Cocaine Cowboys

Marco Antonio Rubio (born May 28, 1971) is the junior United States Senator from Florida and member of the Republican Party. At the age of 39, he is the second youngest current U.S. Senator, being only one week older than Mike Lee of Utah.[2]

Rubio was the Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives during the 2007 and 2008 legislative sessions. He was first elected to the Florida House on January 25, 2000, from the 111th district.

Early life

Rubio is the second son and third child of Cuban exiles Mario Rubio (1927–2010)[3] and Oria Garcia (born 1931), and was born in Miami, Florida. His siblings are: Mario (born 1950), Barbara (born 1960) and Veronica (born 1972). Rubio identifies himself as Catholic having been baptized, confirmed, and married in the Catholic Church,[1][4][5] Rubio is fluent in Spanish. His father was a bartender and his mother worked as a hotel housekeeper in Las Vegas, Nevada. Rubio lived in Las Vegas from 1979 to 1985, before his family returned to Miami in the summer of 1985.

Before 2000While studying law, he interned for U.S. Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen.[citation needed] Marco Rubio served as a City Commissioner for West Miami before being elected to the Florida legislature.

Lets take a look into this pile of trash shall we? Some of you are already saying I must be a liberal, but no folks this has nothing to do with being a Conservative, Liberal, Green Party or any other bubble gum name being used in politics today. This has to do with liars who creep into our government hoping we don’t see their true identity. The first thing Mr. Rubio did when he learned of his Florida victory is head to Jew Disney World in that trash bin they call Israel today. Why did he do this folks? He was an intern for another Jew who claims to be of Spanish descent and the truth is there is no Spanish in her whatsoever. Jews aren’t Spanish folks and they’re not Hispanic. They aren’t Latin, but claim to be Latino’s. Latino is another word like Jew and can be used for several things other than the true meaning it was meant for. For instance Jews claim that a Jew is someone with a Jewish mother or someone who converts to Judaism. This has nothing to do with a person coming from Judah because firstly Judah never married a Jewish woman (how could he have?) because he was the first Jew and therefore did not have a Jew child and Judaism didn’t begin as a religion until 700 AD so we have a huge problem. The Bible goes through the patriarch and not the matriarch.

A Latino can also be a Latin American living in the United States, but where does the Latin come from? Latin’s were Italians too but nobody calls Italians mixed with Mestizo Indians Latino’s and if they did it wouldn’t be correct knowing most Jews call themselves Latino’s when they mix with native Americans. For instance Al Capone could be a Latino because he is a Jew too and claims to be of Italian descent, but he wasn’t Italian. Do you see the snake? Jews were kicked out of Spain and spread into the islands who controlled the slave trade and spawned with the Indian population and the current Black population in the Caribbean (who they brought in as slaves). Many of the well-known Blacks today are sons of Jewish slave traders. Costa Rica’s first flag was the star of David. You can trace David’s lineage to Adam and Jesus, but Sephardic Jews mixed with Mestizo cant find their way to David either way they go.

Cuba had a huge Jewish history through the sugar trade, liquor, tobacco, drugs, gambling and was completely run by Jews. Where are the sons and daughters of these Jews today? Jews ensconced themselves into these places through all of these rackets and you want them to be your state Senators? Mel Martinez, another Latino? I suppose he is Spanish too? The truth is South and Central America, not to mention Cuba, Jamaica, Puerto Rico are loaded with so-called Sephardic Jews who made their money in some illegal and immoral cartel and then claim to be Catholics or Christians. Why would you expect anything else? They have to pretend they are just like you to get in close and suck the blood out of you.

Marco Rubio ran against Charlie Crist (another crypto Jew whose name is most likely Cristol or Chrystal, that is since the name he had before that one. They change names like their underwear, once a decade or so). So here we are with another crypto Jew Senator that can lie through his teeth like all the others and we sit back and try to talk ourselves out of the fact that people on this earth could possibly do such a thing. I am afraid they have been for a long long time and they want you to prove they are liars in their controlled media which they know you cant do. It’s not going to happen folks. Sometimes something is wrong and you don’t have to prove anything to do something about it anyway. This guy is as much a Christian as the Catholic child molesters are, but nobody will dare expose this for fear of being an anti-Semite. Instead they will watch the country their fathers built get trampled over by lying, thieving, murdering, perverting Jews.

You would think people would react to things like this, but they are gutless and or clueless. The average person has no clue that there are a people on this earth who will lie, steal and murder without blinking an eyelash and they are in all high offices inside and out of government today because we wont call it what it is.


While Rubio regularly attends Catholic Mass,[19] he has also attended and donated to the Christ Fellowship Church in West Kendall, Florida since 2004.[4][20][21] This church, one of the largest in the United States,[22] “describes itself as ‘non-denominational‘ but is affiliated to the Southern Baptist Convention“.[19] Some observers have speculated that his attendance at both Catholic and Protestant churches despite their incompatible theologies is an attempt to court Hispanic voters, some of whom have embraced Protestantism as against a more established tendency among Hispanics to adhere to Catholicism.[23]


Wait a minute, Marco is a Catholic and a Protestant? He’s the missing link folks. No, the truth is he is a reptile slithering into Christianity , America, Florida and anywhere else he goes. Will he expose the Jewish Federal Reserve when he is regarded as the greatest thing since George Washington? Will he expose the Jewish octopus that controls drugs in America and Columbia, Mexico, etc.? Will he expose the Jewish monopolies like AIPAC or expose the real perpetrators of 9/11? Will he expose the Talmudic unconstitutional court systems that claim to be abiding by American law? Will he speak out as Christians do against any and all peoples being oppressed throughout the world like the Palestinians (Christians and Muslims) instead of bombing more innocent people? No folks, no no no there will be none of that. You see this is another traitorous crypto Jew claiming to be an American. He is thinking for the best interests of America that some of my friends and relatives gave their lives for. Jews were in college you see and blamed slavery on someone else and bring in so-called freedoms to pervert our children with porn, homosexuality, etc. and disguise it as Christian freedom while good men gave their lives for our supposed freedom. Well I am here to tell you people this isn’t freedom when there isn’t one media outlet calling it what it really is. How can we have so many so-called Christians in office and no free speech? Because it’s all a charade.

Griselda Blanco may have been one of the most ruthless female killers of all time. That’s some name, Blanco isn’t it? Kind of close to Mel Blanc and means “white”. Why would a native American want to have a name “white”? Griselda, if you do a search on her could’ve lived anywhere in the world she chose to, but she lived amongst orthodox Jews beside a Jewish community in Miami (Jewish heaven). This drug cartel made more money than most Mafia’s combined in her time and we are supposed to believe there were no Jews involved? This Mafia madam of murder and mayhem named her son Corleone after the Jewish G_dfather movies (another can of kosher Spaghetti O’s altogether). Someone from the Jewish community thinks Jews can learn from Griselda as well and I’ve never met a Jew who ever said he could learn something from a goy have you?

Introduction to Cartel

As demand for cocaine increased, Jon found his Cuban suppliers unable to meet his demand. Through Jon’s girlfriend, he met Mickey Munday. Munday was a trafficker who introduced Jon to Medellín agent Rafael “Rafa” Cardona Salazar. At first, Mickey was apprehensive of Jon who had driven up in a black Mercedes Benz, which Mickey described as having “drug dealer written all over it.” He also stated that Jon’s flashy car and flamboyant lifestyle made Jon look like “someone I wanted nothing to do with.”

Nevertheless, Jon and Mickey began working under the supervision of Max Mermelstein who had an agreement with Rafael Cardona to manage the transportation of cocaine from Colombia to Miami. He then oversaw the delivery of the loads to cartel safe houses in the Miami area. Jon was able to increase his monthly cocaine business through this direct connection. Max and Mickey established the routes for trips to Colombia, using boats, tow truck companies, safe houses, and air strips, thereby setting up an effective transportation route for the cartel. Roberts claims to have made approximately $100 million USD, dealing cocaine during this period. He spent $50 million of that money on his extravagant lifestyle.

~ I wasnt aware of a Max Mermelstein, I am well aware of a Mel Mermelstein. Im sure somewhere out there lies a Mervin Mermelstein or even a Merl Mermelstein and maybe even a Melinda Murmelstein.

The truth is it’s all coming from the same place folks. You find the crime and I’ll find you the Jews (SOS). Glenn Beck, another crypto managed to do a complete show on the Federal Reserve with G Edward Griffin  and not even mention the word Jew. God is going to make you call it what it is before he does or else whats the point?

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8 Responses to Cocaine Cowboys

  1. 正教会の智 says:

    Judaism dates back to before anno domini 700.

    What is called Judaism is mostly based on Talmudism (c. 200 – c. 600), which is mostly the codification of the oral rules of the Satanic cult that was condemned by Christ.

    Rabbinism is basically Phariseeism.

    But other supposedly Anti-Talmudic Jew sub-cults are just other aspects of Jewism and the Jew Agenda.

    If Judaism dates from 700, then who was St John Chrysostom condemning?

    Saint John Chrysostom:

    “The godlessness of the Jews and the pagans is on a par. But the Jews practice a deceit which is more dangerous. In their synagogue stands an invisible altar of deceit on which they sacrifice not sheep and calves but the souls of men.”

    + + +

    “The temple was already a den of thieves when the Jewish commonwealth and way of life still prevailed. Now you give it a name more worthy than it deserves if you call it a brothel, a stronghold of sin, a lodging-place for demons, a fortress of the devil, the destruction of the soul, the precipice and pit of all perdition, or whatever other name you give it.”

    + + +

    “Neither the sacrifices, nor the holocausts, nor the other purifications, nor any other part of the Jewish commonwealth and way of life [will] return. … [T]he temple will never rise again. Now that it is no more, everything has been taken away; if something ritualistic seems to be going on, it is against the Law and a reckless crime.

    St. Irenaeus on the Absolute Perplexity of the Jews:

  2. 正教会の智 says:

    Why the drive on the part of some to use “Latino” instead of “Hispanic”.

    Because “Ladino” refers to those descended from mostly Ladino-speaking Iberian and North African Jews, who don’t like to call themselves “Hispanic”?

    For example,


    … is clearly written by a Jew, since he also wrote this:

    “The Epiphany, meaning manifestation, celebrates the revealing of the Jewish God and the coming Christian religion to the non-Jewish world.”

    The Epiphany (vision/manifestation of God) commemorates the baptism of Jesus Christ in the River Jordan. It has nothing to do with any so-called “Jewish God”!

  3. melgibstein says:

    According to several sources Judaism did not begin for Khazars until 700ad or later. Yes, Talmudism or the Oral Law goes back to the dates you quoted, but couldnt claim they were descendants of Judah because they werent. Im not sure when it was officially named Judaism however and obviously has no relationship to the Old Testament or Judah himself, but of the Idumean Pharisee’s whom Jesus or Yeshua called the synagogue of satan and fathers of liars. James paragraph one is directed to the lost sheep of the House of Israel indicating they were still here and to the North and West. Jews take our names, our money, our food, our history and turn it upside down. It is nothing but a house of lies. Too many people are still bamboozled by their lies and cant understand there is nothing they wont lie about. If there is no free speech media there will be complete havoc and nature itself will be corrupted as it most definitely is today.

  4. 正教会の智 says:

    They stole Askanazi/Ashkenazi too.

    They say they stole “Ashkenazi” from Germans, even though the Pharisees know very well the real “Ashkenazim” were Scythians, Goths etc. — a variety of people over a wide territory and time.

  5. 正教会の智 says:

    BTW, this is HILARIOUS from 4:30 – 5:45:

    “You used adjectives!”

    • melgibstein says:

      I am not biased, I dont trust any Jews. Never underestimate Jews I always say because they are the best liars in the world. All you have to do is trust them. I will not put myself in that position. I try to keep Jews honest in a sense.

  6. Imperium says:

    An old Ukranian Motto;” Never let a Jew on you wagen,he will end up taking the reigns”. Rubio is a Marrano Jew. They are ‘Crypto-Jews’,who feigned conversion,when Queen Issabella,and King Ferdinand kicked them out of Spain in 1492…Rubio has chased the Jews his entire career,and obeys them 100%. No Hispanic is named’Rubio’. That is obviously derived from the word RUBY. The Jews always were in the gem trade. His look: stocky,nerdy,pancake ears,receding comb over hair,beady eyes,flat,snub nose,lips say JEW ! He is the Edward G Robinson/Don Rickles type. Rubio is buddy with the Neoconservatives:They are all Jews.He runs his little bow legs(another sign) around Washington with Mc Cann,the total traitor,and boyfriend Graham(The Jews have so much on him/her/it;it aint funny) and jumps ten feet in the air,when AIPAC calls. Rubio is just another Jewish bad actor,in the tragic, film, called THE FALLING JEW RUN USA! See THEUGLY TRUTH.COM. Brovids.Com.The Bad War.Com.The Rebel Of OZ.COM.Brother Nathanael Kaptner;Real Jew News.COM

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