Slaughterhouse 666

How many times have you seen people in the movies pointing their guns at someone? Everybody has a gun pointed at someone, but the ones who are actually breaking all the laws. You’ll see Blacks shooting Blacks, Blacks shooting Whites, Whites shooting Muslims, Muslims bombing Whites, Indians shooting Whites, Irish shooting the Irish, but Jews are never being shot. Even when Jews have a history of so much crime you wont see Jews shooting or being shot for something they are guilty of. You will see the Russian Mafia (which is Jewish but never called Jews), you will see Italian Mafia (Jews), but never called Jews, you don’t see any movies about Murder Inc., the Purple Gang, etc. portrayed as the Jews they are. Everybody is guilty, but Jews in the media, yet in real life they are the biggest criminal organization the world has ever produced (if in fact they are of this world).
No movies of Jews bombing the Marine Barracks in Beirut and not even any discussion of it. No movies about the Jewish Federal Reserve that has caused hell on earth and nobody seems to even be the slightest upset about. No movies about the Katyn Massacre of Polish Catholics that has now been confirmed that it was indeed Stalin’s (Dhjughasvili or Kochba’s) NKVD Jews even though it can’t be denied. No movies about how Jews financed Communism with our own money out of the USA (just a little fact not allowed to be told). How about a movie about Jews running the slave trade? Instead you sit back and let them blame it on Whites. Even Blacks are too dumb to figure that out and blame Whites anyway. No movies about Jews as terrorists like Baruch Goldstein, Adam Pearlman, Jews in the IRA, Jews murdering non Jews in the King David Hotel. No movies showing the true filth of the gambling industry, instead they are praised in these movies and you go along with it like gullible morons. No movies portraying the truth about W.W.II debunking the plethora of Jewish lies about the so-called “Holocaust” (even though most people know it’s all crap they still don’t demand the truth). It truly is the Outer Limits and they are in complete control of not only your TV, but inside your brain like maggots eating it away from the inside out.
I’m waiting for the Rabbi organ harvesting movie to come out, but I’m not holding my breath. The movie in Turkey that just mentioned Jews harvesting organs was outlawed in the USA. You see everyone else can be bashed and lied about, but we can’t even tell the God’s honest truth about Jews doing such a heinous thing. What the hell is wrong with you? How about movies about Jews poisoning the wells in Europe or Jewish ritual murder? And you call these people persecuted? How about a movie on how Jews really made their money or how they are behind every anti Christian group in the world and we can’t even form a group counter acting this? How about a movie on the little Jews have contributed to anything good to mankind and steal others inventions, ideas, identities, etc.? How about a true movie about the life of Christ and leave out NOTHING. Indicate who the Idumeans were or are today and what really happened to the Israelites. How about a movie explaining the Talmud (we know that one wont happen in the Jew media, but people are free to bash the Koran and Old Testament at will). I am for freedom folks, true freedom to expose it all, not just non-Jew things( I call them Jews because they have convinced you through their books and media that they are related to the Biblical Judah even though they can’t prove it). We are supposed to trust these people?
How about a movie about 9/11 and 7/7 and all the Jews involved? Even Fox News reported this and the traitors deny it now. How about a movie on all the monopolies Jews have on the non Jews in the Kosher business or a movie about the largest bust of illegal aliens working at a Kosher slaughterhouse ever in the USA? You wont be getting that movie any time soon folks. I love when you try to explain to people that Jews run the Federal Reserve and that it goes in direct opposition to anything Biblical (usury, thievery, etc) and when I mention the control Jews have of our food in the Kosher industry they say “It’s just Jews following their dietary laws”. THEY DONT FOLLOW ANY OF GODS LAWS!!! (take a deep breath-ok)  How about movies on the slime Jews have brought to our once Christian country in porn, homosexuality, feminism, child molestation (that’s a reptile thing folks not a White thing).
Main stream media, local or national is completely designed to give you nothing but pure lies. There is nothing true in any one of their movies, newspapers ask Helen Thomas what she can and can’t talk about. Instead there is always a subtle lie to manipulate you against your own and leave their own out of the picture altogether when their filthy money they create out of thin air corrupts EVERYTHING. Think about that for a while. Turn off that Talmudvision first. Think of how we are under attack and we do nothing to reciprocate. I don’t know where you learned or when you were programmed to sit back and do nothing, but I wasn’t and I refuse to. The truth is it is time to reciprocate and then live in peace among ourselves without all this Jewish FILTH. You are with me and Jesus or against us. Part of following God’s laws is enforcing them. You either serve God or Mammon and you have chosen the latter. Why would God help you when he knows you will simply go with him like you go with these criminals now? How can he even help you if you don’t help yourselves save yourselves? If you have no freedom to tell the truth you are a slave and if you allow your brothers and sisters to be betrayed you are traitors. You have been programmed by your enemy. Its time to exit this Babylonian (confusion) stupor and separate yourselves from Jews completely because of the simple fact that they are destroying your culture, world, country, mind and soul. Jews have no reason for an Exodus, you do.
Whatever is now to become of our monetary system that is in complete shambles because of Jews you can be sure it will become worse in the hands of Jews. For some reason people think gold and silver will save them when our country and our world is being controlled by a criminal band of demons. No folks that is another big fat Jew lie, gold will not save you it will sink you. We have Jews in control of our military draining our country dry and used as mercenaries spreading the Jew sickness throughout the world now. This cancer must be cut out like the trachea of a cow and dropped on its fat ass.
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One Response to Slaughterhouse 666

  1. GTRman says:

    Try to see the British film “An Education”. Subtle , but enough to get’em screeching.

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