Jerry Maguire

Mr. Cruise (or whatever your name is), I want you to have the lead role in my next movie called “Jerry Maguire”. It’s about an agent based on Lee Steinberg’s career and we don’t want it to be a Jew movie per say so we just flipped the names around a bit to make it sound Irish and you, Mr. Cruise will do it because frankly you’ll do anything for cash including destroy someone else’s name for us Jews.
Cameron Crowe (Cameron for you Irish folk means “bent nose” in Gaelic)
He went to Catholic school so some of you are saying he is a Catholic not a Jew as if Jews didn’t attend Catholic schools. I can tell you not only do Jews attend Catholic schools, but Jews are almost guaranteed jobs at the Catholic schools I’ve seen. Catholics don’t want to be biased you see so why not prove it by spoiling the whole barrel of apples and bring them on in. Don’t believe me just check out Notre Dame yourself.
Even if Crowe isn’t Jewish why would he change the name to an Irish name based on a Jew? The fact is it would open up too much truth to other greedy things Jews were involved in and that’s pretty much everything. This also starred Renee Zellwegger who badmouthed her own family. Wiki-  Zellweger has described herself as being raised in a family of “lazy Catholics and Episcopalians“. Perfect for the job.
The point I’m making here is you are welcome to act the part of a Jew as a greedy sports agent who makes money like a tic sucks the blood out of a dog as long as you don’t bring up the Jew subject. Taking others identities is one thing and taking others identities and making them your own is nothing new at all for Jews. They did it in the slave trade, 9/11, 7/7, etc. etc. etc. When you own the media you can switch things any which way you want. But the real identity Jews are concerned with is the fact that they are Gods chosen people and a Jerry Maguire doesn’t fit in very well. Funny how they know this and most non Jews do not. We are like the gang that couldn’t shoot straight, somehow we attack everyone, but our true enemies. They say a blind squirrel finds a nut every so often, but we don’t even make it into that category (at least in the last 100 years or so).
When you steal someone’s identity in real life you have to play the part just like little Tommy Cruise in his cute little movie that pretends he doesn’t see the damage this does to his own people. He’ll just take the money. Show him the money and he will do anything.
Go into a grocery store and you will see the Jewish section with Jewish stars all over the packages and we are supposed to believe it is their star of David, but it’s another act in a lifelong movie. They are liars on both sides of the camera. They act as if they were the people of David and anyone who reads true history or even the New Testament knows these aren’t the people of the Bible, New or Old. Jesus was never looking for them and avoided them. They stoned him and then crucified him. They were not his sheep, but then why did he send the apostles to Europe to seek out the sheep of Israel? I’ve not yet heard any explanations for this yet. In fact people avoid it like the plague and try to find other subjects like “why did God want the Israelites to kill people?”. Look at your world today and figure it out. Instead everyone else is being killed slowly or quickly. Jews or Edomites simply took the opportunity to place themselves into the true Israel identity and perverted it. They celebrate Sukkot so we will believe they are Gods sheep and none of them are even Shemites let alone Israelites or Judahites. Because they do celebrate these days you believe them. Why would you believe the people Jesus called fathers of Liars (with a little “f”)?
To keep a lie alive you have to play the part and that takes some work and many of them don’t like to work so they don’t play the part and just say they are Jews by race even though they can’t prove what they are and really don’t want to get too deep into it or questions will start to fly. Tell me what Jews actually follow the Old Testament. How could a people claim to be a Biblical people and act nothing like them lawfully (in God’s face). It’s all window dressing folks and always has been. So the ball is in our court and we just go along with their little charade and let them steal our identity by changing their names to ours when they need to and changing their names to Middle Eastern names when its fitting and so on. They even play Arabic sounding music in the Jewish state as if that was their origination as well. Stealing names and identities isn’t just limited to Europeans, but anyone they can shaft. The proof of that should be evident to even the casual researcher by now. Most Christians know nothing about their own history and study what they believe to be Jews history. Could it be any more serpentine than that? Odd that the greatest Christians including Christ himself called them snakes. He said he was the truth for a reason.
Every so often we hear about new sicknesses, plagues, radiation, the Ebola virus etc. and I am here to tell you that there is no virus on this earth that infects you more than the Jew. Jews have infected your thought process through media, infect your reproduction through their porn, infect your health through drugs in your food, drugs in general, through infiltrating your religion, homosexuality and on and on and on. There is no other deadlier disease than Jews. They simply gain your trust and destroy your mind, body and soul. Some of you may say that’s a bit extreme, but Jesus said it in so many words himself and to not take up their traditions. Certainly Jews are not a separate people all over the world controlling our money. A separate people would have their own money and be separate wouldn’t they? The truth is they need us to trust them for them to live. They don’t want just a section in the grocery store they want the whole thing. Why don’t Jews just have Jew stores like Asians and Latinos do? They want complete control of ours that’s why.
Anyone that doesn’t see that Jews are setting us up for an ambush now is completely blind. They control our money, our food, our entertainment, our schools and you don’t see anything wrong with this? You are being bled dry and you better snap out of it soon. You better quit looking for Jews to praise and start praising your own because God knows you are going to need them. Something tells me you would rather listen to Jews on the Talmudvision, however. Good luck with it!
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8 Responses to Jerry Maguire

  1. GTRman says:

    I really like your site , your writing , the concept, etc.

    Can I make a contribution to your lexicon ( forgive me if it has been done already ) ?

    ” Cohen-cidence ”

    As in , Im sure the following is just a Cohen-cidence :

    ” Just to prove that we are all hateful , paranoid liars :

    UK TV , just a cursory glance :

    BBC4 boss : Richard Klein

    BBC head of ‘programming ‘ – Danny Cohen

    Channel 4 head : David Abraham

    Channel 5 ? Jewish pornographer Richard Desmond

    The Express owner, who is worth around £950m, is a controversial figure. He amassed a large part of his fortune from pornographic magazines, which he has now sold, and adult pay-TV channels. He bought Express Newspapers, whose titles include the Daily Express, its Sunday sister title and the Daily Star, almost exactly 10 years ago for £125m. Desmond’s critics say he has failed to invest in the papers, cutting costs and axing or outsourcing jobs while taking tens of millions of pounds out of the business.

    Danny Cohen named new BBC One controller

    Cohen replaces the outgoing controller Jay Hunt
    BBC Three controller Danny Cohen has been appointed the new controller of BBC One.

    Making the announcement, Jana Bennett, director BBC Vision, described Cohen as “one of the most talented TV executives of his generation”.

    The 36-year-old replaces Jay Hunt, who announced last month that she was leaving the corporation to become chief creative officer at Channel 4.

    Cohen said it was “a huge privilege” to take up the role.

    Cohen took over BBC Three in May 2007 after leaving Channel 4 as the head of factual entertainment and E4.

    Charity calls for Channel 4 boss to quit over Frankie Boyle row

    The Royal London Society for Blind People have called for Channel 4 boss David Abraham to resign after allowing offensive jokes by comedian Frankie Boyle to be broadcast.

    The charity says Channel 4 Chief Executive David Abraham must resign after the regulator Ofcom announced formally that Scottish comedian Frankie Boyle’s jokes about the blind and disabled nine year old son of model Katie Price were ‘offensive’ and should not have been broadcast.

    In a statement, Royal London Society for Blind People Chief Executive Tom Pey said:

    “We congratulate Ofcom on a correct and humane decision. It is incumbent now on Channel Four to apologise. That the chief executive seeks to defend the indefensible shows a complete contempt for the regulator, Parliament – who appointed the regulator – and the people of Britain, not least the 2.6m UK people who are blind or partially sighted.

    “David Abraham should now resign. His position is untenable. He, and he alone, sanctioned this vile broadcast. He, and he alone, must now take responsibility and resign. If he is not man enough to resign, then the chairman of Channel Four should sack him.

    The charity had earlier demanded an independent inquiry into Channel 4 conduct over the jokes which were, according to the Times today, considered and approved by senior management.

    Abraham admitted earlier this year that he had personally given approval for the joke. He has made it clear that Channel 4 would back Boyle and refuse to apologise if, as reported, the broadcasting regulator, Ofcom, condemned the programme.

    I forgot…the main commercial channel , ITV :

    ” Jonathan Levi, ITVS Head of Arts and Popular Culture, is executive producer of OMG Peaches..”

    ” Alan Yentob (born 11 March 1947) is a British television executive and presenter who has worked throughout his career at the BBC. He was born into a Jewish family of Iraqi descent in London, and was educated at the independent The King’s School, Ely and Leeds University.

    ” Yentob was rewarded for his success in 1993 when he was promoted to Controller of BBC One, responsible for the output of the BBC’s premier channel. His time here was seen as another success and he remained in the post for three years until 1996, when he was promoted again to become BBC Television’s overall Director of Programmes.”

    YES, the brits actually have to PAY a licence fee to watch jewish propaganda.

    A deal , such , itz..etc

    just a Cohencidence Im sure ”


  2. melgibstein says:

    If you want to help me, help me wake the people up. Thanks for the good words!

  3. GTRman says:

    I do , all the time. A couple of years back I might have said ” illuminati” or “zionists” or whatever , but no longer.

    Ive got another for the lexicon :

    Just nipped out to the shop , BBC Radio 4 in my ears. 9pm. Fifteen minutes , tops.

    Just heard a jew talking about Eichmann , holocaust, etc. Next , Joshua somebody in a programme called Einsteins Moonwalk , or something..

    Therefore , hot on the heels of ” Cohen-cidence” ,
    comes a new one for the lexicon : ” Jewbiquitous ”

    Cos theyre fucking everywhere I look , read or listen.

    Keep up the good work , Mel .

  4. GTRman says:

    I listen half-heartedly to an afternoon radio show in UK , Richard Bacon on BBC 5 Live. Usually just inane chatter and plugging TV shows , or “celebs” doing the plugging circuit. He has usually 2 guests per show.

    So far this week : Bob Geldof ( Kosher Oirishman ) Richard Klein ( BBC4 boss ) Andy Nyman ( jewish actor and co-writer of gay atheist Derren Browns shows ) ,
    Anthony Horowitz ( author of ” Alex Ryder ” kids fiction ) and David Schneider ( jew actor / comedian )

    Hence : ” Jewbiquitous “

  5. GTRman says:

    Another word : ” Crypto-nite ”

    I havent yet formulated a definition.

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