Jakob the Liar

With all the names of movies you would think there would be one with the name “Deniability”.  I would love and I really mean love to do this movie based on all the things Jews simply deny. They are caught all the time with their hand in the cookie jar and they just deny all day long and business is as usual. They wont and didn’t claim to be the people who brought African slaves to America and happily blame it on Whites without a shred of remorse, they didn’t do the USS Liberty on purpose, it wasn’t Jews who did 9/11 or 7//7 or the Beirut bombing, serial killers are almost always White (not Jews), Madoff didn’t rip-off the goyim he only ripped off poor Jews, Markoff didn’t murder anyone and is now dead, Son of Sam wasn’t Jewish, Jack the Ripper wasn’t Jewish, Jews don’t control the media, the Rabbi’s were going to pay the kids they took organs from, the Kosher Slaughterhouse in Iowa was a legit corporation following the best traditions of America and decency (not to mention all of God’s laws), Jews don’t control the Federal Reserve and its all a conspiracy. Jews don’t control Hollywood or organized crime and Al Capone was a Catholic Italian. Jews don’t run the pathetic porn industry all over the world, gambling rackets are run by altar boys not Jews. W.W.II was about the frying of 6 million Jews who had soap made out of them and even lampshades, their heads were shrunken and that’s final. No more discussion is allowed on the matter. If you do you will end up in jail or dead. Oh, the Jews don’t control the courts either. Judge Goldstern is of German descent, can’t you tell by the German name?
Yes, that is my real upper lip and not botox, those are my real boobs too, not what some ex car mechanic made on the factory line in Detroit. I would never pretend to be someone I’m not or Id be lying through my eh teeth (I bought them). I don’t see the harm in grocery stores putting the Jewish symbol on everything in the store even though I am part of 2% of the people at best. Everyone else should accommodate us Jews and I see absolutely nothing wrong with this. I got this job because I was the smartest or the best at what I do and it had nothing to do with me being Jewish like the Mafia, Federal Reserve, etc… We didn’t use cluster bombs on Lebanon, didn’t use white phosphorous on Palestine, we would never dare do a false flag to sway things our way. We would never start wars to benefit from and never have, AIPAC is a perfectly legitimate organization that has done nothing immoral or broke a single law. We dont paint swastika’s on our own synagogues to make it look like people hate us (why would anyone hate us?). We are completely for the Constitution and free speech. We had nothing to do with Communism and the deaths of tens of millions of White Christians in Europe, Roosevelt wasn’t a Jew, Stalin wasn’t a Jew, Churchill wasn’t a Jew, Leo Frank was innocent, there were never any Jewish ritual murders, we aren’t usurers or penny pinchers or cheap and leave big tips.
Without beating a dead horse here, Jews are never guilty of anything. They aren’t the richest people on the planet they are persecuted people. They don’t steal identities, names and countries and they were the true people who God chose for his sacred people . They want to be a separate people yet they brought Blacks to America as slaves, opened the gates for Latino’s and claim they aren’t hiring them and using them to destroy White Christians jobs. They invent nothing, yet they control everything (they will deny that too, however). The media isn’t changing, they are playing the fiddle while America burns, laughing, giggling all the way to the bank. The courts aren’t working for us, don’t answer to us and think we are farm animals, the FBI isn’t investigating, the CIA is sold out or Jews, the politicians are faggots and Jews, the entire country is sold out.
It really comes down to the same old story. Back in the days when men were men and someone was caught cheating they were either stopped cold or called out in the street after they were called a cheater. I am sure Jews would never go out in the street if they were caught and that’s why they are still here. The game changes with Jews, you can’t expect things to be honorable or done morally and especially with so many in high office today. They are all cheaters and they need to be rounded up (again). There is nothing so predictable than that in history. It is one of the most common occurrences throughout time. I’m here to tell you, whether you believe it or not “it’s that time again”! We are always wrong and they are always right. We are liars and they are truthtellers. We are inhuman and they are charitable. We are all war criminals and child molesters, etc. etc. etc and they are as pure as a lily. Have you had enough yet? Better let us know soon.
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