Hang’em High

What happened to Jarod Loughner? As soon as it turned out that someone said Loughner was Jewish the whole subject dropped off the map. Why isn’t the media talking about Madoff or the Fed being a Jewish crime racket? Are we to continue to believe these blatant liars that pretend they don’t know this? Where is the talk about slaves being brought to America by Jews or the fact that Jews want illegals here to produce their so-called kosher food for dirt cheap and to mongrelize America even further? That’s exactly what they are doing, but you fear being mistaken for blaming a people with a well-known history of this? PATHETIC!!! If they don’t see it- to hell with them. The media doesn’t see any of it either and they just go on to the next day worse than the last. Instead of hanging these people for treason like we should they are given the opportunity to lie another day as if they’ve done nothing.
Where is the talk about Jewish organized crime or how Jews were all over 9/11? Where is the talk about Jews starting the NAACP even though they brought Blacks here as slaves in the most inhumane and secretive ways to begin with? It is insane that we put up with this. Where is the total outrage? Absolutely nothing from the media as if we were all gutless wimps who wont act against this. White people have been blamed for every foul crime and abomination in the world when it was completely evident it was Jews 100% of the time. Recently while reading about the Long Island serial murders I discovered from one of the writers that Whites are almost always the Serial Killers and Jews were not mentioned at all. Why are Jews G_ds chosen when spoken of and merely Whites when serial killers, child molesters, etc., etc… categories come up? Isn’t this somewhat hypocritical to even the casual lemming out there? I am betting a white man is suspected of these murders and then many months after the real Jewish murderer will be revealed when everything is calmed down and the sheep are hooked on the “Balloon Boy” story or something similar. It is blatantly beyond belief this is allowed to continue. If the media doesn’t change soon folks, we have to change them. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?
History books have been changed so to not expose doubt that Jews are lying about slavery, the Civil War, W.W.II, W.W.I, the Bolshevik Revolution, Katyn. My God every single event in history is a big fat Jew lie and many times a complete conglomeration of Jew lies. Ladies and gentlemen, it would take me a week to expose all the crimes of Jews alone and we are to believe these are Gods chosen and a persecuted people? It is the most pathetic attempt to slander others and yet there are no lawsuits, no outrage and no retaliation. In fact on some Internet radio stations I hear people who sound like their tongues have been beaten with a meat tenderizer claiming Europeans are just as bad as Jews. Ladies and gentlemen if they talk like Barney Frank they are Jews-period. Anyone who tries to amplify their voices when they sound like they have a kosher pickle in their mouth you need to turn that damned station off immediately.
Jews are supposedly going to celebrate Passover this month as if they were the blood relatives of the Israelites. You might even see a Jarod Loughner (guy with a Sukkot in his backyard) shooting or a Baruch Goldstein massacre to make it look as if they were related to thee Baruch of Jeremiah, but Baruch was no Khazar folks. Goldstein was no relation to the Israelites whatsoever. The Sephardic Jews were the Sepharvaim (it doesn’t mean Spanish, but I guess Jews can make it whatever they want and you morons will believe that too) so much of this garbage that is happening is for the so-called greater good of Jews (certainly not for true Israel). Kol Nidre isn’t of Israel and being usurers isn’t of Israel, murder isn’t of Israel or child molestation (absolutely Jews can be Catholic priests, but who will investigate it?). The Talmud is a complete abomination of God entirely, yet people still protect these antichrist, anti-God alien beings. Do you actually believe these were the people of the Old Testament? Do you actually believe they would mistranslate words they supposedly wrote themselves purposely (they mistranslated their own truth into lies?)? They were called serpents continually throughout the Bible because they are weeds that grow all in and around us, dividing us, separating us, ruining our fruit, getting in the way of our sunshine, strangling us and the truth.
Jewish news websites have nothing but Jewish trash (all of them, that is correct) on their sites linking to more Jews, multiplying the lies and the dumb idiot goyim can’t get enough of it (Jewish Veterans Today- give me a BREAK!). Even the so-called top dogs in the anti-duh Zionist movement get their news articles from Jew sites because they are Jews themselves. Anyone that thinks for a second that its acceptable to look for a Jew for the truth is a complete sellout or Jew (there is no other logical explanation). I would say it makes zero sense, but it does make sense, they work for the enemy-period. They are going to set you up for a fall because that’s what they are there for. It’s so blatantly obvious, but you are hypnotized by Jew lies just like the Talmudvision-no different. You just can’t make that final leap into total truth and separate yourselves from the biggest liars on earth right out of the chute. I pity you fools who think you are doing anyone any good and I pity you if you are simply crypto Jews because the truth will come out eventually. If you are a bullshitter I am coming after you. I am waiting for you to make your move, but I already know who you are.
What we have in the truth movement is a bunch of Jew deflectors who calm down a situation when Jews are completely guilty. A Loughner comes along and the machine claims he wasn’t a Jew. A red-headed taxi occupant says he is a Jew, slashes a Muslims neck and the machine says he was a “White Boy”. Ladies and gentlemen, the war is on White people not Muslims and groups (Jews) are already in place to do this on the internet. Europeans didn’t build their great cities to be inhabited by Jews or the slaves Jews brought in or the schools Jews wanted foreign exchange students to attend or have the Haji marts, hotels, Kosher slaughterhouses, movies, newspapers, courtrooms, etc… flooded with Jews and their dupes brought here to destroy US (You know US the US- the real US). Europeans were doing just fine without you and you are all welcome to leave immediately back to your hell-holes even you crypto Indian Jews. White people are under attack no-one else. If Jews wanted to destroy the Lebanese or Muslims or Indians they would simply move in with them, but the bulk of them happen to be here and in Europe. Muslims aren’t the last stand, Whites are and everyone knows it or you wouldn’t be here would you?  When you hear anyone take their mind off the Jews for a second you cannot trust them folks. I don’t hate Muslims or Buddhists or anyone, but if you are screwing up my country I am going to expose you and unite the clans against you. Nobody has suffered more than Whites with all this Jew filth going on in America and the world today in several subtle ways only Satan’s kids are capable of. Every single issue related to the destruction of America or Europe is directly related to the sons of Satan Jews. They want us bred out of existence and completely defamed in their cesspool media. I call for these people to be hanged for treason and I’m not kidding in the slightest.
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4 Responses to Hang’em High

  1. GTRman says:

    comment lost here. 2 links?

  2. jeanjessup says:

    Excellent article!

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