Reality Check

After reading the previous post here about Sephardic and Ashkenazi Jews many of you should be puzzled. Thoughts should be swirling around your wheel house, but many of you don’t see the importance of the basics of that post. That post opens up a world of new questioning that you should have, but for some reason nobody ever does.
If Ashkenazi’s and Sephardics weren’t the true Judahites or true Israelites, why then do they celebrate Sukkot? Actually I don’t know if it’s a celebration or what it is, but they build little shacks all over creation and they weren’t even the Israelites that actually did build them. So what the hay are they doing?
OK, you think we are done? No, we’re not done yet. They also celebrate Purim, you know with Haman ears and all that good stuff? It wasn’t them folks. They weren’t the Judahites or the Benjamanites or the Levites so who the hell (Farrakhan) were they? It’s a good question I think. In fact it wasnt Calypso Louie’s father’s either. So who the hell is Louie?
These people celebrate Passover and they were never in Egypt, they celebrate Chanukah as well. I want you people to think Chanukah over for a while and meditate on that. Ashkenazi’s were never even in Palestine and no racial links to Judah and they celebrate Chanukah? If you dont know all the lies and claim to be a professional in this subject you are either a chump or a liar and its why people cannot be contacted directly on a free speech forum. Dont get suckered into something that makes no sense because it seems to be a good thing. There are people who will hold your coat and lead you by the hand right over the cliff (thats what they do).
 Sephardic Jews were Idumeans and they celebrate Chanukah too? Ladies and gentlemen do you see how Satan’s kids wrap themselves around things like snakes? This doesn’t just happen on Jewish holidays it happened with our names, our monetary systems, our media, our schools and on and on and on. They are no different from the tongue parasite that eats its way into a fish’s tongue and becomes the tongue itself until that fish cannot support it anymore. Ladies and gentlemen we have psychotic nutjobs in our house and its eviction time.
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