White Men Can’t Jump in the Truth Movement

Have you ever noticed how so-called truther’s (who prove they don’t even know answers to their own questions on their websites) never include information about Sephardic Jews or whether they are antiChrist, antiMuslim or simply impostors and or liars? Some people I have heard claiming they know the Bible call them “blood Jews”. These were the Jews who ran the slave and drug trade from top to bottom (just two out of many other major crimes). In fact a Sephardic Rabbi was caught trafficking Black kids out of Haiti for either sex purposes or to harvest their body parts (God only knows). We have a lot of Sephardic Blacks nobody ever talks about either (they don’t rate as high as Mestizo Sephardic Jews). They actually believe these Mestizo’s who shedded their hooked noses are the descendants of Jesus (The Greatest Story Ever Told). Ever notice when a Jew goes on a shooting spree or a Jew slashes a cabby’s throat you get nothing but denial or complete ignorance from these very same so-called “truther’s”. The next day they will be screaming “Israel did this or Israel did that”, but they are never around to expose the crime right here in our own country. It doesn’t even phase them that Jesus sought out “but the lost sheep of the House of Israel”. They let Jews just take that word like Winona Ryder in the drug store.
These folks feel the need to include Muslims, Blacks, Jews, Arabs (everyone) to expose Jews that are causing all the crime. Part of the crime Jews have created is disrupting our countries by bringing people here that shouldn’t be for various reasons. The founding father’s of this country designed the Constitution for Whites, not Jews, not Muslims or Blacks (sorry!). The reason why you are here is because Jews want you here to destroy our country(s) period. Somehow these truther’s want the same thing, ever notice? They want everyone to meld together and leave out the, wait for it……blood Jews. How convenient?
How do these so-called Christians become so anti-Christian and idolize the Moors and claim they were more advanced than the White Europeans? Why are these truthers so anti-White, pro-Arab and pro Sephardic Jew? Is there a connection? I think there is. These people are on the side of Jews far more than they are White Christians. They do nothing but attack Christianity and others have pointed that out in which I entirely agree. A huge percentage of them have next to no belief in Christianity, including some that claim they are Christian.
Do you notice how this attitude has joined in others who never mention Sephardic Jews and are constantly praising so-called “good Jews” constantly? They can’t do a single show without finding a good Jew to praise. Yes it is hard to do, but they make some up if they can’t find a new one. It is becoming another Jeff Rense site with an entire conglomeration of shills and not one White Christian who actually stands up for his race or his religion. Is that a coincidence folks? The last guy who spoke about Whites anywhere near them ended up dead with his wife. Was that  a coincidence folks? Was Yankee Jim a coincidence with Hal Turner? Edgar Steele likes to say “There are no coincidences”. Coincidentally I haven’t heard anyone from this group speaking out about Edgar even though he is just a short drive away. Is that another coincidence folks? What do you think, Edgar?
There are many ways to stunt the growth of a movement and that’s by keeping people off their game. You can’t fight for your religion when people disregard the Bible for Christians and hold the Koran dear for Muslims and atheist Sephardic Jews. You can’t fight for your race when they are condemning White people for being dupes and crimes they didn’t commit (do you hear these people talking about slavery?). Why aren’t these Blacks discussing who took them as slaves? I guess it doesn’t matter to them and bashing duped Whites is easier game. You see there are no Black dupes, Lebanese dupes, Muslim dupes, Arab dupes and they never mention the Druze. Is that another coincidence folks? Druze look like Arabs folks and serve time in the IDF and are in Lebanon and Israhell. Sephardic Jews know very well part of keeping you off your game is to mix in other peoples, drugs, porn, alcohol (more drugs), gambling, whatever they can. It is a destructive process to stunt you. Jews aren’t starting gambling halls, opium dens and brothels in Palestine, but it would destroy them just as quickly as they are now without bombs as it has in Europe and America. I would prefer Jews to attempt bombing us so we would attack back because people don’t know that these Jews destroy with and without bombs and that White Christians are numero uno on the list.
The truth is you are wanted to follow them (if you hate Europe and Christianity). Leave your religion and your genes behind and go with them to fight the *bugle please* Khazar’s. If there are Whites out there who aren’t proud of it we wont miss you. Some whites already involved want you to follow along and have even changed their names already (in real life). Ladies and gentlemen I would never change my real name- ever. I am not in this for contributions or fame or to lead people to do what they should already be doing. I’m not here to sell books or juice or herbs and spices or to beg you to pay for my new laptop that my kid stuck his peanut butter and jelly sandwich and diaper on. I am here to expose enemies of my people so they can bring back good to this world even though others think they know better and that the world was just as bad before all this with Whites (even though they happen to live here).
If you were in prison you would know who your people were because its nature. Naturally you want your own people to be protected first and Whites big mistake is to worry about others first. If you are running around the world helping everyone Jews bomb you wont have time for your own. Its part of the game to keep you off your game. My suggestions to all of you is to make a list on what is important to you, then what’s important to your family, what’s important to God, what’s important to your home, your country, your people (not necessarily in that order), but these things should be first on your list. If you don’t do these things first you cannot help others at all. Staying on your game is the natural flow of things. There are no lies needed and nothing to be embarrassed of. I want to help Arabs and Muslims after I help my own and all peoples against the Jew (both kinds), but first you must do what God called you to do. These truthers have no idea what that is.
Take a look around to who these people are linked with. All of them come from the same Alex Jones type CRAP and were in this for profit from the beginning. They have to stay linked to Jew sites because miraculously Jews have the biggest so called anti “bugle again” Zionist sites. A Zionist isnt a criminal until he murders or steals or terrorizes, etc. and then they are murderers, liars, thieves and terrorists or abet them. The founding father’s gave everything they owned for this country and these guys are profiting from it (because they use the word Jews want them to use). You wont hear these guys badmouthing buying gold with Jewish Federal Reserve notes. Buy gold with Jew notes before the Jew notes are gone and simply beamed into gold like Star Trek. They don’t see a thing absurd about it. Do you think Jews don’t have their people in place to divert you right over a cliff? I asked one of these so-called truther’s to call the Liddy show (national attention) and Id have it all set up and he declined. Instead Press TV of Iran is where he wants to be (and God knows who runs that in Iran). If this isn’t about getting the message out to America first, what is it folks? It’s another Jew con.
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One Response to White Men Can’t Jump in the Truth Movement

  1. GTRman says:

    jew Stone puts jew Sheen in movie ’bout jew war . jew stone makes anti-jew comments as does jew sheen till everyone realises both are jews , meanwhile , some other jews have bombed some muzzies…again. What a stinkin’ swamp.

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