The Meaning of Life

The lies are building up and people are starting to gurgle some signs of recognizing they have been shafted. It just wont sink in to their fragile eggshell minds that the whole house has been taken over by termites and dropping in their food, water, books, money, media, government, etc… They are going to have to blurt it out sooner or later and call it exactly what it is. Do people actually think calling a termite an ant will change anything? Ants have no history of destroying homes unless you live in the jungle of course. No, termites destroy homes not ants and killing ants is nothing like killing termites. You must first define the difference and admit you have a termite problem. It’s so basic it makes me want to puke!
You would think after seeing all these termites (Jews) eating your house away you wouldn’t want one to tell you you have a termite problem (the termite will tell you how to get rid of termites in your opinion and expect us to believe it). Termites eat houses and if you want them to stick around for any reason they will, but they’re still termites. Can someone explain to me how the Irish Catholics voted in Jews as their representatives during religious disputes with Protestants? How did John Kerry become Senator of an Irish Catholic state when he is a marrano Jew? Am I missing something folks? Am I the crazy lunatic antisemite or are they the fools? Many things in life make no sense whatsoever. The Federal Reserve is a Jewish synagogue of Satan crime syndicate and everyone wants to vote a guy into the presidency that has a permanent smile on his face (Paul). They want Jesse Ventura that never utters the words USS Liberty and says SEAL in every sentence. You want a goddam Schiff to handle your new treasury. Are you people out of your gourds?
You listen to Jews tell you its the bankers, the corporations, the Illuminati, the Nazi’s, etc.  When they utter that word “Nazi” you should have them pegged to the wall folks and I’m not going to go over all that again. 100 million Russians were murdered and or starved, 14 million Germans bombed, starved and Jews planned a lot more, Jews killed the Poles at Katyn execution style like a slaughterhouse. Are you freaking lunatics?
When you see anyone in person, when you hear someone on the radio that pretends to be in a position of government or media, put them on the spot and ask the hard questions. Ask them if the Federal Reserve is Jewish. Get them on the record. Make them show the world whose side they are on. Be receptive as to what people aren’t talking about and what they are and make them talk about the real issues. What do they think of slavery and who ran it? What do they think about the organ harvesting in the Jewish communities? What do they think of AIPAC, Abramoff, Marc Rich, Jews who claim to be Italian mobsters, etc… You will find good and evil when you ask those questions dead on. If they hesitate, give them another chance for the record, but no more.
Anyone looking around today knows there are three types of people on earth. 1. There are Jews and their cryptos and willing accomplices. 2. The sheep   3. People who are exposing the truth with no restraints. If someone commits a murder or criminal activity they are identified as who they are-period. The sheep just baaaaa baaaaaah, you can spot them in a second, but the truthtellers hit back hard because they have been hit hard. If you are too scared to hit back harder, you aren’t needed (it’s that simple). It’s too late in the game to be throwing jabs. You are on the verge of chaos and you better learn how to hit back HARD and you better not be swinging at shadows. Untill then get me another bucket! Why you arent hitting back on a massive scale makes me queasy.
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2 Responses to The Meaning of Life

  1. ed says:

    ‘3. People who are exposing the truth with no restraints.’

    And the truthers get ridiculed in MSM because the ‘system’ is based on lies.

  2. GTRman says:

    “The Wright Stuff” is a so-called debate show on weekday mornings on UK TV , presented by ex-tabloid hack Matthew Wright. Studio audience of about 30 cretins that just want to get on telly , panel of 3 pundits , ( usually jew , gay , black , female or all of the above )

    Latest ” what’s the world coming to ” stories from UK.

    (Matthew Wright for a change has two, yes TWO heterosexual white males on his panel, as well as the multiple-box-ticking Yasmin Alibhai-Brown: – female, ‘ethnic’, feminist, lefty..she was also on the “Question Time ” panel last night )

    One of the men, actor Neil Stuke, has been on the show all week and was the lone voice of scepticism re: Bin Laden.

    Was called a “conspiracy theorist” many times by Wright. I doubt whether he will be invited back as he has provided something very rare on telly these days: Genuine emotional responses to the insanity of the world as it is today. Today he sat with his head in his hands, just shaking his head, saying repeatedly, ” What has happened to this country ? “.

    Even looked like he was just going to walk off in despair.

    Rare and refreshing to see what I would consider real reactions to the “state of things”. Personally, I’d like some RAGE and FURY!

    Compare and contrast:

    “I inject my 7-year-old girl with Botox, fill her lips and I have tattooed her eyebrows”

    WHILE most seven-year-old girls play dress-up with mum’s lipstick, little Bree Evans expertly smears gloss to her COSMETICALLY ENHANCED lips.

    The primary age schoolgirl is injected with BOTOX and FILLERS by her mother Sharon every two months.

    Not only that, Bree has also had her eyebrows TATTOOED on.

    The single mum, 33, uses the dangerous cosmetic procedures because she is desperate for her daughter to be famous.

    She wants her to be as successful as chart-topping American child actress Willow Smith, ten – daughter of Hollywood couple Will and Jada Pinkett Smith.

    Sharon’s short-term aim is for her rigorous beauty regime and cosmetic surgery to help her girl triumph in beauty pageants.

    Sharon, who took a beautician’s course several years ago, buys the Botox and fillers online and injects them into Bree’s face herself.

    She tattooed on her daughter’s eyebrows after learning how to do it from an ex-boyfriend who was a professional tattooist.

    Sacked for ‘abuse’, teacher who carried naughty boy of six in from playground

    A respected deputy head was sacked after she helped carry a boy of six into school when he refused to leave the playground.

    Debbie Ellis, who had an unblemished 20-year career, was accused of ‘physical and emotional abuse’ after she and a teaching assistant lifted the boy by his armpits – even though his mother didn’t complain.

    Mrs Ellis had taken action because a sex offender had recently been spotted at the school gates.

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