Nightmare on K Street

Lately I have been accused of being a Kosher nutcase by some so-called ugly truther’s. How dare I speak out about the Kosher fraud anyway? I should be selling USS Liberty books even though I had nothing to do with it and profit off it like others (never miss a good crisis). How dare I claim that specific people never mention certain things that blow other truthers philosophies out of the water? First of all, in order to talk about Kosher you have to know what a Jew is and it will also change your mind on what a Zionist is. These folks use these Biblical words all the time, yet they let their true meanings get entirely abused, exactly what the Jews want (I’ll get into that a little later here). Firstly, Kosher is an important subject for a plethora of reasons and I will touch on some of them now.
Kosher fits in with the power Jews have over our money, our media, our school system and many other entities today. All of them are completely controlled by Jews (again, we will discuss what a Jew is later and it always has to be pointed out or you are simply buying into one lie that always leads to another). Kosher fits in because like money, you can only use Jew corrupted money (every conversation about Jews should always have the completely corrupted Jew money system discussed simply to show these people are liars, thieves and murderers and follow none of Gods laws) that corrupts everything it is exchanged for. You simply have no choice, its Jew money or no food from the grocery store. Like kosher food on the shelves, your media is controlled by Jews, but the media says they don’t and it never goes any further than that in the media and it is just dust in the wind- on to another subject. You are told to change the channel, but they are all Jew channels. Like Kosher food, you can’t go to another brand of pasta, peanut butter, etc… because it’s all Kosher. How did 2% Jews manage to control 98% of the peoples food? If that doesn’t get you FUMING I frankly don’t know what will, folks.
I could go into hundreds of industries Jews run, but food should never ever be one of them and that is why I get irate when it’s not discussed. If anyone out there can honestly claim they trust Jews with their food with the Jews track record of absolute pollution of the earth is simply a loony tunes or a Jew himself. It doesn’t take a Columbo to figure that out. Jews have a history of poisoning wells, starting viruses (also now on the computer as well), murdering innocent people in more vile ways than anyone that ever walked the earth.
But what gets me about the so-called truth movement or people who claim to be fighting against “Zionist” power are either being deliberately wrong or are too stupid to connect the dots. A Zionist is a Jew made up word that simply crept in like a rat chewing through the drywall. There is nothing about Jews returning to Israel or even Judea in the Bible. 95% of so-called Jews aren’t from Judea and the Sephardic Jews were not Judahites (of Judah). I am very sorry to inform you that the Bible happens to be a racial book, but it is. People of Judah were being ruled by Rome and the Idumeans (Herod was an Idumean). We are supposed to believe they fell off the face of the earth too along with the true Israelites who dispersed many many times throughout Europe. Jews claim they are religious Jews and racial Jews when in fact neither is possible. The Khazars are Jews by claiming they follow Judaism or the Talmud (that has nothing to do with Judah folks, nothing!!!). The Sephardic Jews are not related to Judah either and got their name from the Sepharvaim (look it up). They were mixed peoples and my apologies to some of you, but that makes them impure racially.
So here we have people who have been given the ability to completely take over our food supply because people believe they are Gods chosen, the people of the Old Testament, etc. when it is another blatant LIE. They are in control of our food to destroy-period as they do everything else they touch. Where are the great inventions these people have brought humanity? They are contrary to humanity and yet Christians want to continue to buy their controlled food products? It’s beyond insane! These people run organ harvesting rings (the very same so-called religious people) of young children’s body parts, run porn, gambling, organized crime, NAMBLA, homosexuality, feminism groups and on and on. How can you possibly mock someone who claims it is important to rid ourselves of this filthy corrupted food of theirs? I’m not getting it folks.
The Kosher industry combined with everything else will get people thinking and fast if told correctly so they can go into their own kitchen cabinets and see their mark is on their food right at home without them even ever hearing about it. Then when you tell them it was Jews who brought the slaves here and blamed it on Whites it might start to make sense to them. Include that with telling them that if Jews can take hold of our food supply, our media, our money, our history books, etc… why on earth wouldn’t they practice their so-called laws in OUR courtrooms? The truth is they do, folks and not according to the Old Testament, but the Talmud. Most of you get the two entirely mixed up and its exactly why they do it. Jesus called them hypocrites, but he also called them devil’s. They mix truth in with lies for an outcome and they control your food without a doubt for other reasons rather than religious ones. There are 2% Jews in the world roughly, maybe quite a bit more, but the truth is more than 3/4ths of them don’t believe in God at all and aren’t Zionists. Why would they want Jew stamped food in America if they want to be in Israhell? Kosher food indicates they aint leaving, folks. Are we to believe these are the good Jews who know all our food is prepped specifically for them in mind? How can we all be anti-Semites when literally nobody is talking about this? Is this a secret that NY alone spent 10 billion dollars last year for kosher certification from NY Jewish groups alone? God knows how much my home state spent. Most people have no clue it’s even being spent and what they are paying for on both ends of the food market. You can’t call these people Zionists, folks and the ugly truther’s don’t want to expose Jews or they expose most of their guests as well and wont be promoted on the Jewish WRH  type websites and that web of Jew Alex Jones nonsense.
The bottom line is this is all about getting to the bottom of things. Turn it upside down and shake it on its head and see what flies out of its pockets or just perpetuate old lies. Jesus did not have a hooked nose despite what some truthers believe. They want to honor Mel Gibson the guy who made every dime he made in a Jewish industry with Jews. If I never saw a movie in my life Id be better off and I’m not doing this because I love Jew movies and they’re all Jew movies folks if they’re not telling the truth about the people who have almost destroyed everything good in the world today. Slavery movies bashing Whites and Jews were left out, Katyn movie and Jews left out, Mafia movies, banking movies, Civil War movies, W.W.II movies and no mention of over 100 million Russian Whites dead because of Jews, 14 million Germans dead because of Jews on and on and on. Why aren’t we OUTRAGED about this?
Jews not only control the media, banks, History books, churches, grocery stores, etc…, but they also, get this, they also have a Jewish section in most major grocery stores. How in Gods name do you put up with it? So because they monopolize the food you take it as Jews following their religion, yet when they run the organ harvesting rackets, run ecstasy and cocaine into America and swinging chickens around their heads and throw them in dumpsters left to rot in the rain you still call them following the Old Testament? They are complete impostors and why you would trust one of them is beyond me. 2% Jews in the world and they control everything. Do the math how much damage one Jew can do.
One last thing, you people out there need to get back to the basics where new listeners can also begin with you on just what a Jew is, what a Zionist is, what an Idumean is, what Khazars are, etc… I hear people saying they have no Jewish blood in them, but what do they mean? Do they mean they are not of Shem? Well you are wrong. Europeans are directly related to Shem and Jews are not. If you looked into true History you would see the immense lie Jews are perpetrating against us, but who would expect anything else? Don’t take anything for granted especially when its related to Jews. Study every word they say and expose the hypocrisy of it. Look for it or it will simply corrupt you. Figure out how Jews take-over words, names and identities and make them their own. They simply carry them over for their next generation to use against your children. So what you may think to be ridiculous to expose now wont be ridiculous to your children because it wont make it to them. Stop their lies cold and there’s plenty of them. Expose every last one of them and have some fun doing it.
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2 Responses to Nightmare on K Street

  1. ed says:

    Your site is really great! Campbells announced last year that they were going to introduce a halal soup, and all MSM went apeshit, and it was all islamophobia.Given the choice I avoid kosher. They even have it on dish soap.. I favor boycott and mandatory large letter labeling. Maybe a class action if there is a lawyer willing to risk his life. The labeling is small to trick you, I always thought the U in a circle meant union made. The try and hide it with hieroglyphics to trick customers.

  2. Bailey says:

    A little angry, i like that.

    Soon boycotting Kosher will mean we have nothing to eat, i’ve noticed recently that the K is now on store brands as well as name brands.
    Don’t forget that your garbage bags are kosher now too.
    I point out the kosher scam all the time in supermarkets, your right it is fun and most people are interested in what i show them but the old folks are the most fun.
    You’ll see them in the next isle bitching about it .

    Nice site, i’ll be checking out more of it.

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