , when the contract ended. Coroner said there was two bottles of red wine in his lungs , but little in his bloodstream.

    Jackson was apparently getting very “jew-wise” and reportedly converted to Islam.
    We were told that he was frail and close to death , but the vid of him rehearsing showed otherwise.

    Morrisson was very anti-heroin and allegedly died in a Paris nightclub toilet , his corpse moved to his apartment. Who knows?

    Watch the movie “Stoned” for the story of Brian Jones’ murder.

    Lennon was back in action just as the “eighties project” was launched. Worst thing he ever did was moving to Jew Nork , but surely he would have had some things to say about the decade of greed and cocaine.

    Bill Hicks died of pancreatic cancer at just 34 , very unusual.

    Still , unless they did some digging , they’d all be tilting at windmills , cos the jews always have a “stupid white man” ( and now a dumb half-white one ) to take the flak.

    I.E. , “Bushes” wars , “Blairs wars” ,”Cheneys 911″ , etc.

  4. GTRman says:

    Woops. I just read your previous thread , sorry for posting Duke vid.

    Still , some good info on the kosher nostra.

  5. melgibstein says:

    I dont want to be teamed up with David Duke and Donnie Schwartz over there on Stormfront. In fact I was booted off Stormfront many years ago for claiming Yankee Jim was a Jew for defending Hal Turner when Turner said he was an ex Marine and he wasnt. Maybe I was wrong and maybe I wasnt about Yankee Jim, but big headed Donnie Schwartz kicked me off even though I was gaining points faster than anyone on there at the time. Havent been back since.

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