The Devil’s Own

Before I get started on this I’d like to expand a bit on the Cocaine Cowboys thread. OK no complaints so I will proceed. If anyone has seen this, I hesitate to say movie, but concoction of Jewish manure thrown in a can and lit on fire would be more like what it really resembles, you will see how Jews gloat over how they tricked the establishment and made a bloody fortune. None of them are in jail now and without a doubt the most notable ones are all Jews. Griselda Blanco has been said to have killed or had someone else kill up to 200 people. This movie was directed by a Billy Corben (anyone want to bet me his real name is Cohen?). Who else would glorify Jewish drug dealers and attempt to make a profit off it? It is just a train of abominations one right after the other from the very beginning.
Jon Roberts is singing like a canary (one of the Jewish cowboys) about how he could buy any women for a price. Everyone has a price its true he says. He would walk into a strip club and offer as little money for sex as possible and work his way up to an agreement. It didn’t matter if he destroyed places while partying because he had the money to pay for it all. What good is money if you can’t destroy things and buy women like chicken thighs at the Jew supermarket? This is the life of a millionaire drug smuggler (Jewish I might add). Notice closely I did not say Zionist drug smuggler, but Jewish even though Jonathan said he worked with Italians in the very beginning of the movie to kind of clear the air on the Jew thingy. He marked some of his cocaine with Jewish stars (I’m sure that was just a coincidence). I only saw half the movie because I realized I was watching people who played a major part in destroying my country. Here are a group of Jews talking about how rich they were and paid off literally everyone that could get in their way. They paid off their neighbors, County commissars, police, etc…. They bought the best cars, drank the finest wines and turned Miami from a quiet retirement community into what it is today, a complete shithole (that’s not Italian either folks). This guy Roberts looked like a psychotic, sweaty, reptilian and no resemblance of any sanity whatsoever. He wants to be praised for bringing in so much death and destruction and getting rich so he could create more destruction doing it. He did what no moral person would do and believed he outsmarted us moral people. In fact he made many comments that he sold most of his drugs to doctors and lawyers and people who did have morals. Isn’t that how it goes with all the Jewish industries? I’m somewhat surprised he didn’t tell us he sold to some of the Marrano priests out there.
Mickey Munday
This cowboy is introduced as a Florida boy, a hick, some redneck from the sticks who happened to be flying planes working for Max Murmelstein and the Colombian cartels. You see it had nothing to do with the fact that he was an Ashkenazi Jew and just happens to have no remorse whatsoever for anything. He was just some hick the Jews yanked off the street to fly in billions of dollars of cocaine.
Munday describes the fact that he actually towed the Coast Guard into shore while having millions of dollars of coke inside his boat. That ought to tell you what they think about our soldiers that went to Iraq or Afghanistan (we’re all suckers). He blamed Roberts for driving up to meet him in a fancy car and he owned 3 Cigarette boats and a Cessna worth almost a million dollars. The guy is free as a bird still flying airplanes acting like he’s Donald Trump, in fact he looks very much like Trump. He has the cold stare of a Meyer Lansky that only a Jew could have. Can you tell me a non-Jew with that look? The truth is they are the “Devils Own” and live in America and could care less about a Jewish state. They want what we have and don’t know what to do with anything morally. Their women are paid for, everything they own is stolen blood money. Because no-one else will do what these people do we are fools.
I have come to the conclusion that Jews don’t want things, but want other people’s things. When you make money from drugs, slavery, porn, etc. you aren’t doing anything someone else couldn’t do you are doing what others refuse to do because they couldn’t live with themselves, let alone with others if they did, but they are bottomless pits. Jews had a homeland in Birobidjan and didn’t want it, they wanted someone else’s Holy Land. They don’t want some money they want to print it out of thin air and let everyone else sweat for it. They don’t want the goy food they want to monopolize the entire food industry. They don’t want friends they want slaves. They don’t want peace they want mayhem. They don’t want God they want the underG_d.
So we have these people in all high offices now and talk-show host’s who claim to be fighting against these people are calling them “Zionists” because they fear calling it what it is. A Zionist has nothing to do with porn or drugs or slavery or monopoly or plain evil. How can they return to a land they have never been to and why is nobody making them prove it was theirs to begin with?
I am not a writer, but our FBI doesn’t investigate, our courts aren’t just, our borders aren’t protected so there are no borders, democracy is war, history taught in the schools is fantasy, even our so-called truthers are liars so the reason why I am writing is because the entire course of nature has been turned upside down and we can’t muster enough men to call these people exactly what they are as our forefathers did over and over and over again before.
Too many people are claiming Christianity is a fairy tale nowadays, but who are the people affecting this world today? Is it the Indians or the Chinese? Is it the Europeans or Muslims (Adam Gadahn not included)? No folks it’s the very same people, very same Biblical people its always been whether you call them Cain or Jews. How was that prediction so absolutely perfect? To say there is a Jew involved in crime today is like saying the salmon swim upstream to spawn their eggs or that flowers bloom in the Spring and it is as natural to claim we have a Jew problem today as it was for the last 3000 years if they were close by. So it’s really up to you to call it what it is and like Jews doing what they do you are supposed to do what you do and react. Until then the Irish will be called the “Devils Own” in their movies and quietly leave themselves out of the fact that they were selling the guns and ammo just as they are now. The Spanish, Italians, Germans, French, Hungarians, Polish, English, etc… will all have our once good names dragged through the mud while you sit idly by. It’s going to take you standing up calling it what it is. If slavery comes up, Jews need to come up. We could start a major lawsuit on slavery alone if we got together and made this issue alone go viral. We have all the evidence in the world. It’s going to take everyone together. 9/11 will be next or vise versa, but it needs to come out.
Robert Loggia, a crypto in my opinion made a comment about  his competition in the movie Scarface and said “Never underestimate ********’s greed” (another dealer). Well  I tell you to never underestimate a Jews greed nor what they will do to obtain something.
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One Response to The Devil’s Own

  1. GTRman says:

    I saw that oily-faced bastard too. There are many , many films promoting drug smugglers as heroes. Ever met a real ‘ gangster’ ? Horrible , dark , thick people.

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