Close Encounters of the Second Kind

Is anyone getting the feeling we have been invaded by aliens? I’m not sure that’s fair in case there are good aliens out there. I certainly don’t want to badmouth reptiles because they pretty much leave folks alone. Lets just say they share many of the reptilian characteristics and some none of us really understand nor ever truly will. I have been studying this creature for some time now and one thing I have concluded is that they aren’t like the rest of us and definitely not of our species. They are deliberately destroying this planet and make people keep quiet about it. I don’t see any evidence of humanity in them. They are contrary to nature itself. No doubt its a Star Trek adventure that doesn’t seem to end. It might have something to do with the fact that we don’t attempt to end it ourselves like our ancestors did (PBUT).

Unfortunately things will continue to get swampy and smelly, mosquitoes will suck our blood and our world will turn into a muddy mess. It is truly a swamp out there and everywhere you look you see them. Boarding up your doors and windows wont help, they are on the TV and radio as well. They get inside and refuse to leave and they have you thinking they want to return to a place they have never been. The truth is they want America and Europe and could care less about the Middle East. They want the oil and the drugs to bankrupt you, poison you and wipe you off the map. They want your kids for mercenaries to do their deeds and you do them. They have brought in other peoples to starve you out, take your jobs and replace you like a door mat.

In case nobody has looked lately these people are all what some call Jews, an earthly name they morphed themselves into and are in all the high offices of the land now (a place our ancestors warned us about). You see while you have been crying for the persecuted Jews they have been corroding everything in your lives. They have complete control of your government, the media, money, the schoolbooks, the churches and on and on and on and some of you still claim you don’t see it. Some of you are so completely bamboozled that you want a Jew to tell you its the corporations or some other people, anyone but Jews. Jews blamed slavery on the Whites and the Blacks nor the Whites do anything about it. They did 9/11 and took our kids to war under false pretenses (lies). What in Gods name do they have to do to tick you off? You sit around and claim there is no free speech. Well ladies and gentlemen if you know who it is keeping you from your God-given rights then its time to act against it with our 2nd Amendment rights. Isnt that our Constitution? Isnt that what we stand for? Have you been castrated? My God I can’t believe I am living with such wusses. If the media traitors arent speaking out for us we need to give them a reason to.

I am very sorry to be that messenger of bad news, but its cleanup time in the house again. This time it isn’t a movie. This time you are the man. Is this the kind of world you want? Are we going to sit back and let our kids become slaves? Many people have lost their jobs and waiting for Goldstone or a tsunami or an earthquake or your food to be radioactive or the money to turn to mush and then what? Will you be in a better position for justice then? Are you defeated people or are you going to stand up and fight back? If you are waiting until your back is up against the wall you will get your wish, but they have plans for you up against the wall already and you don’t. If you want to win this you have to throw a wrench into the Jew machine and do what they don’t suspect- attack back HARD. If you are European you need to get that old warrior spirit back into your blood and you better be prepared to finish what you start or it just comes back like a disease. You probably think I am saying something unreasonable, but what is reasonable? Are you going to talk sense into a reptile? It’s not going to happen folks. Forghettaboutit! The first thing any soldier or warrior needs to do is know thy enemy. They have names and almost all of those names are dead set against EVERYTHING we stand for. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to live in that world. You are men or you are slaves. You want change? Youre not going to get it from this sold out government. Theyre all traitors and you know it. If we aren’t like them we need to start proving it. I’ve seen Jews get more upset about their eggs being cold than you when you lose everything your country stands for. Its time to steal back our country. Trying to reason with thieves wont work. They don’t play by the rules. Is that not the truth? Nothing else is working folks. Nothing! They want you up against the wall just like Katyn and don’t think they wont do it.  Some of you will wait for the women to do what you already should be doing. Can you honestly live with that?

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6 Responses to Close Encounters of the Second Kind

  1. Sen10L says:

    Yeah, we hear you! The time is fast approaching.

  2. JamesTheJust says:

    I can’t believe the ignorance and blindness of many White people. Some think I am too harsh when I say that ALL jews must be eliminated. We cannot afford to leave any of them alive.

    White people do not understand the power of genetics. They refuse to believe the truth in spite of all the evidences. jews are a disease! It is in their genetics and this disease has no cure. It must be completely destroyed.

    We cannot afford to allow our PERVERTED sense of Saxon-GOD-given justice to interfere with this mandate. Why do I say this sense of justice is perverted? Because when our forefathers entered into Canaan (yes the true Israelites were and are WHITE) our Heavenly Father commanded them to kill every single Canaanite.

    YAH has told us throughout scripture about the absolute evil of those creatures, who now go by the name “jew”. It was true then and it is true now. Leave none of them alive. They are a vile seed of a vile seedline. There is no other remedy than elimination.

    YAH help us!

  3. Ray Zerwitt says:

    But didn’t we do good deeds and cast out demons in your name??

    Depart from me, workers of iniquity. I never knew you.

    I used to think “wow, that’s harsh!”

    Now it’s more in perspective. 20 years ago, the pseudeo-christians had picture of a little Somali nigger baby prominently displayed in their living rooms, as a focal point and a conversation piece. As expected, people would ask “So, who’s the ugly little nigger baby?”, and they would seize the opportunity to tell all about how they’re giving their first fruits to support and raise the Somali nigger baby. Such a good deed.

    Now the little nigger baby is full grown, with animal lusts and a child’s mind and is stalking our fair daughters with a leering cowardly opportunism.

    And, just like feeding a beast, it now claims a right to your first fruits. A sense of entitlement. They empowered the locust army, now the torment of us all.

    Narcissists that they are, with a keen sense of self preservation, you can bet they live far away from the corner of MLK blvd and Prospect st., Anycity, USA. That warm fuzzy feeling they get when they do those things shouldn’t be trusted.

    If they only believed the words…

  4. Ray Zerwitt says:

    I just gotta add some weight to that

    Malachi 3:13
    Your words have been grievous against me, says the Lord. And, you say, What have we spoken against thee?
    You have said, We have served God in vain; what have we profited that we have kept his ordinances and that we have walked meekly before the Lord of hosts?
    And henceforth we call the wicked blessed; yea, they that work wickedness are well established; they tempt God, and yet they are delivered.

    They that work wickedness are blessed by the pseudeo-christians, led by the parrots in the bethels, who tithe and even pray for them. Electing Obama was the zenith of this.

    Workers of iniquity, indeed.

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