Under Suspicion

To understand something means to literally be standing under what ever it is you are trying to describe to someone else or to know what you are talking about is truth. If you stand under a framed house and look at its construction you can tell if it was built properly and see the mistakes made or simply what doesn’t make sense and figure out why it doesn’t make sense. It means to be able to explain something by being there or to have experienced similar experiences. For instance you see clouds in the sky and don’t fly a private airplane or don’t go fishing out in the ocean that day. Its well understood that you could be putting yourself and passengers in danger. I have been lucky to have worked and lived pretty much all over the world, yes several places I have not been and don’t dare try to tell people I know about those places because I don’t. The places I have lived and spent enough time to understand I will speak about to give you the truth. I have no reason to lie to innocent people out there unless I have an agenda and my agenda is only to let you know what I have found out about Jews and cryptos. I will tell you that I am a White Christian and I will indeed favor those people because I believe them and I believe my own family who are them as well. They too have no reason to lie to me, but people who aren’t White or Christian I tend not to be swayed by because I already understand my heritage and my history (none of it taught in school). I will trust people less if they are Black and Christian or White and non-Christian that’s just the way it is. I will never be Black and I will never be anti-Christian and that’s pretty much final for me.
One of the places I lived for several years was the Bahamas and on several islands in the Caribbean. Some of you probably think already I was on a joy trip, but it was 90% work. I did, however meet many of the people living there, most Blacks. I always wondered why they didn’t make wine out of the delicious sea grapes or raised chickens and when I asked I understood. If you have never been there or lived there you might never ask this question because you weren’t there long enough, but the answer I got was “If we did that someone would come and steal it or them and we would have to shoot them and then their brothers would come after us and ours back to them”. This is one of the reasons why I don’t give my real name because I know this would happen here in America with so-called ugly truthers who want nothing more than to expose people like me as they do others like Dave from Mass, David Duke, Jeff Rense, Stadtmiller, Bollyn, etc… I am none of those people and if my name was slandered I would have to break some legs.
These ugly truthers claim they know what a Jew is and know nothing about religion. When you hear people constantly talking out both sides of their mouths you know something isn’t right so you must stand under it and figure it out. Some things were meant not to be figured out on purpose so in this case it should just be dropped. They are con men and who knows who they are working for. They say they are Indians and Lebanese and then talk about the founding father’s? Who are they talking about, Ben and Jerry? They are white in one sentence and something else in the next, they bust on Whites who are pro Zionist and never mention the fact they could be Jews and then praise David Duke who credits a white Zionist all the time (Jarod Taylor). I truly believe they want some of us entrapped with aiding and abetting a foreign country and the only country I am concerned with is America and the innocent people right here for the time being.  These folks want you bounced around everywhere but right here in this time. They missed the fact Loughner is a Jew and helped that slip out of our hands as they do almost all current events. They will bring that subject up a year from now and pretend they were saying it all along.
I just saw a film about Jews on David Duke and it was total nonsense. William Pearce obviously doesn’t understand his own Bible and took Old Testament phrases completely out of context to made it sound as if Jews were to suck the gentiles dry (harm them). First of all none of these people even know what a Jew is or what a gentile is and they claim to understand the Bible even though if you ever asked them you would know they know nothing about the Bible either deliberately or lazily. To suck means to nurture or nurse as a mother gives suck to her child. The intentions of this is to give you a big fat lie and then give some truth to make it look as if it’s all true. The ugly truthers know nothing about the Bible and wont dare debate anyone who does. They simply perpetuate old lies because its been working. So we have forked tongues telling you what you should and should not believe and when it comes to the Bible it’s what not to believe and the truth, also what Jesus called himself, is ugly. They are either fools or working for the enemy-period.
This stuff is no different from the media and there is no way to call these people and put them on the spot. Aint that convenient? They don’t take messages on their comment sections from me because there are some areas the ugly truth doesn’t want to rear its ugly head(s). The people I trust are people who believe in free speech and people who don’t use their microphones to slander their listeners. Maybe, just maybe your listeners are smarter than you are or maybe you are liars. We will have to assume the latter. There are just too many hypocrisies of these clowns it would take a month to expose it all, but just listen to what they don’t say. What is a Zionist and what did this Zionist do? A thought isn’t a crime, but lying, stealing, murdering, enslaving, etc… are. Why not call them what they are and not what they say they are? Some of their guests even call themselves half Jews and it doesn’t spark an interest to them whatsoever (they are half lying?). It’s just plain BS folks and that’s the end of that tune. They are free to lie and slander, pick on women, etc… but I got news for them I aint one of their whipping boys.
While I’m at this Id like to expose some other fruitcakes on the net. Many so-called truthers I see out there believe in Zechariah Stichin, Tsarion, Icke and Jordan (barf) Maxwell. Stitchin believes Shem was the name for the peoples who came here from outer space on their space ships and who coincidentally tried to build a stairway to heaven. Why build a stairway when you can simply fly? Its nonsense on top of nonsense all tying in the Old Testament in with it to destroy it. Did you know Jacob’s ladder was really a space ship Jacob used to fly to the heavens? They just changed it to a ladder to make it easier (gag me). The second I saw Zack I thought “Jew” and when he spoke with his Yiddish accent I hit the bullseye twice.  Jordan Maxwell, now there’s a good liar for you, he believes manna from heaven was really psilocybin mushrooms, you know the ones that make you trip and Moses really tripped when he threw down those Commandments. Jordan spent many a day kibbitzing with Rabbi’s so you know he’s not lying.  Also Moses had the moon on his head not the bright light like the sun as the book says and according to Michelangelo’s Moses statue. Jordan says civilization began in Egypt and his number one student Tsarion says it started in Ireland. Just a slight disagreement among people, including Icke who don’t understand the Old Testament and think the so-called Jews were those people and Jesus was a Jew too. It’s all deliberate lies to keep you from uniting as to who you really are and they don’t want to hear your end at all. No phone calls, no comments, no challenges, just buy the books and be brainwashed like good goyim.
The crap is coming from all sides folks, but I want to give you my advice and that is if you can’t call someone yourself on the air about something they said over the air, don’t trust them. Lies get around fast for a reason and liars love microphones and not phones. One false mistake and you could blow these liars out of the water. You have to wonder why people want to only be heard on the Internet and not nationally. Nobody ever asks me to be on their national shows so I’ve never turned one down even though I’ve been on hundreds of them by calling them. I don’t expect anyone to come running to me, I want them running to the truth. These people don’t know nor ever will know what the truth is. There is always a drawback to these shills somewhere, they either go on a drunken rage, tell you stories of ghosts, have tattoos all over their face like heroin addicts, listen to them copy others words verbatim they copied off the Internet, they end up being homosexuals, tell you they are Christians and don’t believe the Bible with Christians and Muslims they do, etc… and they all get along like one big happy family. There is always always always a wad of BS connected to these people you were never quite sure of right from the very beginning. They bring in others they think are fabulous even though they are clueless and create splinter groups (all Jew tactics). Stick to your senses because that is what the truth usually is. You don’t go seeking the truth in the Middle East when America is on fire and you wouldn’t go to the other end of town to put out a fire when your own house is aflame. These people don’t know the Bible from their backsides and simply here to point you away from wherever Jews don’t want you to be. That’s where the money is and it’s a money-making business to them and the rest of us are out living the life of Reilly because we’re not sending them money. Get me that bucket again!
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One Response to Under Suspicion

  1. melgibstein says:

    Tupac Shakur seemed to have slid under the radar on these folks too and this is the rainbow coalition of so called truthers. Another chance to expose the protection Jews get right here in America and not a word from them and its too late now. I guess they dont see the significance of exposing JEWISH terrorist groups. They are cointel folks and they arent very intelligent. The taxpayers are being shafted once again. Achance to unite Blacks onto the Jew issue and they let it right through their legs like Bill Buchner. No, putting it on your website and flushing it down with crap isnt going to do it.

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