King Rat

If you walked into your garage and smelled something that resembled a dead rat it would most likely send you off to find where this foul odor is coming from and convince yourself that it is indeed exactly what you thought it was. Of course it could be a cat or a raccoon, but you will find out soon enough what it is when you see it. If this had happened several times before you probably wouldn’t even look and just figure out a way to dispose of it and attempt ways of not letting or attracting more rats inside. Without going too deep into keeping rats out of your garage you have several options and doing nothing isn’t one of them. The main thing is you identified the problem with your sense of smell and your sight proving you were correct with just your sense of smell.
The Internet professionals are still out there trying to prove they know what is destroying the countries all around the Jewish state today and the Palestinian people inside it as if it was limited to that area of the world alone, but I am here to tell you that the stench there I cannot smell because the stench in my own country just doesn’t allow me to. It’s the same smell there as it is here because I’ve been there. It’s the same stench all over the world because I have been around the world. I don’t have to get a thermometer and take the dead rats temperature or put it under a microscope and study what rats do because I already know.
I don’t have to taste it or touch it to know what it is and make a second analysis. I know I should keep away from it or keep it away from me. I hear Internet discussions trying to analyze Libya, Egypt, etc. lately even after Jews obliterated innocent people in Lebanon with cluster bombs or dropped white phosphorous on the Palestinians in their own backyard. This is a constant cat and mouse game that just goes on and on and on and anyone that needs more proof as to who or what these creatures are that are doing this is just blowing smoke up your rear. There is so much evidence against this specific people it is coming out my ears and these Internet talk show blabbermouths just follow behind it like jack rabbits. Why focus on one thing when you have 100?
I hear these Internet radio commando’s put down people who don’t use their real name on the Internet because they make their money on this like ambulance chasers. Well I am not in this to make Jew money or for fame or any kind of profit other than to protect innocent people and restore a balance in this world. Actually the best writers on the Internet go by fictitious names. You don’t complain when you see Carey Grant, Kirk Douglas, Tony Curtis or Jonny Stewart. If you don’t like what I write “buzz off”. I don’t give a damn about your name or what kind of cigars you smoke and I don’t give a damn that you don’t know mine. I’m not here for your disposal. What you really want is my last name so you can go after innocent people who may or may not share my opinions. Some of you claim to be Christians and don’t know any of the apostles last names. The truth is the truth and if I were here to profit I’d be selling some bullcrap juice to you or herbs and spices that you can snort, but I’m not selling anything here. This isn’t Wal Mart, this is the blatant truth and you know who I am by what I write. I have no agenda other than regaining justice in this world today not only for me, but for all. Unfortunately I see Jews causing all the injustice and Jews controlling the courts as well. There are no other people on this earth so ensconced in every problem the world has today and yesterday so don’t even attempt to give me the old sob story. If I wanted to include my name and put a donation link here I would, but I don’t want a damned jew penny from this and will die of starvation first. Any of you that think money will save us is an idiot.
These Internet morons talk about Jews for an hour and then they have a Jew guest on or praise having dinner with some deceased Jew canceling the whole thing out. It’s like throwing water on a fire and right before its out throwing an incinerator grenade on it. It makes no sense whatsoever and does no good whatsoever. In fact it is beneficial to no-one therefore business is as usual. Jews are liars and thieves and if you don’t like it go to hell with them. I am writing for people I know that are against this as I am and know people who call themselves Jews are liars right from the start. 95% of them have no ties to Palestine and they are causing havoc there as well as everywhere else they have been and are (they are a band of thieves and there mentors are into every vile criminal organization on earth). That’s why they were booted out of 100 countries-duh! A good Jew in my opinion is one that leaves. Stay out of this because whether you know it or not, whatever you touch turns to crap.
Jews use words that we take for granted. Like little jack rabbits we let them create a word and we waste our lives trying to explain to them they are liars by using those words and use them too (its lunacy!). The Holocaust for instance, just think about it. Just think of how many people died because of Jewish Communism alone (its astronomical folks). Think of all the wars started by these people, think of the filth they have wrought upon all our countries. When you hear the word Holocaust just say “bullshit”- period. To put one of these people on a pedestal is simply an abomination. They just need to leave and accept they aren’t wanted. Take your porn, your blood money, your drugs, homosexuality, feminism, abortion, organized crime, slavery, diversity, organ harvesting, gun running war mongering asses OUT OF HERE or you will be removed. That’s the truth folks! History is on my side, like it or lump it. Its going to happen with me or without me. If I benefit a year after I die I will be a dead rich man. Its time to focus on one thing at a time and I suggest stealing, if need be, our own media back and calling things exactly what they are. One battle at a time.
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4 Responses to King Rat

  1. GTRman says:

    I hope youre real , you sound like it. Great writing.

    Have you seen this “he said , she said” , from Dubious Glenn?

    ” Keith–as always–BRILLIANT. What more can be said? Congrats as well on your new status as star reporter for AFP.

    Don’t pay any attention to the asshole “Mel Gibstein”. He tries posting on my site too and has been relegated to ‘spam’ status with regards to anything he sends. His beef is that everyone, you, me, Mike Piper, Phil Tourney, etc, are SECRET JOOZ, and you know what his criteria is for coming up with such a theory? That we don’t make exposing the Kosher Food Tax the main topic of discussion in all our work.

    And NO, I am not kidding.

    mg ”

    who knows , who knows ?

  2. melgibstein says:

    Mark Glenn cant do a show without bashing the Old Testament because he doesnt fit into it. So like a Jew would he is going to burn the whole thing down. He claims to be a Mel Gibson Catholic and doesnt know if Jesus had a hooked nose or not. He changed his tune toward helping Muslims and teams up with Jews and Whites who are part Eskimo or something so they can claim they arent White, but share the benefits of living amongst them. Nothing these people say makes any sense whatsoever. Glenn knows Jesus called Jews the synagogue of Satan, bombed the Liberty, bombed the Lebanese, started the Fed, controlled African slavery, started every war I can think of, monopolize everything, control the media, the courts, sports, the medical field, public education, etc etc etc and somehow, some bloody way he is compelled to have them on his show to prove he is telling the truth. Pardon me, but thats total hypocrisy (Im not using foul words here anymore). These guys created a little tag team with Jews all over them like Alex Jones- no different. And why not make a little pocket change doing it, right? They want to defend veterans and in the next breath demonizing them because JEWS RUN the MEDIA and have brainwashed them like Billy Graham said. So what do these morons do? They attack the American military men. I dont need these people on my side. I dont hate my own people, I am against Jews- period (those that say they are Jews). There is just far too much they are responsible for to focus on anyone else. When I sense a Jew infiltration I am usually right in the long run. I mean who would ever suspect a guy in Hollywood who had nothing but Jewess co-stars throughout his career who had an Israeli bodyguard, a Jew agent, Jew friends, a new Jew wife, a Jew name, had a map of the Jewish state on his face in Braveheart and gave Jesus a hooked nose? I must be crazy. Maybe I should wait for him to shuckle at the wailing wall wearing a sling shot with ammo in the box on his head.
    Gibson has millions of Jew dollars- millions and living the life of Reilly (who embarrasses truthers on a drunken rage). How is he better than someone who has next to nothing and speaks the truth? The media is trying to make us feel sorry for Mel. Will Mel ever get a job in Hollywood again bla bla bla? Mel is a filthy millionaire at least 50 times over. Where is this hero now? He is at the bagel nosh with the Jew Downey Jr and making a damned disgrace of Christians everywhere. Why didnt he give Mary and Mary Magdelene hooked noses in his movie? Morgenstern is Jewish and Bellucci is Jewish and married to a Jew (Cassell). Are they just coincidences? Caviezal then went on to do a movie called The Stoning of Soraya M. and had the same director who gave Caviezal another nose job. This was to make Iran look like monsters for the Jews of course. No, no pattern there. If Glenn doesnt see the hypocricy in all this he is simply unable to handle the truth and that is my final conclusion of him. I listen to him only to expose his deliberate distortions. WRH likes him, that ought to tell you something. WRH used to be part of the Alex Jones crowd (winning!). Its a complete joke, but idiots buy it because Jews control most of the internet as well as the media. Anyone who thinks theyre not standing in front of the truth blocking it is a fruitcake. Pretty soon Glenn will be on RT another Jew network of Ron Paul TRASH. If people cant see it they are simply delusional. You dont solve the Jew problem with Jews. No folks, I am deeply sorry for that, but that is the ugly truth. Its ugly because Jews are involved.

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