Creature From the Black Lagoon

The Ashkenazi and Sephardic Hoax
There are so many hypocrisies and contradictions of these two words alone I could write a book the size of a house and the whole thing would be pointing out nothing but crap that Jews pulled out of their rumps. Firstly all people who claim to be in the truth movement have to know certain word meanings (all of them) so the BS can be stopped before it grows. A Jew can be at least 3 things in the Bible and anyone with a concordance can see the word Jew is used for all 3 making it mistranslated purposely. Trying to figure out what an Ashkenazi Jew is or a Sephardic Jew is before you even know what a Jew is is chasing your tail and exactly what they want.
There are Judahites racially related to Judah or Israelites, then you have Judeans meaning the people who lived in Judea such as Jebusites, Hitites, Canaanites, etc…. including Edomites in fact even Romans lived in Judea, Greeks lived in Judea, but we don’t call them Jews. Why? We know that Herod was the king of Judea in the days of Christ and was the king of the Jews. Jesus never declared himself a Jew or the King of the Jews, he said his kingdom was not of this earth. Herod was the king of Judea (the land of Judah). The Idumeans (Edomites) dominated the Pharisees and Sadducees with a few exceptions of Judahites who were suckered in (like a Bill O’Reilly today). The point being is that there were several mistranslations in the Bible that uses the word “Jew” for at least 3 different things and this was undoubtedly done on purpose to confuse. So whatever I think a Jew is you need to research it for yourself, but I guarantee you that you will find the ones who called themselves Jews and were not in those days are the ones who call themselves Jews today whether their ancestors were there or not.
A Jew can’t be used as a religion in one sentence and a race in the next, it’s either one or the other. We have word meanings that mean the same for all people and only have one meaning. If a word contradicts itself it should be taken as just plain BS and nothing more. The Judahites racial message of Jesus is the only thing that makes any sense considering right from Genesis (gene) you can trace his lineage right back to Adam and clearly Cain is a separate race altogether as Edom or Esau’s children were as well. So if you don’t define the word Jew by simply saying that this is a BS word right from the beginning you are headed for another pit-fall somewhere down the line. You don’t pass up one lie to attack another accepting the first lie. You don’t accept ANY lies!
An Ashkenazi- Most of us know the Ashkenazi’s cannot trace their lineage back to Palestine because they were never in Palestine. They are the lineage of Cain who mixed in with everyone and anyone in their path. They are no more pure a people than Sephardics are and I’ll explain that later. Ashkenazi’s adopted the Jewish religion even though Judahites are a race of people not a religion. It’s really a complete joke to even discuss it. These people came from the only possible place that makes any sense whatsoever and that is Cain (God hated Cain- you figure it out). If you read Genesis you will see the names that the lineage of Cain took and the names the lineage of Adam took, but clearly one is copying the other. Some of Cain’s lineage were never in Palestine who became the Khazar’s. Judaism didn’t even begin until close to 700 a.d. so who were they for 700 years? Were they Christians? No folks they were never Christians and obviously weren’t given the message to become Christians. So when you come down to it Khazars or Ashkenazi’s (Western Asiatic Cainanites) are Jews who claim to be Jews (like Sephardic Jews) who also claimed to be Jews and are not, but of the synagogue of Satan. Somehow Jews picked a Biblical name and made it their own like the Sephardic Jews which comes from the Sepharvaim (a mixed people who came into Judea from the East), but we are supposed to think Ashkenazi means German and Sephardic means Spanish (I’ll get into that a little more later). Ashkenazi- taken from The Forward News site-

Sol Schindler of Bethesda, Md., writes:

“Paul Kriwaczek tells us in his book ‘In Search of Zarathustra: Across Iran and Central Asia To Find the World’s First Prophet’ that the Hebrew word ashkenazi originally meant a Scythian. I myself always thought it meant a German. Did ancient Hebrew speakers use one term to describe all the barbarians beyond the Danube, or did they actually distinguish between Goths and Scythians?”

The place name Ashkenaz occurs three times in the Bible: In Genesis 10:3, in I Chronicles 1:6 and in Jeremiah 51:27. The first three verses of the 10th chapter of Genesis read:

“Now these are the generations of the sons of Noah, Shem, Ham, and Yefet: and unto them were sons born after the Flood. The sons of Yefet: Gomer, and Magog, and Madai, and Yavan, and Tuval, and Meshech, and Tiras. And the sons of Gomer: Ashkenaz and Rifat and Togarmah.”

Read more:

So here we are supposed to believe this mixed breed of Mongolian peoples {pic of Menachem here} are Jews in their purest form and created to look as God intended man to look. No folks, I think these people are confused and psychotic liars. I could go on and on, but like I said its just a web of total and complete BS. So here we have no connections to Jews, but to Noah and somehow the rest of Europe are their cattle. Its plain nonsense folks. What is really is is a preemptive strike to keep the real truth from being revealed by perverting it before the truth can even get there. This is a very very common tactic of these reptile peoples who I truly believe are the Nephilim. It’s the only thing that makes any sense whatsoever folks.
Sephardic Jews- As I explained earlier, the true meaning of this word is not Spanish and comes from the word Sepharvaim (look it up). There is a word for Spanish and guess what it is folks? Its tada Spanish. We all know there is no such thing as a German Jew, a Russian Jew, a Polish Jew, an American Jew etc… Jews are just Jews (they are whatever they call themselves, but they lie constantly). When we see a Spanish Jew that looks part Indian we say “he must be a Sephardic Jew”, but having Mestizo blood doesn’t make you Sephardic and certainly doesn’t make you a Judahite Jew either it makes you mixed. Spanish people were the Greeks, the Celts, the Germans, the Milesians, the Egyptians, the Irish, the French, but never were they the Idumeans. The Idumeans were the Jews who called themselves Jews in the Bible that took over Judea during those times. Herod, Judas and most of the so-called religious leaders of Judea were Idumeans that practiced the Oral Law or Talmud today. Some Judahites were suckered into siding with them the same way we are suckered into this completely perverted money system we have today that is nothing but a Jewish shell game. Only John 8:44 people can carry this stuff off folks. Sephardic Jews also lived in N. Africa, Holland (ran the slave trade), Turkey (slaughtered the Armenians), Greece (ran the drug trade in India), all over South and Central America (run the drug cartels). Sephardic Jews were Sephardic even before they were ever in Spain or kicked out of Spain and in fact some were never in Spain at all. So you see we have a complete giant wad of crap so condensed that nobody even wants to waste their time figuring it out and that’s exactly how it’s designed. Have you ever heard an open discussion on what a Sephardic and Ashkenazi Jew is? Was Jesus a Spanish Jew when he was born? It’s absolutely fruitcake stuff folks.
My advice to all you people out there is to not leapfrog a single lie because when you do you are led to leapfrog another one. I hear Muslims calling Netanyahu (Mr. Mileikowski) a Zionist and it’s simply a boomerang that will come back and hit you in the head. Netanyahu isn’t even related to Judah, his ancestors never lived in Judea nor any of the German Jews who were shipped there so shouldn’t be called Zionists because they’re not Jews and shouldn’t have the right to return where they have never been. Bibi is constantly gumming the phrase “call us the Jewish state, call us the Jewish state”. Its psychotic nutjob stuff folks. How a Muslim can get suckered into this is plain moronic. Then this Semitic and Shemitic garbage comes up and I hear Lebanese people saying they have the real Semitic blood in them and then have an Ashkenazi Jew as a guest on their show who claims to have Jewish blood (one is called Shemitic blood and the other calls it Jewish blood and they are perfectly at ease with that). Ladies and gentlemen if it doesn’t make sense, just run away from it. You can’t tell the truth if you aren’t capable of it and if you are claiming to tell the truth and don’t know what you are talking about (such as word meanings that come from the Old AND New Testaments) you are simply talking out your buttocks.
Can you list the dozens of things this word Jew has morphed into? There are racial Black Jews, racial Sephardic Jews, racial German Jews (because they say so), there are Mestizo mixed Jews, European mixed Jews, Turkish mixed, Indian mixed, Jews all over the world in their little communities working feverishly against the rest of the peon world.
There are Orthodox Jews, Hasidic, Jews, Zohar Jews, Kaballah Jews, Messianic Jews, chicken twirling Jews, Kol Nidre following Jews, mafia Jews, Kosher fraud Jews and on and on and on and on………………… Its all a BIG FAT PILE OF COWDUNG!
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2 Responses to Creature From the Black Lagoon

  1. 正教会の智 says:

    Non-Turkic Elements in Ashkenazi Origins

    The Zionist/JSM explanation for the reason that Central and Easter European Jews are called Ashkenazis, is that Ashkenaz means Germany, and that these Jews spoke a Germanic language (Yiddish) and lived in or came from “Germany”. This has elements of truth to it, but is, in intent, nonsense. The intent is to imply that Ashkenazim are not predominantly Khazars with no geographic or ethnic connections to Palestine, but are in fact all descended from the small number of Jews who accompanied the Romans in their invasions of Northern European Germanic territories.

    Hebrew Ashkenazim also refers to Scythians, Sarmatians, and Goths, all of whom lived in the territory that came to be ruled over by the Khazars. Khazars are understood to be Turkic, and therefore, the argument goes, that either (a) Ashkenazi Jews can’t be Khazars, since they spoke Yiddish and lived in Northern Europe, or (b) Ashkenazi Jews are Turks, and therefore have no connection to Jews from Palestine. Both of these feeble ideas are gross simplifications. Historians are unclear about the ethnic makeup and proportionate populations of the Khazar rulers and their various subjects; and are also unclear about the extent and nature of the Khazarian Judaic conversion — Was it only the rulers? Were subjects forced to convert? Were their regional variations? — These questions remain unanswered, and as long as Slavemaosns and Jew control the (mis)education establishment, publishing, and the various media, then they will likely remain not very well investigated. These questions shouldn’t be especially controversial, but since Jews and their ridiculous territorial claims are involved, even mentioning the word “Khazar” is enough to get you labeled as an “antishemite”.

    As far as I can tell, Ashkenazim (who make up the vast majority of Jews in the world today) are predominantly of Khazar origin (and are therefore some unknown mix of Turkic, Germanic, Slavic and other populations), intermixed with descendants from early Jewish settlers in German territories. Either way, they have hardly any connections whatsoever with Palestine, and even the relatively small number of Jews who did come into Europe directly from Palestine mostly left voluntarily and not as part of some mythical “exodus” — they left in search of shekels and dinari, gold and diamonds, converts and slaves.

    The following is not supposed to be some sort of scientific analysis. Just some suggestions regarding subjects to read up on (and counter JSM brainwashing).


  2. GTRman says:

    Let’s talk about sects , baby…

    Whatever they are , I can now spot one at twenty paces.

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