The Fly

Jews are very much like flies because they get in and you never know exactly how they did. Who let them in? Who left the door, window or crack in the screen unmended? I certainly didn’t ask them in because they want to live off my blood and my kids blood to feed their own and have more bloodsuckers. The only difference is a fly doesn’t lie. It can’t disguise itself as human, but the Jews I am most concerned about are not only the ones that lie by saying they aren’t Jews, but Jews who say they are Jews and lie about everything else. They lie either way if you look into it in-depth. For instance I hear Jews who say they are of Sephardic ancestry (meaning racial Jews because they’re certainly not Spanish), they might speak Spanish, but Spain wouldn’t have anything to do with them after trying everything under the sun. So when a person says he is Sephardic or his parents are Sephardic is he saying that his Jewish relatives (that he believes) wrote the Bible (that he doesn’t believe) were liars? Or is he saying Jews didn’t write the Bible at all and pretend they did (still lying)? Therefore he believes his ancestors are liars and he doesn’t want you to believe them like your ancestors did (who are now dead) and to believe him as your ancestors believed his. The guy doesn’t even have to change his bait. Face it, you are looking for a Jew to trust because you are simply a sadomasochist who just loves to be shafted. Ive never seen anything so ignorant in my entire life. Ladies and gentlemen are you really that stupid? There is no hope for you if that’s true.
I apologize for the complexity of this, but that’s the way they have been working things for over 2000 years just snaking in and out of words, names, identities. Ladies and gentlemen I tell you right now this, if there were 1000 of me we would not have a Jew problem on this earth today because we would all be bombarding every free speech outlet there is and if that didn’t work we would take it to the streets and it’s because the nature of this is the gutter, folks. I simply will not stand for gutter people ruining my country and people-period.
The biggest mistake people make about Jews and have been for centuries is believing these are the people of the Bible. They are not folks and if you looked into the origins of people you will see where you are from. Many many books tell of the migrations of the Israelites (the real ones) into Europe. For Gods sakes look it up. They stole our past just like they stole your mind on World War II and claimed 6 million Jews were gassed and put into ovens like Domino’s pizza’s. It’s all HOGWASH folks. These people don’t invent anything, they steal things and I mean everything that isn’t bolted down including your minds. They tell you exactly what you want to hear and sucker you in like a spider to its web. Just look who owns the media and speaking of web they are out here too, but they aint comin in here.
If you are interviewing a Jew simply have him explain what makes him a Jew right from the beginning so there is never a wire crossed. For instance some Jews claim Jews are a race and some say its a religion, but you see them contradict themselves all the time. You will see Sephardic Jews crying about Ashkenazi’s, but never about the millions and millions and millions of White Russian Christians. How do they miss this? Even the Jews who say they don’t believe the Jewish religion and don’t believe Jews are a race think the same way and nobody seems to see the hypocrisy. Lets go back to the beginning, the fundamentals or ABC’s of what exactly a Jew is before we move further OK? We already know 95% of them are Jews who say they are Jews who say they are Jews who are not (read that again). Do these Jews avoid saying the media is Jewish or that the Fed is Jewish or that porn is Jewish or that slavery was Jewish etc…? Of course they do. Why on earth do you want to listen to someone protect these criminals?
Do you realize how many people married Jews thinking they married one of Gods chosen? What they married is a lying reptile I am sorry to tell them, but will they admit who they married? I would say 99% wont. The truth is the people who marry into them and even believe them have no idea who they themselves or Jews are. They are lost sheep ready for the slaughter. So you see it is grave that people know who Jews are and who Jews aren’t. Lets take Charlie Sheen for example. He flew into the 9/11 truth movement as if he was Irish like Mel Gibson. You think being a Jew has something to do with not identifying the correct criminals who carried that act out? Charlie came out and said “I am a Jew because my mother was a Jew so that makes my kids Jews”. Actually eh no that is incorrect. You are a Jew because you have a Jewish mother and you coincidentally copulated with a Jew and spawned more Jews (the best business move he ever made). So you see even when they tell the truth its to lead into a lie.  Jews say they are Jews because their mother was a Jew, but when did this crap begin, with the Khazars or the Edomites who were mixed peoples to begin with? It all makes no sense. White people can, however claim that they are pure because they ARE!
Here is a clip from Ramon Gerardo Antonio Estevez’ (Martin Sheen’s) bio- The family lived on St. John’s Road, Pembroke, just outside the capital, Hamilton. Sheen was the first of the children born in the United States.[7] At age 14, he organized a strike of golf caddies while working at a private golf club in Dayton, Ohio. He complained about the golfers: “They often used obscene language in front of us. . . . we were little boys and they were abusive . . . anti-Semitic . . . racist. And they, for the most part, were upstanding members of the community.” This is the guy who spent much of his time pretending to be JFK and Robert Kennedy.  This guy is always always always on the Jew side of things. Why is that? Must be a coincidence.
Innocent Christians were slaughtered like cattle in Russia, Poland, Britain, Germany, America because we wouldn’t identify the problem and come together as a people. Do you know what a people are? How the hell did we let so many of our people get killed because of Jews? It was a complete abomination and I have been trying like hell most of my life to keep you from doing it again. Now what are we doing? We are sending our kids to fight the Jews enemies because they run this stinking filthy rotten manure they call money and the media. I had more to write, but for Gods sake how much more are you going to take? We need to route these people out like leeches and you know damned well it’s the truth. You want help believing I’m wrong or a lunatic? The Jews will help you with that. They will stand with you, criticize me and laugh with you at your own cowardice. We stand together or we fall apart. Time to unite the clans and bring back the good ole days. God knows we need to have a little fun, McFly.
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3 Responses to The Fly

  1. GTRman says:

    His brother married one : ( warning: Obscene language etc )

  2. danielgilfry says:

    We will never have peace on earth until the last Jew is burned to death
    at the stake and back in Hell!

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